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February 19, 2007


...to this motorist, who will find that down here we do not believe that free people should be forced to drive in any one particular direction just because some so-called "traffic law" says so.

(Thanks to cyrldiving)


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Hey, they did the same damn thing to Flagler Street!

Awe, how sweet. He was only fined for almost commiting vehicular manslaughter! HEartwarming.

Awe, how sweet. He was only fined for almost commiting vehicular manslaughter! HEartwarming.

Somebody better tell him that Sweden went metric some years ago, too...

Our motto here in Florida: "But we're only driving ONE way!"

That's absurd, but they'd just better not start making us drive on the right here.

This fine old gent sounds like a true menace. Once hopes that his car has been impounded for being unsafe to operate, as well as the fine?

That's harsh, Clean. He only drives once every forty years! Sheesh.

So, El, That's a 100% accident rate for every time he's driven in 40 years!

and fvrty yers ago ve used to drive over stovplights all ze time

Yep this is the most

If he only drives once in 40 years, does this mean he's driving a 40-year-old car?

I did a Google Maps for those places. The town where the accident occurred is on an island with about a dozen roads. I couldn't find the little village the driver was from, but it must be on the same island.

That poor old dear is going to end up with a street in Ivad named after him soon if he's not careful.

He sounds like the grandpa from "Lost Boys."

Decides to go to town. Gets in the car. Warms it up. Turns it off.

"That's as close to town as I like to get!"

He sounds like the grandpa from "Lost Boys."

Announces he's going to go to town. Gets in the car. Warms it up. Turns it off.

"That's as close to town as I like to get!"

Whoa! That bot thing is really freaking me out now....

I hit preview. Made a slight change. Five minutes later it sends both versions....

I need a nap now.

Are there only one-way streets in his town? Has he not left this town in 40 years? Does he still have the same car he did 40 years ago? If he has a new car, wouldn't he notice that the steering wheel has changed sides? Sadly though, he is qualified to drive in Florida.

Dave: Why is this tagged "24?" Was Jack Bauer involved in taking down this dangerous criminal?

"He said he had got lost while taking his car in for a routine inspection."

What kind of car gets its routine inspection once every forty years, whether it needs it or not?

Stevie W, That would be an Edsel!

Stevie, my old Mustang is 'grandfathered' and requires no inspections, at least by the gummint.

Stevie - Those old Saabs and Volvos ran forever. I had a 71 Saab. Ugly, but it was one tough little car.

Punkin, your post reminded me of this scene from Six Days, Seven Nights (Anne Heche, Harrison Ford):

Robin: [after using their only flare and hitting a palm tree with it] Oh no! Oh uh oh! Oh nuts!

Quinn Harris: [waking up still partly drunk] What the...? What the hell did you do? You wasted our only g*d damned flare to shoot a g*d damned palm tree?

Robin: I wouldn't have shot the g*d damned tree if you hadn't rolled into me. I was trying to signal the g*d damned plane.

Quinn Harris: What g*d damned plane?

Robin: [points to a commercial airliner in the sky] That g*d damned plane.

Quinn Harris: That g*d damned plane? That's a commercial airliner! It's 5 miles high going six hundred miles an hour. They wouldn't see a nuclear explosion if they were looking for it, much less a flare!

Robin: How the hell was I supposed to know that? If you hadn't drunken yourself into a coma maybe you could have told me that.

Quinn Harris: You know what you've done? You know what you've done? You've taken our one good chance of being found and pissed it away!

Robin: Don't you dare blame this on me. If you were half a pilot, we WOULDN'T BE ON THIS ISLAND!

Quinn Harris: I am the best g*d damned pilot you'll ever meet!

Robin: Hah! I've flown with you twice, you've crashed half the time.

Robin: [Walks away, leaving Quinn confused at her logic, does a double take] And there is nothing wrong with my t*ts!

LOL I remember that scene, Cat! very funny!

... at least they're (the t*ts) in the right places (right & left) ... unless, of course, she decides to ride one of those sideways bicycles ... merely sayin' ...

*zips in after long winter's nap*

Well Punkin, when you put it that way, it sounds worse. :)

Poor old man.
That's why some traffic consultants recommend to do the changeover from left to right hand driving on a gradual basis:
first the trucks, then the buses, then cars & bicycles.


He is also eligible for a Florida Voter Registration card...Palm Beach to be more specific.

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