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January 04, 2007


Who needs it?

(Thanks to Barbara Hayes)


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But I'm afraid to press play...

Can you hear me now?

dang! this server doesnt let me open that.

oh well...I guess I can\\\\\\\'t goof off now.

I can't open it either, but I really like the title of this thread.

I am usually unclear on the concept, but this one is kind of fun.
*skips away happily*
Thanks, judi!

You can also go to www.linerider.ca and download the new Zada version, which allows you to erase and add speed sections.

My man kkeeps dying. It looks painful.

Yeah, they should call this one "Suicide sled"

You CAN survive-the trick is to layout a flat and slightly ascending section at the end. If you make a bump too big, just go back and add lines that make it doable!

GREAT FUN! (and not the least bit productive!)

I made a loop-de-loop at the end of mine, but I can't get my guy to complete all of it!

Judi-Waaaay Cool!!!!

It takes perfect technique to keep him moving. I had to draw a wall to keep him from falling off the line. Splat!

He can also perform interesting acrobatic moves. I couldn't get him to do a loop-ta-loop, though.

I recommend that everyone try building a jump. Failure has never been so fun. It's also kind of fun when he doesn't go careering down the slope on his face too, but not as much.

Call 911. My little sled man has had a tragic accident, but I've had a blast.

Try this one out. You can erase mistakes and other crap.


Some great Youtube linerider movies here!

Oh and if you hold down the v button while clicking on the mouse, you can get straight lines.

I have an idea! I'm going to draw a bunch of Sio[tm thingy] slashees:


Then go get a BEER! BlogBar'sOpen!

That was really funny. Why do I get such pleasure from making him crash?

tm thingy:

™ -> ™
® -> ®

Nice link jon, here's another... insane!

The newest version (and also the official one) is available here.

Thanks for those links, y'all! Very cool! Those people are both impressive and have way, way, too much time on their hands. At least they are not out roaming the streets!

I think I have become a mass murderer. This is definitely NOT my game.

Beppie, they're not out roaming the streets; they're hacking into bank computers and stealing money and identities.

Those youtube ones are amazing.

I returned to work today after a two week Xmas vacation. I forgot my password. They had to reset it. Once I actually got in the system I screwed up a journal entry and had to reverse the whole thing. That's when I decided that, even though there was 2 weeks worth of work piled up on my desk, my time would be better spent reading Dave Barry's Blog.

The squirrels worry me, I tried to start a riot on the correct way to hang toilet paper, and I don't understand what's wrong with New Jersey...it looks pretty in pictures.

Private message to OtheU - I am a born and raised Canadian. Love my Canada but I still like that currency joke!! :)

OK Zoodle ... I wuz merely trineta help a bit, by stickin' up for my neighbors (and kinfolk) to the north ... y'all know whut I mean ... eh?

... and yeah, I like the currency jokes, too ...

HOWever, I'm even old enuf to remember when the CD wuz worth about $1.04 USD ... I wuz in Chicago, and tried to spend a Canadian quarter ... the clerk took it to her supervisor and asked if it wuz NE good ...

I should've told her I wanted my penny in change ...


And ... As to why NJ "looks pretty in pictures" ...

One word: Photoshop™

LOL @ Photoshop!

I didn't know our dollar was ever worth more than yours! Cool!!

It's fiction, but one has to wonder if it's far from the truth:


That actually explains a lot Noob!

Noob\'s link

*passes tinfoil hats to Noob & Zoodle* ;-)

Yeah. I couldn't help but think of the blog when I read it. I'll never look at squirrels, sea gulls or french fries the same again. 0_o

Why does one need silly games, when the blog consumes most of my extra time.

Yeah, Zood ... that wuz back in the mid-50s, approximately ... I dunno about other times, but most of the years I spent growin' up, the exchange rate wuz about 5-10¢ ... y'all know where it's been for the last several years ... the recent downturn in the USD has brought back the buyin' power of the Loonie and the Twonie ...

There is hope, after all ...

OT alert:

Now, at this moment, I want to say I was amused by 30-Rock. What a funny, smart show.

That is all.

Boogers in 3, 2, 1...

end OT

draw a bunch of very short mostly horizontal line segments for the sled guy to fall through. The very fabric of reality itself collapses.

As I live within 200 miles of our neighbors to the north, and have several clients up there, I've spent a good part of my life north of the border. I have no recollection whatsoever of any x-change rate less than 1.4-1.6 USD to CD.

Loonies are fun to look at but won't buy you much.

(Having said that, their beer's alcohol content is WAY better than ours).

PS - 10 bucks USD for a pack of "we have free healthcare" cigarettes.

/end international incident

OT, chapter 2 - Valentine's Day candy is now available...in bulk...dammit. Ooooh, my tummy! When it's in the shape of a sugar-rock, love hurts.

... um ... Layz' ... no disrespect intended ... but ... I'm older than y'all ... I can recall farther back in time ... trust me on this one ... in a stretch of time in approximately 1956, the CD was worth $1.04 USD ... and fer a long time after that brief (less than a year?) era, the rate wuz basically around that ratio of 90-95¢ I cited ... as Casey Stengel used to say, "You could look it up ..."

HOWever, in the last 10-15-20 years (a mere eyeblink, to somebuddy as ancient as moi ownself ...) the exchange value of the CD hovered in the 67-78¢ vicinity, and only in the last 2-4 years has it improved to it's present level of 85¢ USD ...

HOWever again, already, a co-worker of mine makes some decent pocket change every season when he gets out here to CA and finds coin (and currency) dealers willing to part with their CD at a seriously discounted rate from the true exchange value ... he then takes it home (usually a bundle of paper, plus 50-100 pounds of coin, total face value in four figures) to Nodak ... and makes 20-30 percent (or more) on his buy, in as little as six weeks ...

ISIANMTU!!! (Any of it ...)

oh yeah, Layz' ... a bottle of booze/case of beer that would cost ... um ... $15-20? here in the States is twice that (or more) in Canada ...

And ... they've got some really ODD rules/laws/customs up there, that are associated with their drinkin' times ...

For example, when in Manitoba (only province in which I ever had more than one or two snorts) and you enter a drinkin' establishment (of which they have about NINE different classifications) ... y'all are well-advised to remove your hat ...

and of course, this doesn't include their various types of off-sale emporiums ... merely sayin' ...

hmmmmmmmm, someone forgot to put fresh batteries in the blog and it's shut down. guess i'll volunteer to jump start it with caffeine. sets out coffee and those yummy danish with the raspberries and cream cheese stuff.

MMMMMM, danish...

Man, I'm glad I get here in the office before anyone else, lol. Watching the guy jump and land upside down is pretty funny.

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