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February 21, 2007


You've made this mistake many times yourselves.

(Thanks to marva)


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Nope. Never happened to me.

The pizza delivery guy doesn't know what he was talking about.

Charging out with my sword extended at the sound of a pr0n movie? Never!

*snork* at the whole mental picture. i hope they make a movie about this!

""I had the sword extended," he said. "But that was all."

I imagine the neighbor's was extended, as well.

look at this guy's eyes............GUILTY!!

With his sword thrust out!!!

Yean, this FCDA would be happy to defend him - NOT!

har har.

Hey baby, is that an heirloom sword you are towing or are you just happy to see me?

Oconomowoc?? wtfbbq??

*waiting for some talented lyricist to come up with a limerick that starts with...There once was a man from Oconomowoc...*

I'm sure the word "c*ck" can be inserted in there too.

How come something this exciting never happens to me? Maybe I should turn up the surround sound when watching my porn.

He's 39, has no phone, lives with his mom behind Red and Bunny's diner and his most prized possesion is a cavalry sword. cg I think they've already made the movie: Psycho...

Hmm...so what movie was playing??

just curious.

El..........There is wildlife prowling on TGC

*note to self: turn down the volume*

Thx Jazzzz

*zips out*

Jazzzz is right. This man has "three whites of the eye," a sign that would make me, even as a 3rd degree black belt, take a big step back. Especially if he was carrying a sword.

casey, do you really want some guy to come break down your door, waving his sword at you when you're doing that? Oh. Nevermind.

If a freak kicked down my door and pointed a sword at me, he would develop an acute case of lead poisoning very quickly.

Ouch, DP Chris. Just because the guy brings a sword to a gunfight...

Oh, this is ripe.

Dirk is diggling, when Zorro comes crashing through the door brandishing his Euro-extender sword!


It would depend, CH. How cute the guy is?? How big the sword?

I mean I'm just speculating here...

Awwww, how sweet! He's a hero!

Or, maybe he just wanted to get in on the action. Hmm....

*Turns down TV*
Sorry, I was busy. What'd I miss and why do you all have swords?

this is why all porn movies should have loud musical soundtracks... although...

"I figured she was being assaulted by a band, officers..."

Clean - I don't get out much....

This wasn't highlights of the Duke lacross season, was it? (ok folks, this was a JOKE!! don't attack me here)

Jazzzz, cye....:)

Sounds to me like the guy doesn't get to use his sword very much, and thought this would be an opportune time do so. I wonder if he polished it before he started waving it around? Probably couldn't hear the Star Trek episode he was trying to watch and got pissed..

a wild-eyed man from oconomowoc
put his neighbor in a severe state of shock
he kicked down his door
and brandished his sword
and said "my turn next" something something-ock

So, is the porn mightier than the sword in this case, or the other way around?

There was a lady who was obviously undergoing a tremendous religious experience in an apartment near mine last month, judging from the cries of "OH, God! OH, God!" that were emanating from her bedroom. I suppose I should have broken down the door to see if she was OK.

en garde!

even better:
dodge, parry, thrust!

"En garde!"
"Whoops, you win! Sorry to disturb!"

*snork* @ crossgirl


good enough, mud!!

Hammie...sword in hand???


A swordsman in Oconomowoc
Decided to kick in the door lock
Of a neighbor reviewing
Some video doings
His new home will now be a cell block

Awwww, how sweet! He's a hero!
Or, maybe he just wanted to get in on the action. Hmm....
Posted by: Suzy Q | 02:35 PM on February 21, 2007

thats what I was thinking...

Hasn't anyone heard of soundproofing your bedrooms???

I mean, I've heard that helps.

Good one too, Meanie!!

Soundproofing interferes with the recording, Siouxie.

to meanie:

(deep bow) your servant, sir.

Is Red and Bunny's Diner behind the Hotel Shpennsylvania?

*ok, ok, back to work*

Sentiment appreciated, Mud, but a bow from you makes me a wee bit nervous.

I guess the boom-schwacka soundtrack didn't clue him in.

Not that I'd know what a porn soundtrack sounds like. Nosiree bob, nope!

Hmm..yeah, Meanie but I meant...ya know to keep the neighbors from hearing...uh..nevermind. It's never happened to me.

Wildlife prowling on the what channel?

Once upon a midnight dreary, there I lay, awake and leery,
Listening to cacophony that issued from next door,
Moaning, groaning most salacious,
I responded, 'Goodness gracious! Someone's taking liberties with the woman ever more!'

'Despoil not that tender maiden, or I'll surely thrust my blade in,
Skewering you from front to back!' I shouted through the door.
When I went crashing through his portal,
There in darkness sat a mortal,
Viewing porno movies which might be called hard-core.

My honorable deeds unfounded,
My trusty blade is now impounded,
While I wait upon a summons and ponder what's in store.
Hereafter eschew crime prevention
Vowing just to pay attention,
Going forth to rescue ravished maidens, nevermore!!

applause to Candy!

Awsome job, Candy!

That was a poe choice, Cindy.

I kinda feel sorry for the guy. I mean if there had been a real woman in danger instead of a movie, he'd have been a hero. Now he's behind bars.

I agree with Kristina.

If i were judging this, i would drop the charges, give him his sword back, and make him pay for his neighbors door repairs.

I don't like to see good deads (or at least intentions) punished, especialy when no real harm befell anyone.

Hooray for him, trying to stop a rape. I hope the case gets dismissed, and his sword returned. What the hell is wrong with his neighbor, playing any porn movie, let alone one with a realistic-sounding rape scene in it, loud enough for the neighbors to hear?

Note to Lazee: Well, the critics are raven...;-)

A hearty second to Wahooligan's comment. We need more guys willing to stop a rape in progress. He is a hero just for trying. Pay for the door and be done.
He's gonna be a good family man someday.

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