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January 23, 2007


The action.


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I love Cricket as well, that is the name my wife gave one of our cats. She is very needy.

I hate it when I get caught with my pants down.

The secret to not having that happen Med is to never wear pants.

How amusing... we were just discussing optional pants on the last thread, Meditrina!

The first person to post that Cricket is Baseball on valium will be savagely beaten

Mot, what if I told you my boss said that? Would you beat her for me?

Cricket is a smallish insect that 'chirps' at night in the warmer months.

Mot, beat my boss too!

Mot - I offered up the first sacrifical beating candidate. Me first, me first!!!!

And when you're Irish, pants are not optional unless everyone is wearing their Ray Bans.

You guys have serious issues with your bosses. Lets establish a mutual boss bashing organization

Pants are ALWAYS optional.

Mot - Mine is not my boss, but my teenage son, who has been terrorizing me.

Well, now that I reconsider, he is sorta my boss, but don't tell him that.

DPC - Haven't you seen Braveheart? The Scots defeated them on the battlefield by blinding them with full moons.

The English couldn't fight, because they were blinded by the light.

Thanks for the earworm Med. I actually like that song, except for the "douch" part.

Full Moon with pants optional.

Could you play cricket in a kilt, or would that be a Bad Idea™?

OK, then, baseball is cricket on steroids.

What? Oh, yeah.....

I still don't get cricket....you pee on your bat and if you can't tuck it in fast enough the other team wins??? Is that it?

Don't get it, don't wanna get it and if it chirps I'd kill it.

No need to beat up my boss...my sister takes care of that.

Couldn't play cricket in a kilt, nothing to hold the box. In Cricket you can go out for a duck, the game can last 5 days and still not produce a result, and at times can make baseball look boring and contrived. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

so then the only thing slower than cricket is golf??

or shuffleboard, mm

It's not on valium, Mot, but Qualuuds. :-P

(Safely on the other side of the pond.)

And YAY! I can post again!


Well done CH, we all knew you'd beat that suckker eventually.

How embarrassing!

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