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January 23, 2007


Here (thanks to Monika Sundbaum) is a video of a dog courageously defending its bone from its own personal left leg:

Dog In Action


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Choo Choo Charlie was an engineer - good-n-plenty

Oh - and it was Lulu who sang the song in "To Sir", she later went on to marry Maurice Gibb, I believe....

(all without a single Google....somebuddy lift my walker up onto the bus, please)

Punkin, you are correct on both counts. They did divorce though.

To Sir With Love was my 8th grade "class" song.

*takes her walker & wobbles over to the bus*

Hey Siouxie - I hear the clinic is having a 2 for 1 special on hips this week....wanna go halfsies with me???

It was Lulu and the Luvvers. You know you make me wanna shout.

MOT -we also had "modified" lyris to the ads, e.g.
"Comet&trade (a scouring powder)it makes your teeth turn green,
Comet&trade - it tastes like gasoline... etc.
And we also had modified names for the products, e.g. Crest® (another toothpaste) was Crust.

Okay, how about GLASS shampoo bottles?

Punkin - maybe you should save one for the dog - he's gonna need one soon...

Punkin I was gonna use that money to pay off my new boy toy...Larry King. I guess I can go without hot passionate gum s3x for a few weeks...right?

Does anyone remember that toothpaste that came as a pill? Pop one in your mouth, chew it up and then brush?

No, fivver....I think you're making that up.

I DO remember the glass shampoo bottles....I think back then PRELL ™ was the only shampoo around.

Anybody remember - way before Hungry Hungry Hippos, we had "Battling Tops"?

(I'll take toys from the 70's for $500, Alex)

Mot - One of my very good (but much older) friends used to play in The Luvvers, also in Tom Jones' stage band.

Anyone ever heard of Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers?

We have many of the brand names you guys are familiar with, basically all the sodas except root beer, had Dr. Pepper for a while but seems to have disappeared. The soap powders have all fallen by the wayside and we now have a few Lever Ponds brands. Toilet soaps are pretty much the same as what you guys have, biggest toothpaste brand is Colgate. American cars are making a big comeback. Chrysler have a all there models here now, Jeep are quite big and the Hummer H3 is actually manufactured here for all right hand drive countries. SUVs are really popular but I'm sticking to my 3 series BMW, which is also manufactured here for right hand drive countries in the Far East, Australia and New Zealand. Mercedes, Ford, Opel (GM) Nisasn and Toyota all have very large manufacturing plants here. And this will surprise you, our main brewer, South African Breweries (SAB) bought out Millers in Wisconsin about 4 years ago which is why they are called SAB Miller now.

woohoo, for once the geezer bus is leaving without me. wanders off singing alka seltzer jingle, oh what a relief it is....


oops, seems crossgirl got run over by geezer bus....

Every day I get in the queue (Too much, the Geezer Bus)
To get on the bus that takes me to you (Too much, the Geezer Bus)
I'm so nervous, I just sit and smile (Too much, the Geezer Bus)
You house is only another mile (Too much, the Geezer Bus)

Thank you, driver, for getting me here (Too much, the Geezer Bus)
You'll be an inspector, have no fear (Too much, the Geezer Bus)
I don't want to cause no fuss (Too much, the Geezer Bus)
But can I buy your Geezer Bus? (Too much, the Geezer Bus)


I don't care how much I pay (Too much, the Geezer Bus)
I wanna drive my bus to my baby each day (Too much, the Geezer Bus)
I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it ... (You can't have it!)
Thruppence and sixpence every day
Just to drive to my baby
Thruppence and sixpence each day
'Cause I drive my baby every way

Geezer Bus, Geezer Bus, Geezer Bus ...

I said, now I've got my Geezer Bus (Too much, the Geezer Bus)
I said, now I've got my Geezer Bus (Too much, the Geezer Bus)
I drive my baby every way (Too much, the Geezer Bus)
Each time I go a different way (Too much, the Geezer Bus)

I want it, i want it, I want it, I want it ...

