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January 29, 2007


This is our best behavior. Really.


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*SNORK!*@JG's Mot(t) Schizophrenic reference.

A Geezer exclusive!

Geezers rule!!

Do I Hammy? I'll have to sic diverdowndog on it!

Maybe she'll lick it until the dog slobber causes its gears to rust.

Oh, DDD, I am very jealous of the Queen of Love and Beauty. I would joust with that Red Knight any time!

casey- it's a latex dental dam, used for ... uh ... kissing when one of them isn't using her mouth. (did that pass the censors?)

*snork at insom*

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I'm schizophrenic
and so am I

C'mon Casey, admit it. You're just a sucker for a guy in uniform.

Sucker for a guy in uniform? How 'bout just "sucker"?


"Are the voices in your head...calling Gloriaaaaaaaaa"

DDD, I don't get it. Can you be more specific with your explanation of the dental dam?

Just jivin. Wanted to put you on the spot!


Rep Tom Tancredo is giving away 25 first class tickets on the airline of your choice and tickets to the game. Call his office for details.

(Boy he's dumb and he ought to go home.)

Dave, as an Indianapolis resident and personal friend of Peyton Manning's (hey, if you can make things up, I can, too) the Midwesterners salute you
and your beautiful city.

Having hosted the Super Bowl 2 years ago here in Jacksonville, I particularly loved the breakdown of where the "financial shot in the arm" goes. That hype from the Super Bowl Committee is always such a crock! We had restaurants who had to throw away food and they lost quite a bit of money. They had been told at meetings to expect "hundreds" of extra diners everyday. For most, it never materialized. And the money the City spent putting this place back together afterwards - I think we ended up clearing 1 dollar and 83 cents.

I thought there was going to be a moment of silent prayer for the health of Fidel Castro just before the start of the game.

*waves at Mot*

Thanks for that snork... It's an honor to receive my first DB Blog snork from a fellow Jerseyan.

By any chance are you an All American Alien Boy? ;-)

*zips in*

Speaking of Rod Stewart...

Well, we were somewhere, weren't we??? :)

Cookie-I hope he was thinking of us when he sang Broken Arrow.

If wishes were horses.....;)

Also, I thought it was interesting that he changed some of the words in Tonight's The Night because I've always thought that was one of the nastiest songs ever - but *very* sexy, yes?

Cookie-Yeah, especially with today's awareness. Back in the 70s I don't think I really thought deeply about those lyrics.

I'm not sure if I'm one of those, JB, but I do Rant a lot. Good to have another snorkable Jerseyan on board - are you a native or another transplant from The Old Country (NYC)?

(BTW, I have now officially exhausted my in-brain Mott The Hoople/Ian Hunter references).


I've run out of Ian Hunter trivia, too...

Boston is my natal city. My family moved to NJ when I was about 6 months old. Aside from a semester abroad in college and 3 years in Hawaii, I've been a Garden Stater all my life -- with over 40 years of seasonal migrations to the Hub to visit kin.

No, I don't "pahk my cah." But I'm not from "Joisey," either. ;-)

Which exit do you live near? For me, it's Route 80, Exit 25. Closer to the Delaware than the Hudson.

*Can't believe he's doing the 'exit thing'*

Garden State Parkway exit 153, about 12 miles from my native land. Born in da Bronx, moved to Queens at 13, went to high school and college in Brooklyn. Moved to Brooklyn after college. Worked in Manhattan for most of my career, with year to year-and-a-half stints in/near New Orleans, Dallas and South Jersey. Got married in 1994, moved to NJ in 1996, have two pre-teenage daughters, now work in White Plains NY. Am dying to get back to work in NYC.

Which direction along Rte 206 are you? I have family in Andover.

May I say in the most affectionate way possible to JerseyGirl and Meanie -


Ay! Get the .... er, message received, Cookie.


I'm just down the road from your kin in Stanhope, Gateway to Sussex County. ISIANMTU. That's what it says on the sign.

Awww, Cookie, you could join us for a cup of joe at the Andover Diner or an organic latte the Gristmill Cafe. ;-)

Been there, snorked at that, JG.

Thanks JG, but I live in su.so.ca.

But I always like to be included in everything, even if I can't participate. :)

This is great! 2 brand new Dave Barry columns in 3 days! It's been so long.

This guy isn't quite in the same league as Dave, but he does write funny columns for a sports guy. In fact he is probably the best sports columnist around these days. This one is about the Super Bowl in Miami and he should have more soon.


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