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January 31, 2007


Not this blog.

(Thanks to Bill Bauer)


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um...please forgive the outfit...I like to "dress up" iykwim.

souxie, you're taller than I thought.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhh. I'm scarred for life.

Nice hair, Siouxie...

why thank you, Hammie ;-)

sirena, I know...I "type" tall.

Mot?? you ok??

MM and CG, they're like snowflakes. Each is unique and to be individually cherished.

For Hammie. :)

uh..mm??? I'm certainly NOT Punkin sized!! but I am very proud of my widdle mounds ;-)

besides...you know what they say about more than a mouthful...etc..etc..

which, btw...this saying does NOT work when referring to a man's ...etc..etc..

Cookie is that you in the coffee cup? Wowzers! Marry me.

Wooo hoooooooo! Cookie!!!

*proudly pitches tent among ALL of the majestic blog peaks*

*takes her peaks and heads home*

tatas...er...tata for now!!

Thank you, Cookie!

Good night, all!

g'night Ham...

crossgirl - you may be interested to learn that the book "How to Have Sex in the Woods" written for bears starts with: "First, find someone shitting in the woods..."

Hey, now, C'bol..just 'cause you're an Indy fan doesn't mean you have to get personal.

*snorks* at christobol. mental note to never bend over in the woods.

Yours for only 75 cents!

KC - will take both, if possible. I really have no self control. Thx!

I like the comments. People who purcahsed this book also purchased....Up Sh!t Creek: A Collection of Horrifyingly True Wilderness Toilet Misadventures.

5 blog bucks it was Dave.

Also: How do they get the bear to read the book?

I bought this book for my sister 20 years ago for christmas.

I'm too frightened to click the "explore related topics" link....

I also have this book. It actually describes the procedure for "icing". You sh!t on a flat rock (ISIANMTU) and then spread it around with a stick like you're icing a cake. They claim this makes it disintegrate more quickly. It also debates the issue of whether it's more environmentally friendly to do it in a stream or not. Fascinating reading.

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