Every day you'll see the dust (Too much, the Geezer Bus)
As I drive my baby in my Geezer Bus (Too much, the Geezer Bus)

*golf clap*

(Any harder and I'll inflame my arthritic wrists)

*Holding up lighter for Mud*

And Lincoln Logs before Legos... and my favourite: Ker-Plunk!

I knew that Blues Brothers answer. In the future, I'll just ignore work and pay more attention to the blog.

*takes out dentures and clicks 'em together*

The geezers on the bus go
'Member when,
we were young,
life was fun.

The geezers on the bus go
Now we're old,
Feet are cold,
'Smell like mold

The geezers on the bus say
"Take us home!"
All thru the town!

Mot - You forgot to add the SAB's flagship brew is Pilsner Urquell, a Czechoslavakian yummy and one of the oldest beers around. Additionally, Urquell is where the clarification process was invented, using cold fermentation. Before that, beer was more like an unfiltered wheat.

Now, age notwithstanding, may I please have a seat reserved on the bus ala Geezer?

*Reaches up to pull the bell chord, staggers to front of bus, stumbles down stairs, turns to wave at other occupants and says goodnight all*

*flips open cell phone for mudstuffin*

What? I gave up smoking 6 years ago. I don't own a lighter anymore.

So, Mot, out of professional curiousity, what is the variety of beer like in SA?

Is it as bleak as, say, the American Midwest, where Labatt's is considered to be a high-class import?

Or as wonderful as Beervana (Portland), where we're approaching parity in our brewpub per capita and churches per capita ratios?

Somewhere in between?

Bravo to both mud and Punkin!

CH, our main brand is Castle Lager which is a full bodied slightly bitter beer reminiscent of some of the European brands. We also have pilsners and ales and Guiness is brewed here under licence. Of course we have all the imported brands here as well. I personally find the large branded American beers a little insipid, but found some magnificent micro-brewers in Colorado.

Nite, Mot!

*clicks dentures for Punkin's geezer song*

I've home brewed a clone of Castle, though I don't think I can get it here at all. So I'm familiar with how it ought to taste, at least in theory.

I find the large branded American beers to be a poor grade of slug bait. Guiness, served at a proper temperature, is okay; served according to their current marketing recommendations, though, it's awful.

There are some very good craft breweries in Colorado, as well as a cluster of very fine meaderies.

Has the craft brewing movement made a dent in SA, or is Castle with a leavening of Guiness as good as it gets, locally?

Punkin and Mud! Yay! geezer bus sing-along leaders par excellence!

Siouxie, darlin'.....those aren't YOUR dentures....

Maybe the leg was possessed.

And maybe I've seen "Evil Dead II" too many times.

It definitely was something. It doesn't even qualify as split personality. It's the personifi-, er, dogification of the expression "of two minds." I liked the way the foot kept trying to sneak up on the itch, reeaal slooww-like.

A thought about the bone the dog is eating. You notice we never see his right rear leg. Just sayin'...

LOL, fivver. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

This is what results after you finally catch the car...

Alas, I too have owned a dog this idiotic alert. My former dog, 'Misty', was a Cairn Terrier. This breed is noteworthy for running away in any random direction barking should the gate be left open and not returning for upward of three days.

In any event, 'Misty' was fond of the time-honored canine tradition of chasing her tail. Being a somewhat elongated sort of dog, she was generally unable to reach it. One evening, she was on the couch and while tail-chasing, came up against the cushions and managed to catch said elusive tail.

She bit it. Apparently, it was a hard bite, because she became quite enraged -- Snarling, snapping, and violently assaulting her own butt region.

My dad provided a Key Quote: "Break her up!"

Battlin' Tops and Kerplunk are still in the closet at my inlaw's house, and now my kids play with them (the original Battleship too). This is because the inlaws don't have computers, video games, or cable tv. Good thing they have toads in the window wells, or the young un's would never want to visit Grandpa's house!

What? What? WHAT?! Dang nabbit, I can't hear a thing.

Mr. C ... I remember Duane Eddy and the Rebels, and he recorded "Rebel Rouser" ... but I don't recall your ... um ... whut wuz the question?

Hey, I knew the Blues Brothers answer, and I'm 21 as of last month. Poor choice of geezer-bus qualifications.

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