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January 22, 2007




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Nike is coming out with a follow up to their popular Nike #1 Black: Nike #2 Brown.

Owner Mike Majewski said the weekly Saturday tournament was born of the boredom of winter.

I'm going to take a guess and say that alcohol was also involved.

How many flushes does it take the low-flo to clear a regulation golf ball?

The only course I know where hitting the water doesn't result in a dropped shot, or maybe it does, oh sh1t! now I'm getting confused.

my brother used to live in a storefront in frisco about 25 years ago. the flat was formerly a restaurant, so it had this enormous kitchen with a ceiling at about 20' or so. we played golf in the kitchen, using pots and pans as the targets, and using potted plants as hazards, etc. there was alcohol involved. believe it or not, he is still married to the same woman. good times. snork at the brown jacket.

Chip shot. In the rough. Hole-in-one. They all sound different now.

...and what about "taking a Mulligan"?

I think it's telling that they're doing this in the ladies room... nobody seems to be able to get a shot anywhere NEAR a toilet in the mens room where I work...

"asking for relief" seems fitting...

do you use a urinal penny to mark your ball?

Why would they want to 'mimic the courses of Ireland' when golf originated in Scotland??

Can I take a drop??

I own a toilet that advertises that you can flush a bucket of golf balls down it without clogging. Not that I ever intend to test the claim.

Well, maybe if alcohol is involved.

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