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January 29, 2007


When guys see something that needs to be done, they do it.

(Thanks to Mary Klaebel)


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No wonder they never hear anything I say!

Hey - I don't care how he gets my moo goo here.

Even when I say it, um...FIRST! Yeah! I'm on a roll this week! My best week ever!

I'm just glad Wang didn't try to pull it with his,......well,......

Just don't pull his finger!

he pulled the 1.2 tonne car with a driver sitting inside.
Driver: Hold my beer and watch this...
*slams on brake*

gee, in karate we are always told that you can grab the ears, but it's best not to for certain moves, because they pull off...

Gadfly, he probably did.

Wang said he had been working on the stunt since childhood when he had been "very naughty and eager to try new things".

After you pull a car, do your ears hang low? Do they wobble to and fro? *WHAP*

*snork* @ fivver.


"Hey, um...Wang?"


"Do you wanna tell him, or should I?"

"Hommina hommina grrrraaaagghhhhark!!!"

"That's not even an appropriate noise...I'll tell him."

"Buuaaa whappawhappa kachinggaaa!!!!"

"...Wang! You need to release the parking break!"


Wang was the chinamans name
Pulling cars with his ears gave him fame
After several failed tries
came SUCESSS !! (with some cries)
but his undies were never the same

"Do your ears hang low,
do they wabble to and fro,
can you.....oh, you can, sorry..."

"Although by foot it's more safe, I prefer to pull the car using a motorbike, which requires more skill," he said.

Oh-kay. Because skill is what is required in pulling large items with one's ears.

And since this is from Ananova, we KNOW it's true.

"Next on the Tonight Show, we have Mr. Ears, who is going to pull a ship with his..."
"Oh, my mistake. We have Mr. Ship, who is going to use his ears to pull his..."
"Oh, OK. I have it now. Mr. Wang is here to pull a ship with his ears. Sorry, folks."

A Chinese man who had some brass
Used his ears to move a car's mass
Down the street pulled his load
The driver smiled as he rode
What some folks won’t do to save gas!

JD! *snork!*

Woot! I got posted. Yay!

And hasn't the guy ever heard of a tow truck?

And I thought my wife liked unusual earrings.

You guys can laugh, but there really are guys who pull cars with their...well...youknow.

Check it out: http://ezine.kungfumagazine.com/magazine/article.php?article=315

I think I will laugh, *Snork!!

Sorry I missed out on the Darren bashing, d@amn work....

Why, DavetheRed, who told you it was too late? That is. a flat. out. lie.

*snorks* around, but what's the big deal? I've had my ears pulled lot's of times. Screaming was involved.....what?

oooooh, cover your eyes, children....DavetheRed typed the "w" word.

I suspect Darren will get a bit more than his 15 minutes

"When you wake up in the morning do not urinate. Exercise to sweat it out."???? Um, once it's in your bladder I don't think you're gonna sweat it out. Just sayin'.

Jazzzz, the Mrs. is a lucky woman.

I always thought ears were handles.

honey, what happened to the ping pong balls?, they just don't bounce like they used to

I don't know dear, who cut my coconuts in half?

*snork* @ Gadfly!

Yeah casey....I want to be reincarnated as a whale....7 foot tongue and able to breath through a hole in the top of my head.

YAY Noob!

I pulled a car with a toe once.

Bet he could fit a bunch of earrings on those ears!

*snork* at jazzzz and if it happens, look me up

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