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February 20, 2007


Bindi Sue is missing.


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I thought Bindi was a Mini-Irwin. Did a stingray get her, too?

"Mouse Suppers" WBAGNFA Bluegrass B

irwin named his daughter after a snake? crikey!

At first I thought that actually meant that Bindi Sue Irwin was missing, but she isn't a reptile. Is she?

you have to be careful when you leave cause ice falls off the roof and you could get clobbered but the temperature is rising and that's good news, right? sun comes out every once in a while but not today - the sky is the same color as a corpse. and damp, too. the perfect day to stay indoors and read or something. but i got things to do so i gotta go. having a snake just drains you, sucks all the color out of your world - so that everything is as cold and gray as the sky - i used to have a spring in my step - when i was young - so that i could run around on my own power - now i rely on inertia - i push to get myself up to speed then i just keep going - don't get in my way, cause the inertia knock you over. some day i'll fall over then i'll be through with this snake.

mud, it's gonna be OK, eventually. I heard on the forecast, yesterday, that today was going to be mostly sunny until sunset, after which I presume it will be a bit less so.

Meanwhile, I really should be diligently working, but did that actually say 'Mom's Blog?'

If you knew
Bindi Sue
You'd feed her a rat or two
Oh Bindi
My Bindi Sue
Well, I miss you gal
And my wife she hearts you too

another classic from our lyricist-in-residence, Stevie.

If the puppies start disappearing, they'll know it was an escape, not a theft.

I think the real Bindi Sue was named after the Irwins' dog, Bindi.

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