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January 25, 2007


...outlaws will use lip balm.

(Thanks to Elon Weintraub)


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Told ya didn't I

Maybe the flight crew thought he said 'lip bomb'?

Given Twatney's penchant for displaying certain parts of her ahem, anatomy, don't you think she'd need the family size ChapStick pack?

Was this the genius who hijacked the Jo'burg-bound flight... to Jo-burg?

None other CH

This jerk deserved to spend the rest of the flight with the heaviest person on board knees crushing his throat. Gumball?

"[But] the passengers were highly traumatised and had to be debriefed,"

i debriefed myself on an airplane once and got arrested.

(not the first to go there - note Mott's comment above)

That is my one major fear of flying. Being chappedsticked to death.

let's sentence him to fly non-stop with the screaming child.

He brought the balm for the chapped a$$ he is going to have in jail.

Now I see why they took away my anti-frizz conditioner on Monday! Chicago airport security will be having some good-hair days for awhile.

*snork* @ Med!

"Take me to Johannesburg or I'll open your bronchial passages!!"

(Which actually sounds like something Jack Bauer would say)

Wondered why it was called O'Hare Kirsten

and of course inhalers and lip balm (not bomb) both fit nicely in a one quart, zip lock (not loch)bag.

*snorks @ med & mot*

Once I hid under a bed and jumped out and scared my kid. He was traumatized and had to be debriefed, too.

That's the main reason I wear boxers instead of briefs. Constant debriefing left me dazed and confused, not to mention the discomfort in winter.

*wondering if "Lip Bomb" WBAGNFA new line of lipstick*

As in: "Use this lipstick and you will be The Bomb."

*oh well, just a passing thought*

YAY Elon Weintraub!!!

He is due to be charged with attempting to hijack the aircraft and unlawful interference with a plane and its crew on Thursday.

What a fool! Everyone knows you don't hijack aircraft or unlawfully interfere with a plane and its crew on a Thursday.

*butts in*

May I suggest some lip balm for that, Mot?

So, you have to be deboxered now, Mot?

Better than being deflowered.

Or de thonged

That was a deranged thought.

Mot - but if you wore a kilt....

What? He'd be deplaned?

Somebody's been kilt?!

*cleans glasses*

Never mind.

He was certainly detoured.

I got out of the habit (no pun intended) of wearing a kilt when I lived in Cape Town, there's a prevailing Southeaster wind that regularly gets up to gale strength in summer.

if he was kilt, he was dearly departed

*groooooaaaaan* @ everybody

This time I really am going to bed. Promise.

*debates with self about making an illegal aliens undocumented workers being clearly deported comment vs opening that can of worms on the blog. Naah*

Sleep-deprived, Tammy?

Nite nite, Tammy!!

fivver - Do not release the worms....we still haven't cleaned up all the fleas from the other thread.

fivver, best not, or we'll all have to be dewormed.

ok ok! ...I'll shut up and get back to taxes.

Good point, Mot. (NSFW)


nice arse!

Siouxie - what part of Taxes are you from? Houston, Dallas?

"Hell hath no fury......" Just heard on the news that a Belgian woman sabotaged the parachute of a rival for her boyfriend's affection. They all belonged to the same sky-diving club. That's one mean biyitch.

That story is here, Mot.


fivver- anywhere but Paris, Tx.


"He is due to be charged with attempting to hijack the aircraft and unlawful interference with a plane and its crew on Thursday."

So, there are days when it's not illegal?

what flavor was the lip balm???

Is there a story behind Paris, TX, or is that just a comment on the name? Not from there myself, but one of my college friends first time around was.

Glix, I had to get back to work and said I'd be going back to taxes (I work in the field). fivver asked what part of TEXAS I was from. I just said anywhere but Paris.

Sorry, kind of hard to actually think when there are about 75 potential students and their parents hovering around the computer lab's door. I feel dumb now...

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