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January 21, 2007


We are continuing to receive emails complaining about being unable to post. We assure you we have asked that they be cautious about banning IP addresses (at least without verifying that they are actually the IP addresses of spammers). Unfortunately, the only thing we can do about this problem is remind you that this is the contact information for the folks who can reinstate your IP address and make it possible for you to post again. We hope they resolve this problem soon.


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First, to have no bot problems!

*texts judi a gumball, a mojito, and some Parmesan Chicken from the other thread*

I'm doing okay at home, but had gotten thoroughly blocked at work... we'll see what tomorrow brings.


Mojitos! I'll have one!

CH--email me so that I can email you. We have a hard kitting PGE kiteman question (that I think I may actually have solved) and another thing.

*puts on cloak and dagger*

So far, I haven't been having any problems.

But then, once a week, I have been putting a certain amount in unmarked bills in an envelope and leaving it under a rock inbetween two pin oak trees at the south entrance of the St. Louis Zoo every Wednesday afternoon.


judi-I've been good yesterday and today.

Dang, Lisa! You've been good for two days? It's time to cut loose and join Sio, dancing on the bar!

*plans a quick trip to the St. Louis Zoo*


I recommend that when you contact them, select the option for 'login problems'; this was the only way I got a response from them, and managed to get my IP address blocking problem resolved.

CJ-I know, it's really wearing on me too! Being good is highly overrated. ;-)

Andy - thanks. I have contacted them twice to no avail. Will try per your suggestion.

Eli Manning is not having a good game. [EG]

CJ-I know, it's really wearing on me too! Being good is highly overrated. ;-)


Yes -- what tropichunt.com guy said.

I was blocked last Monday (in the middle of 24!) contacted the TypePad people through that link, and received a very rapid response (resolved within several hours.)

Sorry this has been such a pain for you, judi!

I know it's supposed to be Peyton [ergo the Evil Grin]. However, when he's all sad that's his Eli look.

Sorry. I was unaware of the meaning behind [EG]

I'm not up on all of the shortcuts.

Back in the day, well over a year ago, there was a wholesale banning of a large group of bloglits. That was when the blog was "run" by a different group of thundertechs.

Some of The Banned Ones were able to sneak through using proxy servers. One of them, Peri, posted a song parody "Banned from the Blog" to the tune of "Bad to the Bone." Sadly, part of the "banning process" was that all of their posts were stripped and that parody has been lost. It was a most excellent parody, but I do remember that part of the the chorus was

Bubububububbbanned from the Blog
Buhuhuhhbanned Banned from the Blog


I thought I remembered more, but it, too, was apparently deleted.

*snork* @ slyeyes!

Sly, I dont believe I've told you, but it is good to see you around these here parts.

Thanks, casey. I believe we've met before, no? A fellow paralegal?

casey, I agree. And you're a sweetheart. :)

Hey Slyeyes!!

Being a bit of a "techie" who's "in the know" concerning all this "e-nonsense", I contacted Six Apart (thundertechs redux) to offer some advice:

FD: Hi, I hear you could use a hand with the sp@mbot and I'm here to offer my professional...

SixA: Who sent you? Is this Larry? I swear to God if this is Larry...

FD: ...No, no. I'm just wondering about the banning of my friends from Dave's blog and...

SixA: Did you see anyone on the way in? Shut the door, have a Scotch.

FD: I'm in a different state...I just need...

SixA: Fine, I'll have two Scotches - rocks, and make it snappy!

FD: Are you in a bar?!

SixA: Just reboot your helix module and overclock the combobulant drive to 6 significant vertices until your...

FD: You're pretty much just making sh*+ up now...look, all you need to do is keep a log of...

SixA: There I was, knee-deep in sp@mmers - sarge was radioing our coords to the...

FD: Can you really use "radio" as a verb? Jeez, nevermind, are you in charge of the bot and banning and etc?

SixA: The man behind the curtain. A man's man. A manly man. The sort of manly man who makes manly men say "man, you're a manly man." I eat sp@mmers and poop iron...I snort gunpowder and...oh God, my mom's coming!

