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February 21, 2007



(Thanks to Onterrible)

UPDATE (thanks to Claire Martin):Wait! Apparently, they are gentle.


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This just in: France has surrendered to the hornets.

Hornets hit France

French immediately surrender.

ROFL both of you!


I was going to blame Global Warming, but apparently they already have.

The French National Bee(n) Surveillance Unit?
The Insect Information Service in London?

Sounds like there's a bug in the intelligence network.

I hope that AmerinParis is keeping on top of this story...

And I worry about what this means for the French mead industry.

The hornets can grow to up to 1.8in and, with a wingspan of 3in

Holy Cr@p!! Run Away!!

(Fetchez la vache!)

Hornets are gentle eh? Easy for him to say - he's German and out of the danger zone.

CLAIRE MARTIN - I did NOT need to see those pictures!

YIKES!! those things look nasty!!!! I agree MOTW!

Let's see him get bit by a hornet and still say it is gentle.

Hymenoptera means joined wings or married wings; Hymen = god of marriage, ptera = wings.

Huh. You learn something new every day. I didn't know that there was a god of marriage.

What's all the ruckous about?

Not anymore, CH....at least for me ;-P

There is not enough money in the world to get me to let a hornet sit on my nose!


*SNORK* @ Siouxie!!!

But seriously, what invading entity hasn't spread across French territory like lightning?

And I hesitate to report that the bot made me type "hagva2" to make that comment...

Is there anything the French wont surrender too?

so if the hornets came to France in Chinese pottery, how is that global warming?

Wait, are they saying these are Asian giant hornets, or are they claiming they're something else? The size description fits the Asian giant hornet very well, but the Latin name in the article is wrong.

Japanese honeybees have evolved a very interesting defence against Asian giant hornets, by the way.

I learned that the hymen- inhymenoptera comes from the Greek word for mambrane.

MEMBRANE! And I found someone that agrees.


1773, "order of insects that includes ants, wasps, and bees," coined in Mod.L. 1748 by LinnÊus from Gk. hymen (gen. hymenos) "membrane" + pteron "wing"

(from the Online Etymology Dictionary, which I originally read as Online Entomology Dictionary.)

Hornets are NOT "animals", gentle or otherwise. They are INSECTS, which puts them into Latin genus "squash them now."

tosses a "the" up there, before "genus"

did anyone notice the interesting "whornets"at the end of the address?
i like bees but hornets are evil!

In related news, the Police have announced they will go on tour again.

Now Now!! ENOUGH with the French surrendering jokes, please! One of us bloggers lives here and thinks quite highly of the French, you know.

Plus, from what a co-worker tells me, they now have a nuclear-powered navy that can kick butt.


And anyway, c'est les pauvres abeilles français qui sont les victimes. And in addition to the bees, those of us who, while understanding that hornets are gentle in their own way, still fear being stung and going into anaphylatic shock.

Fetchez le \"can can\" dancers!

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