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January 26, 2007


The governor of Idaho is named Butch Otter.


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"Butch Beaver" would be more blog-appropriate, I think.

Anyway, with a name like Butch Otter, I'm sure PETA's after him.

Something to do with lewd acts...

(self hat trick)

self-simul, too. Come on, people, WAKE UP!!

Morning!!! ya'll stayed up all night!

Mornin, Siouxie. Nice simul, by the way.

And he previously served as lieutenant governor under Governor Phil Batt. We likes our animals here, mostly we likes them to be huntable. Butch wants to de-list the wolves that were re-introduced in the wild a few years ago so they can be hunted, and he wants to be first in line to buy a license. I'm so proud.

by now, Dave otter know better than make fun of peoples names.

Indeed it was, Tammy! nice way to start the morning!

Morning, Blogits! TGIF!

Mornin' Andy!!! It's FREEZING here in Miami, huh???


Phooey. Friday morning for me is like Monday night for you day-shift weekday-working people. Boooo! I shall have to rub it in on Monday when I'm off for four days.

It's FREEZING here in Miami, huh???

I blow a big PHHHPHTHTH in Siouxie's general direction, from the -15* Boston Arctic Zone.

He looks like a Butch Otter.

Flat tire, Guin?? ;-)

It's why I live here and not there. Ya'll can come down here to thaw out.

*snork* @ Siouxie. Will be coming to FL to warm up in March - not soon enough!

*sends Guin a bit of sunshine*

He ran against Harry Squirrel

Butch otter what?

He otter get out of politics.

His daughter is a famous model, Iman Otter. For obvious reasons, she dropped her surname.

Freezing? Yer talking to an Irishman. I love this weather. Wish it were 10 degrees cooler...or atleast stay like this year round!

Nurse Tammy has exceeded her allowed postings by a factor of 10.

LOL Med!

Wait a minute...isn't Idaho the state whose liscense plate says "Famous Potatoes"?

I thought you didn't make fun of people's names here.

His career plummeted when he got caught blowing a seal.

Otter, Otter - wasn't he in Animal House?

"You changed your name to Latrine?"

Idaho - Iowa - Ohio... who cares??

He doesn't look very butch to me. Go to SF and you'll see some really butch guys.

Do butch otters wear flannel shirts and men's watches? NTTAWWT

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