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January 29, 2007


(Thanks to pogo)


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I'm gonna start wearing a hard hat.

I'm telling you, it's so cold here the duck wants back in the fridge!

This would be a typical day in Maine in the winter.

I blame Canada.

Oh for goodness sake - now we have to worry about ICE falling from the sky? I can just see this guy trying to explain this to his insurance company.

Why is the sewage water from planes called "blue ice"? What, do only smurfs $h!t on planes??

it couldn't have come from a plane, no way THAT is going to fit in a clear, 1 qt ziplock baggie

t.v. movie about this...
"Shakes Off A Plane!"

Or "$h!ts Off A Plane"!

Is ice one of the biblical plagues?

I think it was supposed to be....but it was so hot near the dead sea that it melted and came down as rain. And flooded the earth for 40 days.

I think the true tragedy here is that it was a Ford Mustang that got totaled.

The questions remains, of course, if "Meteorological Event" would be a good name for a rock band (answer: probably not).

The ice was heard to scream "deplane! deplane!" as it leapt to it's death.

I am a licensed claims adjuster (really!) and I hereby DENY this claim! This is clearly an Act Of God, for which we deny ALL responsibility! Nevermind that I'm not actually an auto adjuster. I deny it anyway, on behalf of all insurers, everywhere.

When ice is outlawed, only planes will have ice. Or something like that....


"whassup guys."

"Javage dude, why the whiny girl routine, what's wrong?"

"Stacy broke up with me, my dog gave me crotch lice and I have a hangnail. A HANGNAIL. I think God hates me."

"Dude, God doesn't hate you, you're just having a bad..."


*car alarm goes off*

*18 second pause as they observe the 50 pound block of ice buried in his mustang*

"Ok fine. God hates you."

*snorks* @ Fed and casey!

Rodriguez says he has no idea where the ice came from, but he definitely heard it fall.

What, was is singing the national anthem of Singapore as it fell?

Ohhhhh, you mean he heard it HIT.

*snork* @ bismuth. Actually, poor reporting. On the radio this morning he described it as having come down, whistling. May have been Singapore, definitely not Spanich [yes, I intentionally misspelled that].

I've been snorked in the same sentence as Fed.

Scuse me while I change my undies. Ooops, I forgot! I'm not wearing undies! Well, in that case, scuse my while I lie back and smoke....

I always thought the only ice in Florida was in the drinks.

Man, do you know what this means?? You can now rent a crane, freeze a big block of ice, drop it one someone's car that you hate, and then blame some "weird meteorlogical event". I sure got away...I mean, this story is so weird!

"But it happened on Hilldrop Court in Town 'n Country"

Sounds a lot like an apartment complex, did anyone check to see if the neighbors upstairs recently defrosted the fridge?,......just asking

Gadfly, you're onto something! The guy in 202-G tossed it, then he whistled until the ice crushed the car with the loud radio!

no, no, no... you are all wrong. don't you remember FEMA having surplus ice they needed to unload quick. coincidence? i think not.

That even made the local news here in New York. It had to be from a plane, right?

Somewhere out there is a very large warm drink....

Meanie, maybe God was having a mojito and spilled his drink??

It's an attack by an "Icy B.M.!" Thank you, sci-fi author Spider Robinson, for giving me that indelible image. Now where's my brain bleach?!

It's clear what's happening here. Frosty's pissed and he knows how to fly.

The sky is falling!
The sky is falling!

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