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January 23, 2007


Here (thanks to Monika Sundbaum) is a video of a dog courageously defending its bone from its own personal left leg:

Dog In Action


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Good doggie. Good doggie. Dumb doggie, but a good doggie.

Oh, and first!

Oh dear......poor retarded dog.....

(Although - I may be wrong, and he has just recently had the back half of his body replaced with the back half of some OTHER doggie. You know how confusing that can be....)

I've had a lot of dogs. I can happily say none were this dumb.

Snork, snork and snork again... every time I see that video.

Do dogs have a secondary brain oversized ganglia at the base of their spines, kinda like some dinosaurs were reputed to have? This is the only explanation I can come up with for this video.

LMAO -and what happens when he catches it, an subdues it?

I don't think that I've ever been known to say, "Don't touch my bone"... .

Must be a biyitch, hates being pawed


even my two aren't that stoopid!

split personalities.

Is Steve Martin or Lilly Tomplin the back leg?

SNORK at the dog and Chaz

Back in bone.

I think this dog belongs to jet propulsion moron.

Chaz-I loved that movie.

Hopefully, there is a medication available for this dog, so he can make peace with his appendages.

LBFF - or he'll make piece with his appendages


it's the damn left fringe trying to get it all ...back ....back ...grrrr

Poor guy is a little short in the kibble department.

They've finally gone too far. The Pentagon is clearly controlling that dog's left leg.

*Struggles mightily to restrain right hand from clicking Watch Again*

I, for one can see some benefit to not recognizing some body parts as our own.

The incessant giggling of children at this poor retarded creature........ was awesome!

Keep this guy away from that doggie beer. I think he'd be a mean drunk!

Snork and complete agreement with Gadfly.

I used to have a cat that

A) liked to sleep next to me on the bed
B) would occasionally play with her own tail, noticing the tip of it twitching and doing her best to catch it - not easy since she was a somewhat - extravagant cat.

One night the inevitable happened. She started playing with her tail, caught it, and bit it.

Startled that someone was biting her tail, and rightly figuring her 'play friend' was somehow involved she growled slightly and bit it harder.

Ok, things were starting to get serious now. She wasn't about to put up with this sort of thing. Full-on growl and a hard chomp!

WTF? That's it, IT IS ON!
She suddenly erupts into her full raging fury, claws flashing and teeth chomping - spinning madly in a circle to teach her tail to stop biting her tail.

All of this happened quickly enough that while I had time to see it coming I couldn't intervene and had to make a hasty exit stage left, which was no problem for me but somewhat of a surprise to the already sleeping ever-indulgent wife.

Whikky (the cat) was a good kitty but somewhere before we rescued her from the streets she got a few circuits mis-wired. Ah well, what she lacked in smarts she made up in sweet.

Never did play with her tail again, holding the grudge against it to her dying day.

*snork* @ Whikky.

*throws idiot dog prozac gumball* Amazing! My dog seems so much smarter now.

Off-camera, someone was holding up a Dick Cheney chew toy. THAT's what the dog was growling at.

Thanks for the story, very well narrated, KCSteve.

HAHAHAHA - Snorks a-plenty for Whikky from me, too.

*snorks* @ KCSteve and Ms. Whikky!

Hee. CH-you read my mind, I was thinking he was some sort of genetic throwback to the dinosaurs (with a separate brain in his bum).

Actually, its interesting that we are assuming its a boy dog. Maybe 'cuz lots of male critters have an extra brain down there (it just controls a different appendage).

Thanks DPC...my first snork in a while

Oh, we wish we had an extra brain, artchick. We'd get into ever so much less trouble that way.

*snork* @ fivver, Gadfly, too,

and KC as well. I had very similar story with a cat, who hissed at his tail severely to express his opinion of its character. But not three times. That's a record - Most Times Injuring Self Before Backink Down.

I said it yesterday on some other thread...just cuz you guys have two heads, doesn't mean two brains exist.

backink - your cat wasn't Russian was she? Maybe I'm channeling..

Clean Hands, given what many guys do with the one brain they have, I'm thinking y'all would get in at least TWICE the trouble if you had an extra brain.

JD - smaller word bytes, please. The guys will never understand whut yer sayin'.

KCSteve-LOL @ Whikky!

Wouldn't this be a good pet for Jack Bauer?

Annie!!! good to see ya! where ya been???

Somewhere other than here, obviously. :-P

*smacks CH*

Clean Hands: 2 guy brains = 2x the trouble.

(Better, Annie?)

Maybe we do have brains there, and that's the whole problem.

That's my take on it, CH. The southern one has override capabilities and a low IQ.

I will say, though, that these days, it's the brain in my skull that gets me smacked most often.

Does that mean that I'm housebroken?

Urgent research is required: What effect does V1@gr@ have on measured intelligence?

No, I'm serious.


Siouxie - I've been blocked by pipetard for a week. Had to threaten comedic violence to get back. And now I have work to do! Life is sooo unfair.

Not too sure about the effect on intelligence, but it seems to me that it would lock the override on.

Clean Hands, I see a large government grant in your future.

JD -'large'grant? Really?

Keep this guy away from that doggie beer. I think he'd be a mean drunk!

Posted by: fivver | 12:10 PM

When I loaded the video, the title was #1 Beer...
Maybe the pooch really was sloshed.

Of course, one would have to check the results by comparing to "natural" stimulation -- but I suspect that research has already been done.

No, I don't think it would be a good idea to search for it from my work computer.

