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January 20, 2007


Peeking duck.¹

¹Sorry, again.

(Thanks to Greg)


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First. Quack.


No fair!! This duck should be served wrapped in bacon with a nice bottle of merlot. Why would you rescue a duck that has been shot? Why would you put an uncleaned duck in the frig?

Tough duck is not good eatin' with or without the orange sauce.

Thanks for the new thread, judi. Apparently, you are one of us that is blurking about.

You just can't make this Florida stuff up....

Florida ducks are used to dodging alligators.

Merlot? With Duck? Tsk. Tsk.
I highly recommend a Blanc de Noir.

I concur with your other questions however.

"No fair!! This duck should be served wrapped in bacon with a nice bottle of merlot."

Or perhaps, Pete...some Cold Duck?

LOL @ Cold Duck

and also "Peeking Duck"

oh stevie! would that i had thought of that.

Someone should tell the reporter not to say "plucky" around ducks. It puts them in a fowl mood.

judi-The animal will survive, but now it will be a lame duck.

Next time I'll telezap it to you, judi. Ty.


By the way, recommended wines to accompany Peking Duck are Pinot Gris, Sancerre or Pouilly Fume.

But that's just for wine snots.

Personally, I've always thought that you should drink whatever the hunter was knocking back at the time he brought down the bird. Often this means cheap beer and/or peppermint schnapps but hey, rules are rules.

Lairbo, Aflac is foie gras, not duck. What wine do you recommend? And it takes a snot to know one. ;)

Don't you hate it when clueless editors chop off the last, and often best, paragraph of an article? I know I do. I contacted the reporter and he was kind enough to supply the missing graph:

In a surprising twist to this story, Hale noticed that the fridge applied a supercooling effect to the duck so that it now allowed electrons to selectively pass through it at heretofore unknown speeds. Hale and Intel have struck a deal to incorporate these transistors in its newest line of microcomputers under the name, "Plucky Junctions."

Poor little duck! I hope he left a few "presents" in these people's refrigerator!!

Do you think he was wrapped in quacks paper?

I think I'd be afraid to cook that duck - I wouldn't want my Duck McNuggests quacking back at me!

Anita ;)

New from McDonald's: McDuckets

*sniffs* Poor Uncle Mallard; we were so worried when he didn't come home...

I hope Just Ducky doesn't read this thread!

(I just had to take a gander at it)

Too late, PB.

Eider been happier if I hadn't seen this thread.

I canard stay here any longer!

*flaps off to bed, quacking wildly*

Go take care of your shotgun wounds, JD. We'll fire up the BBQ stand guard at your hospital room door.

Just wait till that hunter gets that duck's bill!

"Eider been happier if I hadn't seen this thread."

Oh, pipe down already.

Stevie w: don't you mean, "chill out?"

Lol, med. A little of both perhaps.

have we covered all the canards?

Stevie w - honored w/ a lol from you. I wish I was as clever as you, but you regularly cause me to wet my pants from laughter. (sorry for the tmi, but I had babies, and reality bites,ya know?)

Did everyone fly the coop?
Or just go cold turkey?
Did the referee call a Fowl?

Is Ducky hiding in the bushes?

It's 8:23 on Sunday morning and I just booted up. Cannot believe there are people on the blog. It must be nearly 1:30 on the East Coast and 10:30 on the West.

Sorry, Mot. I'm in the midst of a snowstorm on top of 2 inches of ice. Got a great fire going and a trebuchet film festival. Nowhere to go, no place to hide.

But in your honor, I will get out the bagels and lox, Bloody Mary's and Nutty Irishmen. Hope it is still fresh when everyone wakes up hungover in the morning. :)

Hey all! just got back from a girls' night out!! Lots of fun..booze...etc. We went to a new Coyote Ugly that just opened up here in Miami. VERY cool place. and if you see a picture of me on the bar...I'll deny it!

