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January 29, 2007


Python registration.


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firsst to regisssstration?


Someone tell Tancredo that if he's coming to Miami, he'll need to get registered as a `species of concern.'

Ohhh! a ssssolo ssssimul!

and SSSSSnork at Annie!

'I try to shy people away from the large snakes,'' he said.

*tries to shy away from large snakes too*

and small snakes, and medium-sized snakes...and guys who are snakes...

I, for one, do not think anyone should put a chip in my python.

Chips on my python are different.

The only problem is that anyone with a valid Florida drivers license can buy one. Enuff said.

DPC - trousers snakes don't count.

AWBH-i think that we would all be better served by including trouser snakes in the manditory registration. those buggers can be very dangerous too.

Anybody care to stroke my rightfully registered reptile?

I prefer these chips http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/images/recipes/chips_300x193.jpg on my python, but I'm too lazy to embed the link...

witchlesa - are you volunteering to id chip the trouser snakes?

I hereby propose that every candidate announcing for the 2008 Presidential race be similarly tagged. "Species of concern" my a$$. Them pythons is just snakes.

A man walks into a vet's office...

Man: "I'd like to have my python registered."
Receptionist: "OK, put the snake on the scale please."
Man: "Whut snake?"


Speaking of reptiles, has anyone heard how Mozart the iguana is doing?

The sun shines softly whispers
Breeze laps nearby like clear waters
Sitting cross-legged on the mat
Supple notes from a reed slip and turn like smoke
Coaxing the sweetness from the air itself
You, I don’t make any sudden moves
The mood will not allow it
My eyes are unfocused, but my mind a razor
Please don’t stop
Weave and bind with musical noose
the snake within
charmed, I’m sure

mud-I like the lighter side!

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