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February 20, 2007


Turns out some people take it seriously.

(Thanks to Andy Moore)


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First to wonder where my tax dollars are going.

Jack has just one thing to say to that.

Is someone ever going to tell them that Tom Cruise was never a JAG lawyer?

First to have read all the way down to the 'guitar pick bikini,' which is undoubtedly one more reason that the world needs Guys.

Right behind ya there, CJ!!

So, if I dress in uniform and show up onsite, I get a job offer?

*goes to change into blue shirt, an oosik and cooler skooter*

Note to self: Bring Nasa diapers to expedite the trip.

What a great writer! I mean, he's no Dave, but still pretty funny. I'm really glad I started watching the show this season but I'm still waiting for Ric (don't call me Ricky )Schroeder.

Should we tell them the truth about Star Trek?

Wait. You mean 24 is NOT real?

Wait. You mean The Simpsons is NOT real? It's more realistic than 24!

Hey, speaking of Star Trek, I see Capt. Kirk all the time! he became a lawyer.

Also we should tell them Dr. Bashir is an ex-terrorist who may soon be an Ex-Doctor as well, if Rob Lowe's evil brother has his way.

Also we should tell them Dr. Bashir is an ex-terrorist who may soon be an Ex-Doctor as well, if Rob Lowe's evil brother has his way.

Oops, a repeat, and during Feb sweeps no less.

if anyone needs me, i'll be returning that plutonium to the power plant.

crossgirl - don't bother - plutonium has been declassified - it's no longer a planet.

You're welcome.

And I finally got off my lazy ass and looked up "Marquee de Sade". Mainly just so I could figure out why you thought it was so funny. I gotta read more.


Glad to see someone else caught that slip. The Washington Post - you'd think they had an editor who knew the difference between "marquee" and "Marquis".


Especially at the WaPo...

Am I crazy or is attacking torture by lobbying the producers of "24" almost as ridiculous as trying to make nuclear power plants safer by urging the producers of "The Simpsons" to stop letting Homer play with plutonium in the lunchroom of the Springfield nuke plant?

As a former radiation safety officer, I cringe every time I see the opening of The Simpsons!

I keep looking at and saying "Someone's going to have to clean that up, and THAT. And now Bart's contaminating the whole town!", etc, etc.

RSOs - we're weird that way.

You know, reading the article I almost got the impression that he thinks torturing terrorists is wrong or something.


Of course, there is the teensy problem of when someone turns out to not be a terrorist...

KCSteve, nah, it's only a flesh wound.

KC Steve, you're forgetting that, on "24," torture NEVER works. At least for the good guys. That's how Graeme was able to keep from spilling the beans to Jack...while it only took the terrorists about five seconds with a power drill to get Morris to activate the nukes.

(And that was with a measly 3/8ths diameter bit. If Sayid had used a half-incher, he could've got Morris to give up quicker...)

Sounds to me like somebody needs to give the New Yorker's Jane Meyer a pill to calm her down. And the Pentagon needs to either retire that general or find something useful for him to do, since he obviously has way too much time on his hands...

A humor deficit in Davedom? "Marquee" be a pun, like, uh, completely.

Who do we suppose the neocons see in Gregory Itzin?

And they probably watch it while reading this blog, which would definitely put them on a tangent the other side of reality. TypePad doesn't like me at home, let's see what it does with the work IP... :-)

I just got tagged by the bot.... I cannot win at this...


They're worried about Bauer torturing people? Those dang male urinary dysfunction ads, now THOSE are torture.

Does this mean that when the producer of "The Left Wing" was interviewed, he said he was a left wing nutjob?

Andy and Mr. Completely, I was wondering about that, too. And I wondered if "Marquee" was a pun instead of a typo, but I don't see anybody talking about movie theaters or theatre theaters, so how would that work?

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