Hi Med, whereabouts are you exactly. Just watched CBS and they are reporting lots of ice in Oklahoma, Arizona and New Mexico.

The camera never lies, Sooz

Hey, med, ty, but you deserved your lol. One question though: Did you have to add the "from laughter?"

Med? you only got 2 inches??? dang.

Mot I know and we do have pictures to prove it ;-)


No snow here.

That IS what you meant, isn't it?

Trying to figure what to have for breakfast, duck l'orange and wine may be a tad too heavy. Think I'll just settle for some snap, crackle & pop.

Stevie w - why yes, yes, I did. Because after you pass a large infant, there is more than one cause of peeing your pants: laughter, coughing, sneezing, cold weather, and jumping on a trampoline to mention a few.

Mot - I grew up in Oklahoma, my parents are there enjoying the ice. I am just North in Kansas City, but wishing I was in Johannesburg for some sun, accents, and good wine.

Sioux - (saved the best for last) Can't wait to see you on You Tube! I know you danced on the bar --- go on, you can tell us. Glad ur home safe.

Med, yes I will confess that I actually got up on the bar with my friends. The funny thing is..I wasn't even drunk. It was a total "What the hell.." moment. Hopefully you'll all be spared the YouTube. ;-)

Very fun place though.

Sioux - We got 2 inches, and it is still rising falling, baby.

I keep telling my HS best friend in Arizona that you have to do the penance of winter to experience the jubilation of the first day of spring.

Right now, I am seriously doubting my theory. My theory just sux a$$.

Med, could never figure out why KC is actually in Missouri.

Mot - KC is actually situated on the border of 2 states, Missouri and Kansas. 2 states, 5 counties, and too many city ordinances to mention.

My home is literally and physically on the state line. I live in Kansas, but I can throw a rock at Missouri (and hit it).

Kinda cool. My kids love it! And I take advantage of the laws/taxes that benefit me on both sides of the line.

Sooz, be careful of those "what the hell" moments, they have a habit of coming back to bite you in the aspidistra.

Well folks...after all the bar dancin'...I'm beat.

Sweet dreams!!!

Mot - Bite you in the evergreen perennial? Hmmm?

Med, there's a town on the border between Belgium and Holland, the border literally runs along the main street. You can imagine the fun 'n games they can have.

Hey it's better than being bitten in a lot of other places. Some might disagree I know, but then some people are just kinky.

No chance for the zzzzs Sooz, it's going to be difficult to come down off your high.

I can imagine. Back in the days of Prohibition, the bootleggers/bartenders would jump the state line depending on which cops showed up.

Kansas/Missouri was the spark that lit the fuse for the Civil War. There is a park that was a battlefield that is a couple kilometers from my house.

And my favorite place in the city is the spot where Lewis and Clark camped overlooking the Missouri river during their expedition. It is this magnificent bluff overlooking the river, where you can see for miles.

Two trips I've always wanted to do are Route 66 and the Mississippi/Missouri river all the way from Minnisota to Louisiana. I been on a small section of Route 66 between Kingman and Flagstaff.

Nighters, all. 'Cept Mot -- a cheerful Sunday morning to you!

Hi CH, didn't know you were lurking in the background. Ciao to you. I have to go down to our equivalent of Home Depot to get some lumber, so I'll be signing off till later.

Niters. Gotta get some shuteye.

siouxie, i'd be mad at you for not inviting me AGAIN except i went out with some friends and saw 'little river band' and some really good fireworks. ;) not quite coyote ugly but it was still fun.

I hope that Just Ducky wasn't feeling mallard-justed by this topic. But your comments are a quack-up.

Was the fridge a Westinghouse? The duck may have just been westing.

QUACK! Get your lazy assets out of bed! I have a cauldron of coffee on, cinnamon rolls set out on the BlogBar, and we have a roof to re-do! Up! Up! Up!

[except for Sio, 'cause if she actually danced on the Coyote Ugly Bar, she deserves to sleep in]

Wakey wakey. [is this thing on?]

