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February 27, 2007



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and who the heck is Brandon Davis?

and thanks for all the pop-ups.

Boo Frickin Hoo.

The only thing that would have improved the night, is Twatney shaving and then puking at the party.

it would have been more appropriate if he had 'hurled' on her. screw the flowers and centerpieces.

DPC - she probably did. Just sayin'.

Angel, same question I had - who is Brandon Davis? And where can we send him a "thank you" note?

"She was entertained by a menagerie of animals and midgets..."

Maybe animals with midget sized brains would be more like it...

Did she want "Tinkerbell" to feel more at home?

I think this whole group would be more comfortable in a carnival trailer guzzling colt-45 and playing a game of pull the finger. Why do we even give this people more than the alloted 15 minutes of fame.

--Hey, Paris, pull my finger.


--Ha ha. Fooled ya. That's not my finger.

--That's not my hand either.

LOL Stevie...you started early today!

Alls I gots to say is...who the fuff cares if her birthday was ruined??? Why is it even a news item?

I dunno. That sounds like a bunch of redneck parties that I've been to myself. Maybe the rich really don't have it better.

she invites all the best people to her parties, doesn't she!?

Welllll, she coulda had the retard removed from her party. But that would mean she would have to uh, think? Nevermind.

You are known by the company you keep sweetie, and money can't buy you class.

"I dunno. That sounds like a bunch of redneck parties that I've been to myself. Maybe the rich really don't have it better."

ah. a lightbulb moment. true,that.

however i am bone weary of the staid politeness and pretense of the yuppie set, too. lets all secede. maybe we could start a blog or something

I dunno, I have nothing against Paula Abdul. Now if he'd done all that to Paris....

Dang it, I'm gonna say it again!: I wish someone would f*** her brains back in.

And also again: No, I'm not volunteering.

Well at least Paris' friends are classier than she is.

Paula Abdul is hanging out with Paris? Ah, so many questions have suddenly been answered.

Instead of birthday cake, I'd say she got her just desserts. She's not exactly a model of deportment herself. When has she ever demonstated that she gave one iota about anyone else's feelings?

QUOTE: Paris Hilton spent her birthday meal in tears after a drunken guest ruined the party.

Drunken guests? That's not a typical party with Paris?

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