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February 26, 2007


Go somewhere else.

(Thanks to diverdowndoc)


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Wowza. Somebody needs a gumball over there.

I would not want any adcisory work done in Serbia.

Yay DDD!

Dave is on a blogging rampage today.

uh...advisory (sp)!


and YAY DDD!!!

For those unfamiliar, with the Serbian medical profession, an 'adcisory' is a surgical procedure that requires basically, more scissors. That is all.

ahh...thanks for clearing that up, Annie. Makes sense...

add + scissors = adcisory

Why can't these guys just cut it out?

"Vukanic Dragans" wbagnfarb

I can already hear the start of it

"Oh no Spasojerk, you di-unt touch MY scalpel didja? Oh SNAP to you..."

I'd still rather be operated on in Serbia than in Rumania. At least, Serbian doctors don't take it out (so to speak) on the patient.

If y'ask me, "fisticuffs" isn't used in headlines NEARLY enough!

This isn't normal? We all see the anesthesia provider kept their cool. *thrusts (I like that word) nose in air*

*does the posted dance*

*awards 10 points for smooth handoff to the assisting physician*

The Romanian episode is the first thing I thought of, too.

But wait -- in Dave Barry's very authoritive Guide to Guys, he gives an example of that happening between two surgeons in the US!

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