P.S. @ 9:50ish, Art Buchwald will be featured as the Power Player on the Sunday morning Fox News thingie.

shhhhhhhhhhhh, cj. everyones sleeping in. i'll just take those cinnamon rolls off your hand so they won't go to waste. can you wait on the roofing till all the men folk get up, i'm not real fond of roofs. or manual labor.

i'm betting the hunter will never bring undressed game into the house again. and yes i know, undressed game will spur a lot of inappropriate comments.

Good Morning, CJ, and whoever else stumbles in. The cinnamon rolls were delish: did you bake them yourself?

Let me get my village people construction outfit on, and I will be right over to help you with the roof.

ooooooooooh. construction outfits. that changes everything.... cj will you wearing roofer boots? torn jeans? a toooooooool belt? i'll be right over to watch, errr, help.

Yay CG! Now you're getting into the spirit. I'm okay with manual labor, until I break a finger nail.

Then, you'll find me undressed, cooling it in the Westinghouse next to the beer.

R.I.P., Arty.

I will be wearing cargo pants [lots o' pockets!] and a t-shirt. I may remove my t-shirt and expose my ribs manly chest, once it gets too hot. Must shower [why? I don't know] and go over to my boss/ neighbor/ landlord's house and pick up more ladders and his hungover @ss. If all goes well, I'll see you this afternoon in time for football. If not, in lieu of flowers, please send $5,000 to my cousin in Nigeria!

*sigh* will the boss/neighbor/landlord be wearing roofer boots!?!

i'll be working on my taxes. if you fall off the roof i'll send my refund to nigeria. should work out to be about a $1.85. hope it helps.

Hey where'd that Gaiaonline guy go? I miss him.

"cheapest gold from htt p://ww w.everquest2-gold.u s

cheapest gold from htt p://ww w.gaiaonline.i n"

That just cracks me up.

boy, just when I wake up, everybody (eats ducks and) leaves.
I was up around six, but noone else was up yet. Then fell asleep comfortable. I, too, have a chronic pain condition, and believe me when good sleep happen you take it. Four whole hours!

anyway, are we going to roast this duck? I think we should let him go, you know, double jeopardy and all..we can keep the puns

also I heard foie gras mentioned, which means we must have a goose aroud here somewhere.
I know there would be a duck, duck, goose joke in here if I were more clever...

CJ, be careful with the nail gun...I hear roofing causes nail guns to nail nads to the roof. Meanwhile, I'll be enjoying your coffee and buns. har!

Hi all, early Sunday evening here, how's the weather over there. I see I'm too late for the cinnamon rolls, you lot scoffed them all. If I put my tool belt on can I join the construction crew?

casey - where did Babylon-n-on-n-on go?

Mot I'm sure they'd love your help. I'll be one the ground, pulling out bushes...

Mot - Here in KC, we have a sheet of ice topped off with several inches of wet snow. Guess I should have run those errands yesterday. Doh!

Casey - as long as we are bringing up the nail gun, I am sending you an email. Warning! Do not look if you are squeamish, nauseated, or hungover. OUCH!

Was the fridge a Westinghouse? The duck may have just been westing.

Posted by: slyeyes | 08:11 AM on January 21, 2007


Just westing. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

I don't know why but that just quacks me up!

Good one Sly.

Got it med...BBQ is right!

Here in NC I have cold with rain. I think it's supposed to turn into some kind of slushy goodness later today. I don't mind cold and I don't mind rain, but I despise the two together. I'd rather be on a roof in sunny FL right now!

Oh, and Med, while on the subject of electric fences, I got one for ya. When I was about 9 years old my dad was working in a sawmill that had this HUGE sawdust mountian my brother and I used to play in. Once, I got my pants full of sawdust so on the other side of the mountain where no one could see me, I pulled down my pants to shake out the dust and backed my bare bottom right into an electric fence. I came screaming around the side of the mountaint with my pants to my knees crying. I'm sure I was quite a sight. Hot Cross Buns!!!

