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January 22, 2007


(Thanks to Ted Habte-Gabr)


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my first FIRST in forever!

I guess this was the disturbance in the force that I felt over the weekend?

uh...probably not.

Because, like, ya know, partying in the recovery room after surgery is totally no fun.

Dissed by Britney. If that's not hitting bottom, I don't know what is.

*zips in*

*waves to Ted*

How's the mullet, Ted? Any new pics? ;)

But what we REALLY need to know is: Is BritTwit pregnant with Paris' baby? Because that would really make my head explode.

Uh oh.

WARNING, KDF!!! More baby rumors!

Morning, all. Is it just me, or is it WAY too early in the week to be assaulted with all of this Britney? Meh. Time for more coffee.

SQ - Thank Goodness Himself that that is impossible, because there could not be a child born ever that was as stupid and useless as the offspring that these 2 would produce.

I hear she's pregnant with a seahorses.

Is this because of Paris's eyelid thing?
I can't believe that Britney is that shallow!
Oh, wait... .

"Years from now, we will all remember where we were when we got the news"

I felt certain that this was an announcement that Ted was getting a haircut!

I'm confused

And let me state that I will never party with either of them. I'm allergic to penicillin.

I don't know about Y'all, but I tend to forget the brattney stuff seconds after I read it.

fyi the mullet pics are linked on the "Stuff" page on davebarry.com. in case you are interested. there's a leeetle tiny picture of ted at the bottom of the page. click it.

judi-Those are hilarious! I always wondered what Dave would look like dressed as a woman. (Not really, but it was funny anyway!)

(If I had to vote, I think the Peter Pan mullet might be my fav.)

at least when they partied together, one story would take care of both their whoreabouts...

mm, I think it's just that she wanted to make sure that Paris didn't forget. Expect to hear the same story in another few weeks.

Okie, don't be so sure, mathematically - x - = +. I'll repeat a previous posting, an invention I really would like to see would be an over-exposed celebrity eraser.

I'm looking foward to Parisluts retort.

C'bol, Stevie w, Meanie, DPC, go ahead. You know you want to.

Snork @ insom, Whoreabouts! I love that word.

I forgot how completely hillarious the photoshop contest was. One of the greatest moments in BlogDome. Don't we need to do that again? I'm sure Ted won't mind.

Dave, did you really do water ballet?

(Ref. Stuff Page, Sadam picture link--about third slide in)

*Waves to Ted*

It was fun, casey. I don't know how to photoshop so I didn't participate in that phase of the contest. I did write a poem though for the poetry contest. I wonder where all those folks are now? Did some of them just change their Blog ID's?

Perky-eyelidded slut!

Jessica, click on slyeyes name, she has a wonderful blog and to the right are links to a lot of them. From those links you can follow links to others. A little looking and you can find almost all them.

I don't photoshop either, I am simply not that clever, but I swear, I cry every time I look at those pics.

Jess, KDF also has a wonderful blog with lots of links to some of the others.

Thanks, casey, I will have to check that out sometime. Of course, tonight I have to take the kids to 4H then it will be "24" time.

mm's confused link

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