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February 19, 2007


This is not me.

(Thanks to Gregory Riley)


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Well you do live in Florida...


... and while this happened in Rhode Island, it sounds like a Florida driver to me :)

PS Wally on Dilbert "snorked" today into his coffee cup... coincidence, I think not, is Scott Adams a dB blogger?

Well, today I thought of tha absolute BEST EVER campaign slogan/bumper sticker for Dave !! It is awesome. I can't begin to tell you how great it is....really. The contest is closed....too bad, so sad.


If the real Dave is in Cranston, then air travel is in even worse shape than we thought.

"Police say suspect that hit officer with a rubber chicken, got away on a Cruzin' Cooler."


If the real Dave is in Cranston, then air travel is in even worse shape than we thought.

David Barry for President
F*ck Tha Police!

Vote for Dave
He will run you down if you dont

It's a smear campaign! They fear the mighty Dave already.

He needs new shoes.

I'm tellin' ya, I have the slogan:

Just do it.

I blame Tancredo.

Lol, lbff.

Hey jazzz ("Well, today I thought of tha absolute BEST EVER campaign slogan/bumper sticker for Dave !!"), why not sell it to the other Dave Barry?

Well I for one am more than a little suspicious of TheBlog's denial, especially since it's a well-known fact that in Cranston, Walrus penises are ALWAYS referred to as "Maximas"....


Don't keep us in suspense!

morgana - I thing Scott Adams checked in on the blog a couple of years back

Brilliant SteveW....I could auction it on E-Bay too, along with Britney's hair, or with my brittany's hair.

*sheds pun cop secret identity*

and why, oh why has the spam bot suddenly decided to hate me?

Yeah, here's the thread where Scott Adams checked in: the Scott Adams post.

No worries, Dave. Three days in rehab and you ought to be juuuuust fine. I mean, look how well it worked for Twitney!

Geez, pogo. That link makes me feel wet behind the ears. Does that mean my geezer bus DL is revoked?

Because I was about to fire up the bus and drive on the opposite side of the road while flinging cold beverages at road ragers.

Med - I believe I'm one of the senior geezers around here. Credentials: Grandchild old enough to buy me one of those cold beverages, if you're talking about the kind that comes in brown bottles.

Was the suspect wearing a blue shirt?

Did he yell "Booger"?

Was a Weinermobile involved?

Did he try to distract the police with any of his books, which by the way are for sale and should be read multiple times, but are funnier when repurchased?

What kind of reporting is this?

marfie, I, for one, do NOT want to see Dave shave his fine head of hair.

Whoa! The bot let me right through! Did somebody set Jack Bauer loose on it?

pogo-Did you have a birthday recently? If so, Happy Belated 'cos I think I missed out on yours last year.

C-Bol.... These are questions we MUST know the answer to!

A simul with LBFF !! *goes to take cold shower*


OOoooo; I found shoes that both Guys and Gals can like!

I didn't write Gone With The Wind either. Don't ask. The humor is gone from that one.

'This is not me'
Denial and running from police isn't a great start in a Presidential campaign - but it's still early.

*bot test*

Jazzzz-It's too cold for cold showers where you are. And even here in Fla. ;-)

This is only the start! Soon hundreds, no thousands of men named David Barry or David Berry will be getting into all sorts of trouble, just to give this Dave a bad name. Yikes!!! :)

I wonder if they set up a perimeter around Cranston.

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