"mountaint" no subliminal reference intended.

*grabs that extra t*

we had that article a week or so ago about the boat fluked by a whale. My local paper is printing a similar story about a local boat sunk by a sea turtle. It's fascinating, but it's being published in parts. My local paper does this sometimes, I think to sell papers. But if you're interested, here's part one.

End OT

Med, been meaning to ask you, I may be mistaken but I'm sure I caught a reference to 6 nations rugby from one of your postings a few days ago. Is this correct?

Stop talking about cinnamon rolls, I can't eat wheat, can we have something else with our coffee? Life isn't fair.

*Yawn/stretch* Mornin, folks. Looong night, tripping over all the orientees on my unit. One more question that they ask me and disrupt (derail?) my precarious train of thought when they're supposed to ask their preceptor and I will commit some SERIOUS violence. *takes deep breath* (it was fun with blood pressure night - 194/124 isn't the highest I've ever seen, but it certainly didn't make me happy. For those interested, the highest I have ever seen was 234/139)

casey - my evil knows no bounds when it comes to electric fences. I somehow convinced one of my brothers to pee on it when we were around 8 or 9 years old. I don't care what the mythbusters say, you get zapped. Good thing I ran faster than he did. (And that we outgrew our codial hatred/sibling rivalry thing only a few years later.)

that would be "cordial hatred"

in my defense, I have been awake entirely too long

Nurse Tammy, what is the weather like where you are? Sounds like you had a really tuff nite. If you were here (cold & rainy) I'd tuck you under a nice down comforter, hand you a steaming cuppa cammomile (sp) tea; give you a big hug for caring for the sick & stupid and wish you sweet dreams.

Course, I would have to run out to buy that down comforter and some tea first.

See how I brought the subject full circle? We were talking bout ducks and I'm talkin bout down. I'm sorta clever that way.

I have a running gag with my sisters that the weather here is always "sunny, side of palm trees". And that's true. Sunny and cool today, 40s-50s, windy though.

It wasn't really such a bad night, but I'm peeved at the trial management is making of a new orientation program for orienting 7 nurses at once with only one preceptor/mentor/trainer. Since she can't be seven places at once, when she's busy, her flock seeks assistance from anyone nearby with a badge and a pulse. My patients last night were all great people who deserve to get better fast so I can kick them out the door and tell them (with a huge smile) not to come back soon.

Thanks for the warm fuzzy thoughts. It really helps when you're dog tired and have to go back again too soon. I'll dig out some of my own chamomile collection and smile. (I have become a temperature wuss - who'd have thought 130 degree summers would do that to you? 43 is friggin chilly!)

*quack/snork* @ casey

'Morning, all! I slept late today--had such nightmares last night, and woke up feeling so cold...

Mot - You are correct. I know a little bit about Rugby. I have a friend in SA who was in KC to play rugby for 2 years and just left in time to miss the weather.

Nicest, sweetest, most respectful teddy bear of a man I have ever met. Until he is on the pitch.:-0

Ducky - you quack me up.

Thanks, Med! Ditto!

Mmmm... chamomile with honey and lemon... *heaven*

I'll be gracious and let you keep the down comforter you haven't bought yet. (hubby's allergic, and I don't have THAT much insurance out on him)


I dub the Song of the Day : "We're not gonna take it"

Ahhh, Twisted Sister in the morning....

Med, I know quite a few guys like that, we have the Super 14 club competition coming up in Feb. 5 teams from SA, 5 teams from New Zealand and 4 teams from Australia. Then we have the tri-Nations. SA, NZ & Aus., national teams. This year we have the Rugby World Cup, and believe it or not Canada and the US enter teams as well.

I once got to play touch football with a group of professional rugby players. One of the highlights of my life. I did a lot of touching, IYKWIM. Possession of a football was not a requirement.

My sister-in-law played rugby in college. I am very glad that she has never been really angry with me.

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