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February 26, 2007


Or you could just learn to pick up the damn phone.

(Thanks to Greg)


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OK, well, hmmmm. Pick up the phone....well hung?

Must be too early in the AM - I'm just not gettin' the connection.


Steven Ramm *snork*

So...Walter musta been quite popular with the lady-walruses...

Another reminder that some are and some of us are not. Oh well...it is a new week.

sorry. this one popped into my head immediately upon reading the headline, so i didn't know it would be obscure. guess it's a mindset. two points to the first who admits having the same reaction.

OK, well endowed, popular and desirable - got that part...guys who call when they say they will, even better??

Sorry, judi, my Oscar-addled brain just isn't firing those synapses as fast as it should.

I'm sure I'll wake up soon.....

*tries to imagine how one "... correct(s)ed for the fact that related species tend to have similar-sized ..."*

*imagines there's lots of field work involved*

Must be a very "Hands On" process!

*Wonders how a rat would call someone on the phone...

judi ... I wuz sorta interested in the "head start" concept ... but then, that's merely me ... and I'm not good on phone calls ...

Mebbe if I'd mail it in?

I've been called a rat by Mrs. PB more than a few times. I didn't know that my little captain was the reason.

Yes, judi, I would have to agree with your first thoughts.

Judi, I caught it. It did take me a minute (I'm pre-coffee), but I caught it. Let's just say I feel your pain, sister.


... that would have happened Sat.

*hopes she got cake all over Mrs. Blog and The Dave*

Me thinks the link is wrong here.

It took me a minute, but I eventually got it judi. Of course, for me the delay may have been that I'm a guy, and view my phone as a tool for checking hockey scores and playing Tetris. Periodically it makes this weird beeping noise like it wants me to do something. It stops after about 45 seconds though, and I can resume my usual activities.

I got it, but it took me two minutes.

Ramm a lamm my ding dong.

Two minutes?


Well! No wonder BSJ is a tad miffed @ the general male-gender-type population ... merely ... um ... nevermind ...

On the advice of my attorney, I cannot make any comments on returning phone calls to women of the female gender.

My brain must still be fried from last nights boring as hell exciting Oscar telecast. That and I\'m on my first cup of coffee.

Oh btw...my ISP has been banned...again. I\'m on a proxy server for now and have contacted the idiots wonderful tech support staff at Typepoop.

I\'m hoping not to show too much of my \\s today.

Yay, \\\\s!
*Waves at Siouxie* (Got your e-mail. I wasn't blurking, I was sleeping)

i don't care how well endowed they are, it's been my experience that rats are not good partners. neither are dogs or jackasses. trust me.

*waves back*

Morning Hammie! I see you\'re awake now.

*aims her kicking-@ss boots at those damn stoooopid IP nazis*

I've only gotten the bot once, ever. Many of you get it every time. Wonder why? Not that I'm complaining on my end.

Jemmy, it\'s not the bot (and the captcha symbols) that I\'m complaining about. It\'s not being able to post at ALL. I\'ve gotten used to having the bot on my @ss for every post - which usually happens if I don\'t wait enough time in between posts. Just be happy you don\'t.


Sadly, I get the bot frequently, but is doesn't bother me as my office's hoops we have to jump through are so much worse. I think I'm just numb.

I was going to comment that the bot has been really cranky first thing in the morning, around 7am, but it just took about 90 seconds for me to even get the comments box, so I may be disappearing soon...

Who gives a rat's ass?

snork @ crossgirl.

*waves at mm, judi and Mot*

Was out clearing off the cars... response to poppyseed and NJ/Del. weather stuff in the Oscar thread continued from last night... ;-)

PS -- judi, I'll fess up that I didn't get the phone reference either... and that was after 2 cups of coffee. Is this my brain on poppyseed strudel?!?!?

To quote:

"Even if you win the rat race, you are still a rat."

*although I didn't realize it was a race*

That is all.

love you, too, Stevie ;)

Rat Race. Funny movie. Rowan Atkinson, John Cleese, Cuba Gooding Jr., Dave Thomas, Gloria Allred, Whoopi Goldberg, Paul Rodriguez, Seth Green, Jon Lovitz. Many of whom may be well-hung. Maybe THAT's the connection.

Okay, maybe not.

Let's see... rat balls => ball size => size matters => matter of fact => fact finding => finding egg => egg race => race car => car phone => phone call => call waiting => waiting for call

Okay, I think I've got the connection, but it took a major caffeine infusion.

love rat race!

Rat Race is a remake of Its a mad mad mad mad world. Its a bit dated, but still funny.

That's a great movie, 'Matt ... didja notice, however, that a bunch of them people in the cast have joined Edgar in their deadness? (merely acknowledging my oldness ... I saw that film the first time when it was in original release ... ICK for knowin' how long ago that wuz ...)


They may be dead, but they're still funny.

Have you ever seen the Red Dwarf series? Not that old, British comedy from the 80s and early 90s.

I think we missed that one ... our PBS station din't always have whut many of the rest of y'all had available ...

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