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January 15, 2007


We apologize in advance, but we must post about a serious topic affecting millions of Americans: the TypePad spambot.

We have received billions upon billions of emails complaining about being unable to post during 24. Well, for weeks now, but especially during 24. We wish we could do something about it. Truly we do. We ourselves wish we didn't have to type in all those annoying little tiny misshapen numbers (or are they letters?) on the very dark background, only to have it ask us again and again. Unfortunately, the only thing we can do is tell you that this is the contact information for the spambot's controllers. We hope they can help.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.

UPDATE: This is also the place to report when you can't post at all (as quite a few people have reported recently) because the IP address was blocked.


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Not your fault, judi. We all know that.

Have Chloe taser them, maybe that'll help.

so it's not just me?!

I tried to comment there, but the spambot blocked me.

I'm just glad they're not blocking ME anymore...for now. I'm with Jeff. Taser them.

The robot stuff was one thing -- but when they interrupted everything with a survey asking about my Typepad experience -- DURING 24!! -- that was way too far from the pig.

I really really really wanted to tell them what I thought, but that wasn't the time for it. But later today, I do plan on setting up a perimeter and monitoring them with an Uzbecki (sp) satellite.

Judi - I have kinda gotten used to the Bot. It's like elementary school - you eventually get used to being pushed down, beaten up and thinking that you are the only one.

After awhile, it kinda becomes expected, somewhat comfortable, and definitely a safety feature:

Like, If I am not sober enough to read the squiggly, crumpledy, strange alpha numerics, I should probably NOT post.

No worries, judi. We all understand that the spam-bot is but a small annoyance that isn't really all that bothersome...
Ah hell, I can't even write that sh!t. SOMEBODY SHOOT THE DAMN THING!!!

*shoots bot in the thigh*

i think it's fun trying to squeeze a naughty word in past the bot (nookie) - it's criteria seems entirely random - one day the word "ass" will send you to robot hell, while on another day you can drop an f-bomb and it will go right through, so to the robot i say WTFBBQ, and "type this".

WTG judi!

Let's bomb them (so to speak) with comments about how awful they are.
/end good suggestion

no no no Cookie!! then they can you ban forever!!

They are NICE people. Wonderful people. You know...people who need people...etc.

oops....ban YOU

*had a dislexic moment there*

I wouldn't be surprised if Audrey is the bot. Or Nina Meyers. Or Mrs. Palmer. You know, the face of evil.

*takes a bite outta the 'bot*

Yuck. Tastes like frozen squirrel.

Well, I emailed 'em. Gave 'em hell. Jack Bauer-style. Threatened to send them a picture of me in boxer shorts...

Oh, oops...

I got frozen out of comments at about 8:40 PM last night. After learning to deal with the damn spambot (grr), Typepad wouldn't bring up the area to type in comments and post. It just stopped at the end of the comments string. This has happened before on occasion but not to the degree it did last night. CJRun suggestd trying Firefox, and I would totally have offered him a BJ for that clue, but that didn't work either. Same deal with the Typepad issue not showing the commenting/posting area.

I was, of course, crushed but am hopeful for tonight. I am sacrificing TWO chickens to the Typepad gods!

I bet the typepad software must have something in it that detects the rate at which things are getting posted, since it usually doesn't do that. It must have flagged every dang thing people were trying to type as "spam", requiring that psychedelic eye test.

Jeff's right though...we need Chloe to fix this...

Suzy, that happened to me and the one way of getting around it is to use a proxy server. Email me if you want one I've used. I sent it to Lisa last night cuz she was also bound and gagged by the bot.

I'm on the proxy server today (thanks to Siouxie). TypePad is still working on clearing my IP. I'm hopeful for tonight, but if not, I'll use the proxy.

Hi Siouxie-Your comment wasn't there when I posted. *proxy mindmeld*

OK, I just got the b-o-t while using the p-r-o-x-y. This does not bode well.

Ding-dong, the bot is dead, the bot is dead, the bot is dead. Ding-dong, the stupid bot is dead...

Would you like some herbal v!@gra, or maybe a deal on your next real estate transaction? How about some hot ambiguously-labeled links??

Siouxie, you are so dang sweet! You are like the blog mom, handing out bandaids and gumballs....will you hold me?

awww....thanks (((casey)))! Just paying it forward! CH was the one that hooked me up with a proxy server.

Lisa, glad to know it's working for ya!

I please to aim.

Glad to hold any bloglits who need the feel feel the need.

um...CH? you may wanna specify gender.


I think my threat to send 'em more pics of me in boxers worked... 8)

I missed it ALL!! WAHHH! I got a call from my mom about my bro-in-law's next duty station - Kodiak, Alaska! They are stationed in Hawaii right now. I called my sis last night and talked and talked! At 11 PM I realized that the thigh shooting was over, but according to the summary, there really wasn't much thigh shooting happening. See you tonight, I hope.

You too Clean, just as sweet and accomodating as can be. Building me a subway, offering hugs....gosh, what a pal.

Siouxie, when I was banned you didn't offer me a proxy thingy.

Should I infer something from that?

*waits for answer before pouting*

Cookie??? when were you banned????

awwwwwwwwww If I had known...

I guess I was the bot's guinea pig when it came to banning and caused me to let my \'s out for all to see.

Like Jack Bauer, I was sacrificed for something!

Uh... SuzyQ, did I hear you offer CJRun a BJ (see 11:52 a.m. post)?

My goodness, what is this blog coming to?

(heh - I said "coming")

Yes, Mr. C, you read that right. And I would have been oh-so-happy to comply IF ONLY his suggestion re: Firefox had worked! Darn the luck, huh?

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