FD: Wait, can you fix the...

SixMom: Bobby!! Bobby are you watching those dirty sheep movies on my laptop again?!

SixA: Ma! I told you not to disturb me when I'm doing my Ag. homework!!

FD: ....?

FD: ........*sigh*

FD: Hmmm. I guess the bot's not *too* bad.


You've been missed!

And, *snork*


How are you sweetness?



*snork @ Fed*


Good to see you!

Fed, doin' great; missed your particular brand of craziness.

oh God, my mom's coming!


(I hope this doesn't get us b-a-n-n-e-d)

Sly, since I'm net-shy and don't have any pictures of me, when I had to submit a pic at work for our national team yearbook, I nabbed the one of the back of my head from your blog and submitted it as my work photo. I hope that's ok? They got a kick out of it!

And (((Neo!!)))

How's everything in your neck of the world?

sly... shhhhh...

*smooches Fed*

*hides from the B-O-T*

Oh, and for those who haven't heard... Tamara Rhymes with Baby Girl!!!

*claps hands, knits pink booties*

Not really, I can't knit anything. But here I can at least pretend! Which is nice. :)

That's cool, although the one of the umbrella in your face is my favorite. But there were others in the photo, so I guess that wouldn't have worked for a team photo.

Everyone is going to be absolutely FLOORED when they find out your real identity.


I think that what got me banned on Friday was that I was actively posting on a number of different threads, participating in conversations on each of them.

To a spambot, that looks like I'm leaving nuggets of crap spam all over the blog, and doing it over and over again. That I was including links to things in the process (particularly a series of links to YouTube videos, so they had the same domain name) made me that much more suspicious. One of the topics of discussion was v!@gr@, which made me look even worse.

Being a cautious spambot, remembering how badly he was beaten the last time he let through an innocuous posting from a Nigerian princess in despair, he erred on the side of avoiding a repeat, and simply quit letting me see the posting box at all. 'Problem solved,' he thought to himself, and dusted his hands with satisfaction, turning back to the table where he assembles the pop quizzes to paste some more numbers and letters over scans of tinfoil.

Hey, Fed! Long time. Nice to see you back!

CH: I got that disappearing posting box, too. So, you're apparently not the only bad seed here.

How could I have been a baaaaaad boy? There haven't been any sheep around in like forever!

I was proud of my ban. Felt like a hazing.

Do I need therapy?

No need to answer.

Hey, Fed Duck is back. WOOO HOOO!

CH-I'm not sure it was anything you said. My banishment is still a mystery to me. I'm in therapy and trying to put it behind me now.

*is happy to see a fellow duck here again*

KDF! Congratulations!!!

Fed, and sly, and KDF and neo, oh my!

*luvs y'all all a mojito*

that is, one for each of you...ya don't have to share!


*SMOOCH* to Tamara, and the baby (rhymes with camera)

KDF-Thanks for posting that about Tamara. That's great news.

For those searching for Fed's photo (and you know who you are), you can click on my name to get to my blog, then on the right, click on the link to the pictures for Memphis.

Or, you can go here for the post about the blogmeet in Memphis. It's lenghthy, I'll grant you, but we had a good time at Memphis in May and it took a bit to get it all in.

JD!!!! Aaack!!! Not me! Not me!

But thanks anyway. :)

*happily sips power-chugs pinot noir*

Oh I was banned too for a while, back in '94, but I switched IP addresses and now I can post.

Oops! Sorry, KDF, but I guess congrats are in order for Tamara--do I have it right yet?

BTW, have any extra Pinot Noir? *holds out glass hopefully*


Ducky, I thought you were congratulating her for being banned!

Dungy and Manning finally get their shot at the Superbowl. Good game, well deserved!

Sly-I remember that blog post. Love the duck hunt photos!

Am I missing somthin' here. Who's the baby?

Alas, Monday awaits. Nite all.

OMG, KDF - congrats!!!!!! What wonderful news!

Congrats to Tamara & soon-to-be-big-sister!

KDF - Congratulations to you and your family. What a beautiful wedding for an equally gorgeous and brilliant bride. And Tamara too!

