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January 24, 2007


(Thanks to Geoff)


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The dread penisaurus returns!

I think it is a shark from the future.

5 feet long! I thought John Holmes was dead.


"As rare as this shark was, they should of left the shark in its natural habitat and kept observing it with the equipment they found this shark with."

Silly bloggers, I didn't read anything about this sharks "equipment"

lmao, Hammie! looked liked that to me too!


"Do you want that fried or broiled?"

*knock knock*


But can you make shark-fin soup from it?

That Romanian doctor is going to open the first Benihana in his country.

More here:
• The curious incident of the fox in the shoe shop

Can I get a fox in my shoe shop, please? And then can we have a curious incident together?

seeing that thing face to face would make me scream like a little girl and run away.

fins up!

Jeebus Cripes, that thing really IS scary. Fascinating...Mother Nature can still chill us to the bone.
RE the quoted comment, somebody didn't read the friggin' article. The 'equipment' the shark was spotted with, was the fisherman's naked eye, dumb@ss!

what was the shark doing with the fisherman's eye?

CG, why do I suspect that there is a grass skirt in your closet?

The picture is what my comment was referring to.

Perhaps my tiara is gouging into my brain. No, it is not a virtual tiara. Swarovsky crystal and pearls help me write when I am blocked.

*wonders what dave wears does when he has writers block*

DPC - Yes, you can make shark-fin soup, but when mixed with beer and chili, it can cause flatulence.


That is all, carry on please.

Near Hendersonville, N.C., there is an entire forest full of albino squirrels. There are even postcards of them. England has been invaded!!

Phil, are you serious? I was raised within 20 minutes of Hendersonville and I've never heard of em!

Quick goooooooogle....you are correct Phil. Not only white squirrels, but a white squirrel festival in May. With squirrel derby races, etc., etc. Obviously, Hendersonvillites are not readers of the blog. Having been to Hendersonville aplenty, I'm betting most of them aren't readers of anything.

It's findings like this that make me believe the Loch Ness monster DID exist at one point, but I suspect he or she died a long time ago....

This sucker looks like an underwater version of "Alien."

Yikes doesn't even begin to cover that monstrosity! Imma gonna have nightmares tonight.

I don't read frill shark lips, but I think she's saying, "Help me!"

*wonders what dave wears does when he has writers block*

Most likely nothing at all nothing at all...

I wonder if it knows the "Dork Fish" It loves corn dogs. They think the cholesterol poisoning was what caused its extinction.

Many thanks to Bill Engval.

If you're interested, there's video of the shark here:


Kat's link


My mother is in Carolina Village. I see an albino squirrel just about every time I visit her.

Yeah, but did anybody jump it?

*snork* at blurk!

waiting for cj to weigh in with his professional opinion.

You have to see the video to appreciate how nasty this thing is. I saw it on the news last night and thought they were still showing footage of Cheney.

Geeez...EVOLVE already!!!!!!

As usual, blurk is lurking in the gutter.

Thanks for the link cat/ Ducky. This poor critter was in very bad shape. It's very difficult to bring critters up from that deep and keep them alive. They can be caught in a steel canister that is kept pressurized and then released into pressurized tanks. But, if you screw up, they kinda explode. All of their cells are used to terrific pressure and they tend to burst open when the pressure is relieved. *retires to Blog geek couch*

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. never mind.

That looks like Gypsy on MST3K.

CJ - that's exactly why I thought it was Cheney.

I thought the albino squirrel was scarier!

This reminds me of reading about a coelecanth that was caught alive off the coast of Africa; the species had been thought to be extinct for zillions of years.

jd - I was thinking the same thing - coelecanth. Really.

Annie, I remember looking at the picture of that thing and thinking it was already fossilized.

*exchanges 2nd "e" for "a" in name of fish, just to be accurate*

I saw the video on the news - it was absolutely creepy.

*wonders what else lurks in the depths of the ocean*

*cue theme from Jaws*

Coelocanths are being found in Indonesia as well, thought to be a remnant from when those continents were joined.

I was lucky enough to work on the cruddiest ship in the Japanese fleet that was assigned mostly empty, deep water. They didn't make much money, but they kept me entertained with weird critters to look at.

Dance to the music...

...and to think they SHRINK in the water.

"The Awashima Marine Park in Shizuoka, south of Tokyo, was alerted by a fisherman at a nearby port on Sunday that he had spotted an odd-looking eel-like creature with a mouthful of needle-sharp teeth."

Well they found a frilly shark
In Japan's big marine park
She's got needle-sharp white teeth
And she's normally a deep-
Water swimmer

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Shizuoka
I'm talkin' about
And she's swimmin' in brine.

You have to see the video to appreciate how nasty this thing is. I saw it on the news last night and thought they were still showing footage of Cheney.

Major SNORKAGE @ Annie. Excellent!!!!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in Shizuoka.

*snork* @ stevie's pisco-disco!

There once was a shark from Shizuoka
Who's overbite threatened to poke ya.
Some called it 'frilly'
Or '5-foot long Willy'
All I know is it's one ugly foka.

Many hearty *SNORKS* to stevie and Annie!

Ty, sxi Room for one more? (Apologies to the Rascals)

So bad
I asked my ichthyologist what I had
I said a doctor, doctor
Mister cj
Can you tell me
What swims this way?

And he said a
Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah
Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah
Hey big shot
Here's what you got--

(A gimme that blood, bloodsucker)
(All I need's a bloodsucker)
Blood, bloodsucker, baby

Good...lovin' it, stevie!

stevie - niiiice one. Spencer Davis would like it.

Ty, both. And gotcha, both.

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