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January 26, 2007



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Make that...WOOF! *hic*

another FIRST!!

Can't, my dog's not 21 in dog years yet. *sigh* She'll just have to stay at home, then.

Hat trick! and the bot caught me!

Well, it's only a reasonable response to the Dog Beer innovation.

my self-simul-hat-trick involved me beating the bot all three times! So there. Hmph.

My God, some people are carrying dogs in their purses. Why can't we have them in the bars?''

Did he ever pause and think there was a connection? If Paris Hilton has to allowed into the bar, at least her purse won't be.

Tammy, we were all still asleep, geezzzz!!

*looks at dog*
*looks at purse*
*ain't happening*
My dog would object, and who wants a 40 lb purse, anyway?

Siouxie, no excuse! The coffee and pancakes should've woken you up.

"Can I buy you a drink?"

"Hey buddy, that's my dog."

"You shouldn't let him talk about you like that."

"I think I'll go try to pick up that redhead at the end of the bar."

"Good luck. I'm shooting for that short hairy chick over there. The way she's licking herself I figure I'm bound to score."

This could give a new meaning to waking up the morning after in bed with a real dog.

This is an reason for barring dogs "don't use the toilet and they shed and they sometimes drool"?
Who hasn't seen this person at the end of the bar near closing time?
Adding a dog that just might be able to drag that guy home is not such a bad idea...

*snork* C'bol

"Ya wanna meet me later?"
"Girl" 1: "Woohoo!"
"Girl" 2: "Boohoo!"
"Girl" 3: "Ralf!"

LOL C-bol

and Mot must still be having trouble posting...
we're thinkin' about ya...

"Can you ask your dog to quit humping my leg?"

"That's not my dog. That's my girlfriend."

"Oh. Sorry. Nevermind then, I guess."

Not a problem for dogs over here, and I think that's cool. And they're allowed on buses and the metro as long as they aren't very, very pregnant. They're supposed to be smallish dogs for the bus, and in a carrier, but often no one complains. A bus driver once asked a woman to put her small dog in a carrier, and she just scooped him into her handbag in about 2 seconds.

AmerinParis; the bus driver fit in her handbag?

Dang, both my dogs are teetotalers, guess we won't be off to the bar!

Good evening everyone. No bars here and in an Islamic country the dogs would certainly be a no no. Unless you live in Papua where we eat them.

From the article:

``Animals don't use the toilet and they shed and they sometimes drool, and those are potential issues with food,'' said Joe Graham, public health adviser for the Washington state Department of Health.

How is this different than the average 3 year old boy?

My (6-year-old) boy doesn't shed.
He does, however, blow snot bubbles.

FAW, "where we eat them"


Say it ain't so!

Casey would I be blocked out forever by Blogbot if I said yes? It was one time in a village at a wedding. Way too spicy - couldn't feel my tongue for a day.

Twice as bad the next day when the chili made it's exit like a crazed squirrel.

Saw a few dogs in the pubs in Cornwall when I was last there. Not sayin' that everything the English do is a good idea tho...

*snorks* of course, at C'bol, and at laura v way up there.

*waves to sly*

Dogs are allowed in restaurants and bars, here, in Panajachel, Guatemala. It's a small town and the dogs all know each other, so there's no fighting.

I would be worried, in a large city, that there could be danger in having two dogs that are too protective in the same room.

FAW: I am speechless. And a little grossed out at both of your posts!

Say, buddy, the bitch at the end of the bar wants to buy you a drink.

Casey, then I feel like my work here is done. Gettig late here night all.

I'll have a greyhound.

*pulls up stool next to Stevie w*

Barkeep, I'll have a salty dog!

Something with a bite.

ooh, ooh, how 'bout a Dead Dog Vomit? Round for the house! *pounding bar* Barkeep, hey you!

Dead Dog Vomit (shot)
1 oz 151
layered with 1 oz Tequila and 1 oz Jagermiester

Bottom's up!

*joins the drinkin' byotches*

I need a break from these numbers!!!

*chugs the vomit*


1st sodden thought: "Washington State's bars are going to the dogs."

2nd sodden thought: "No, that's not right; the Washington State Bar is going to the dogs!"

Hmmmmm... So you could really get "hair of the dog"... but better make sure to hold the fleas! A dash of Frontline along with the Angostura bitters should do the trick...


Aloha, FAW... Not grossed out. I used to work as an ethnology translator. One of the Micronesian monographs I worked on gave detailed directions on how to prepare and carve dog baked in the ground oven (imu, in Hawaiian). Special-occasion dish for chiefs. Brings to mind Hawaiian comedian Frank Delima's joke about (rotisserie) "huli huli black dog" as a local fundraising favorite...

Dog is eaten in many parts of the Pacific. While it grosses out Americans, who think of Fido as man's best friend, I can understand it. Small dogs are a lot easier and safer to deal with than wild pigs, for instance...

Apropos of canine status in Indonesia: I visited Bali and Java in 1989. Don't recall seeing dogs in Yogyakarta... but there were sick, mangy strays roaming around in Bali. The ASPCA would have had a field day. It was an eye-opener...

/End of Serious Stuff

My neighborhood bar used to let me bring my dog. The bartender said he was better behaved than most of the customers.

ooh, Lizzie, you reminded me of a really cool story that I had forgotten all about! Once upon a time an old irish setter showed up at my house. Sweet as he could be, but very shy. After about 24 hours, I got him to come to me. I got the info off of his dog tag, called the vet and they traced the dog to a woman who owned a bar in a town about 60 miles away. The dog had been missing for 6 months. He would hang around the bar and she thinks a tourist absconded with him. His name was Fleetwood. She came driving up our driveway which was a good quarter mile off the main road. Fleetwood saw her little car coming and ran to meet her. She didnt even make it up the drive because he was trying to jump into the car and she had to stop, afraid she would hurt him. When we finally got to meet mom, we were all crying. I've never seen anything so joyous in my life.

Even BAD dogs these days behave better than most children I see in restaurants. And health issues? They trying to tell me little Junior's crawling all over the floor, jamming his fingers in his nose, picking the bottom of the seat and putting his hands down his pants is better?

And my dog drools less than any 1 year-old I've ever seen -- which is to say, not at all.

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