You must be revelling in the blessings, which makes dealing with the bot an unfortunate inconvenience.

And *this* is how rumors start!

Edgar, Tamara Rhymes With Camera is a bloglit who hasn't visited in a while, but is famous for her always hysterically funny blog commentary as well her Rice Krispie Treat Oosik, presented to Dave during one of last year's strumpets. Additionally, she is a fabulous babe.

I miss her.


*snork* @ sly

KDF is not related to Tamara, who used to hang out here. KDF posted a link to Tamara's blog to let us know the latest in TRWC's life.


If they are related, then, nevermind. (But they aren't)


sly!!! OMG!!! How do I get out of this???

Guys. The fetus. Is. NOT. Mine.

She's Tamara's.

The bot hated me, but got over it. We're cool now. And I'm drinking alcohol. Cause I'm NOT pregnant.



There, there, KDF........I'll make you a rice krispie ™ Tom Brady - and you can nibble to your hearts' content! Will that cheer you up??

thank you, sly!

*still snorking*

OMG! KDF is having Tamara's baby!! I don't know how!! Pass it on!

KDF, I think it's one of those "no good deed goes unpunished" things.

I tried to deny my inner fetus, too, KDF....

.....and then Fed comes to the rescue!


even more off topic than the current off topic:
i need a judgement call...
last week after the patriots win, my uncle immediately sent an email in all CAPITAL LETTERS wallowing in the glory of showing up my ten year old who had been talking trash earlier about the game. would it be terribly wrong for me to now email my condolences? i'd use lower case of course.

congrats to trwc! husbands and babies oh my!

...and by the way, if there are, like, extra babies just lying around unwanted, could someone toss one my way????

KDF - Let's get this out in the open? Who was the hot chick in the wedding dress?

Fed just made me pee.

crossgirl, It is a law that you must now gloat back at him - in all caps - maybe even BOLD.

Crossgirl - I would send the condolences, signed by your gorgeous football date son. And please attach a disturbing rugby photo for emphasis!

Fed has that effect on women.

*bangs head against wall*

KDF - You peed cuz the baby is sitting on your bladder....plus, you drink a lot and have neglected your kiegel (sp?) exercises.

Med-That was Tamara in the wedding dress. KDF's a hot chick on Wyo's blog page.

Meditrina, re the hot chick in the wedding garb: please see my 10:35. :)


Have not!

pbbbblllttt!!! ;)

Just wanted to point out unlike KDF, my likeness has never been captured on Wyo's page.

Edgar-You should rectify that.

thanks guys. i suspected as much. i just didn't want to be using bad judgement in my glee. i thought it was particularly hateful of him to mail me. and he even sent it twice because i didn't respond to the first one. i'm checking out now. you may now return to your regularly unscheduled random blogging!

i dunno crossgirl...using all lowercase might look weird!

*runs in for a quickie*

I haven't had time to read all posts...but wanted to congratulate KDF and Tamara for their baby news!!I'm sure you both would make wonderful moms!!

Edgar - send a pic/bio to Wyo (it rhymes too!)

crossgirl, if you want I can show you some really good cuban cuss words to add to that letter ;-)

KDF, keep drinking.

Oh. My. G0d.


Wow, KDF?? Now that IS a surprise! I mean, i knew you were engaged, but...

*gives up*


cg...tell uncle that a Michigan grad intercepted the Brady (Michigan grad) pass to seal the game. So it's all even.

Who do I root for, living directly between Indy and Chicawgo?

please pass the tequila...i need it in order to follow this conversation...and KDF's...um, condition?

*h*e h*r *an*rk*

Just saw this...Bears fans are nuts.

*snork* at s-girl

pssst, you are NOT helping, sistah

ROFL! K! Darlin! You could have told me! Congratulations!

Congrats to whoever's pregnant! Even if it is Fed Duck.



And after all those lamaze courses we went through together.....I'm crushed.


Well, duh!

I'm sorry, but I'm still laughing too hard watching you try to extricate yourself from this bottomless pit of misconception (HAR!!) to say anything actually funny.

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