Annie, I knew someone would comment on that adjective. ;-)

Annie, that blows! I thought typepoop had fixed you right up!

OT -Siouxie - I could have used the proxies you sent, thanks, but I was super busy. Plus it was more fun to mention to tech support what happened to Hotel Shpennsylvania when Le Great Barry was not amused. That got it goin'.

ahhh..the old shpennsylvania threat! well done!

Ducky - you sound a little like Madame Ducky, the fortune teller. As long as you have your crystal ball out, there's a few things I would like to know. :)

*snork* @ Med; you're right, tho I hadn't noticed. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait with your questions; I'm currently trying to discern tomorrow night's winning lotter numbers... :-)

*tosses a "y" up there*

My office won $3 on the power ball Saturday - let's see $3, 14 employees, - HOOOO BOY - a big 21 cents a piece.

Guess I'm not retiring quite yet.

*orders a round of bloggaritas for everyone*

drinks are on sbelle!!

Sioux - 21 cents doesn't cover the salt, much less the gratuity.

But Thanks, girls. *slurp*

Siouxie, I want to know, NOW, where I can find 21-cent ritas!

Much less a round of 'ritas for this crowd for 21 cents.

Well, folks, I must flap off for awhile. See y'all later!

A dog with a good bone to eat
Growled sternly at one of his feet
He protected his bone
From that leg of his own
Now he has a new name: Pegleg Pete.

*snork* @ JD.

Siouxie, we miss you!

sthnbelle-Hey, every bit counts--even if ya have to share the margarita. ;-)

Anyone else reminded of Peter Sellers as Dr. Strangelove?

*climbs on geezer bus*

JD, I think tripod would be a better name.

I'm pretty sure we're just "re-investing" in tomorrow night's draw, so I can't even get one to share!

Salutes "mein Fivver".

Well, I used to know a guy who kept a six-pack of beer in his desk drawer. That's an option. (just kidding)

LOL @ 1040s and Ducky!

You cannot just hop on the geezer bus willy nilly, you need to answer a qualifying question first. Today's question is, ta da! What was 60's model Twiggy's real name?

Sigh. Dogs are so stupid.

Oh, there's plenty of beer here - the fridge usually has at least a six pack of Stella, if not more exotic offerings. Last time I checked, though the scanner wasn't set up for liquids.

Gets off of geezer bus

someone Google it...I'm too lazy

Hammie, I think you forgot to change yer name ;P

Check, Siouxie!

Google reports that it was Leslie Hornby.

Hey! We should all come work where you work. You're lucky, the guy I know got escorted out of the building.


Hey man, that sure wasn't Patron or Cuervo in those Ritas! What kind of rot gut was that?

*staggers down the fairway, looking for the Hole in One*

As I said, Whikky liked to sleep next to me in the bed so all of this took place in close proximity to my right thigh. Thus, the memories, like the scars, still linger.

It was kind of like being at a family reunion and seeing 'that' cousin messing with something flammable. It happens far too fast for you to do much more than get ready to duck, but you've got such a clear mental picture of what's coming that time slows to let you fully appreciate everything leading up to the 'event'.

Been six years since Whikky passed along. Now I have HairyCat, a Hymilayan mix who may well have inherited a bit of her spirit. He's quite bright and professionally cute. Rather than chase his tail he likes to play fetch with his toy mousies. Yes, he now sleeps next to my side and yes, if you put it in my hand I can toss a mousie in my sleep, as he's well aware.

Geezer bus suddenly getting awfully crowded.

Or Leslie Lawson, depending on which link you click.

KC, My Tanha (Beautiful Maine Coon cat) used to like to play fetch, too! She had stuffed animals we would toss down the hall for her, and she could be quite acrobatic about catching them!

OK, for first-class seating on the geezer bus, please name the motion picture that had both Twiggy and Ray Charles in it.

"I can toss a mousie in my sleep" is an image I would rather not contemplate right now

What is "To Sir With Love, The Sequel" for $400, Alex!!

KC - My Wayside Waif kitty doesn't like to play with toys anymore. He prefers live bait. While exterminating the pests in my kitchen, he found that the OLD bathtub is extra deep and makes a perfect playpen.

Retriever plays second string clean up, and I never have to deal with it. Except a little Clorox Cleanup for the tub. The old one, two. :)



Those school girl dayssssssss
Of, telling tales and biting nails are goneeeee
But, as I leave, I know they will, still live on and on..


Crank up that geezer bus, boys...I'm a coming in!!!

There's a game reserve about 1 1/2 hours drive from here where I've seen a Hippo called Twiggy, story goes that the poster girl for abstinence actually named the hippo during a visit here about 15 years ago. What is the difference between a counterfeit Dollar and Twiggy?..... a counterfeit Dollar is a phony buck.

if this is really the geezer bus, we all have CRS, unless it's something really useless from our extreme youth such as the words to any popular ad jingle. So if you can complete the line -"You'll wonder where the yellow went when-?" or "Choo-choo Charlie was an -?" (Bonus points - what made the train run?) you are also qualified as a geezer.

Mot- If you didn't have Pepsodent® where you were, I'm sure you have similar examples.

& *snork* @ Mot

Sorry, the answer we were looking for is "The Blues Brothers"

However, as a parting gift we have a 2 DVD musical retrospective of the life of Britney Spears!

Strange as it may seem we used to have pepsodent and it was the only jingle I recognized. Our version went, "you'll wonder where the dullness went." As kids we used to sing "you'll wonder where your dentures went when you brush your teeth with wet cement."

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