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January 20, 2007


Peeking duck.¹

¹Sorry, again.

(Thanks to Greg)


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Mot - Sounds like you are a fan. I try to pretend I'm not, but there's this guy........ well, you know. He, too, is the sweetest teddy bear, but I love watching him play. He gets this look on his face that if fierce.

Casey, I am jealous. You naughty girl! Way to take one for the team.

Nurse T: I watched women rugby players mud wrestle at a fund raiser once. I agree with your assessment that we best not piss them off.

Med, I'm a sports nut and even watch American NFL, needless to say I support the Denver Broncos as my daughter lives in Colorado.

is someone willing to explain to the uninitiated:
I know rugby and NFL football are vastly different, but what are some of the differences?

The first time I ever met this particular group of players, I had a horrendous eye infection. One of my eyes was swollen nearly shut and the other was red and puffy. It was very painful and I looked like a monster. I was part of a large group that met in a fancy-schmancy restaraunt and I couldnt get out of the meeting. It was horrific. A year later I got to meet them again in the NC mountains. I promise you, they forgot all about the little eye problem.... Nice guys tho. Every one of them hot as hades and sweet to boot.

Mot - I am a sports nut too, compliments of my Dad. He didn't have a son, so I filled in. He started by taking me to hockey games at 5 or 6, then progressed from there.

In spite of the fact that he lives in another state, everytime something major happens in sports (US kind), we always seem to be watching it together.

The bad thing about living in the states is that other sports, like soccer and rugby, are broadcast in the middle of the night. If you can find a broadcast, that is.

mm - I think it has do do with fatalities...

has TO do
Off to sleep, no longer able to type coherently...

Nurse Tammy
*double snork*
it's funny both ways

mm: Rugby is the original football. There are 13 guys, separated into offense and defense, but all on the field simultaneously. There is passing, but only laterally or reverse. Continuous clock keeps the game moving - quickly.

Instead of kicking off, the defensive line kinda shoves off in two huddles called the scrum, until the other team is pushed back and the offense can pick up the ball and run with it.

Scoring is similar: a try (TD) is 5 pts, a conversion is 2 pts, and a penalty kick is worth 3 pts.

Great game. Not for the weak of heart or stomach. You should check it out, as most towns have a team, and the games are free.

Hey Dave, are you watching the game? Sure hope so!
Poor Dwayne, sure hope he's not hurt!!

thanks, Med, that was just what I needed. So its kind of like ice hockey with a lot more players, and on grass with a ball. That can be touched with the hands.
And I appreciate the scoring framework

Casey- from way back there- LMHCBO

and D@mn I'm w-challenged today. Eventually something's gonna slip by.

OK mm, you got me. What's LMHCBO?

laughing my hot crossed buns off

Guys, the Oosik Tourny is coming up soon. ROADTRIP!!!

ok I'll bite figuratively only.

we're having a walrus p3nis tourney?
a Walter tourney?
what'd I miss?

mm - There is a rugby team in Alaska that has a frozen oosik tournament every year. It was a thread long ago, and that is how Walter came to be our blog pet.

And I may be wrong here, but I think biting is not allowed, and could result in a penalty kick, hence, SCORE!

I shall now depart and leave the blog in your capable hands. I have a date! Granted, he is only 12 years old, but he is beautiful and I enjoy his company. Off to dinner & the football awards banquet with my son!

A fridge is a perfect place for a wounded duck. Riiight.

Rugby? Played it (in Team Sports class, in college) ... one of the guys (who usually wuz on the OTHER team) later wuz the 2nd-leading ground-gainer in the NFL ...

I still have tattoo-like scars ... merely sayin' ...

and ...

The camera never lies, Sooz

Posted by: Mot the Hoople | 01:38 AM on January 21, 2007

Oh, yeah? One Word: PHOTOSHOP

and ... (merely trineta ketchup, here)

Mot' ... that stretch of Route 66 is the longest single portion of the Mother Road™ that is still complete/unbroken ... great tourist traps there ... didja try the steaks @ the RoadKill Restaurant in Seligman? Yuuuummmmmmmm!!!

Dang Med, you're quick! Now I'm negative point situation. (I didn't want to say I was behind)


I grew up three blocks away from Route 66, and I still drive on parts of it daily. One of the best of the Southern California Route 66 Museums is located not too far from me. If you ever want details, tourist info, etc, let me know here on the blog. Heck, I could ever grab you a chunk from the highway. Makes a great paperweight!

Hey, Med, you left out the part about the hooker.

Also, I had the pleasure of watching some Australian Rules Footy a few years back -- think rugby, but without the civility.

CH - I was just testing ya. I also left out the part about large quantities of alcohol being consumed.

But, hey, it's Sunday, and I am wearing my halo.

hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe. And if you believe that..............

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