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January 24, 2007


The buns have left the oven.

(Thanks to bookbabie)


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Honestly, how many of you looked closely at that photo for multiple penii?

I thought this a delighted Kevin Buley, the zoo’s curator of lower vertebrates and invertebrates. said lower vibrators.


Can the baby dragons change water into wine to make jello shots for the rats?

I wanna know why the "related photos" have elephants schnoozling and rhino babies.

And look at that cute belly button! so cute! yes it is !

*de-saccharinizes self*

Little lizard!

I didn't, Gadfly...and it doesn't show.


miracle lizard
britney, jello, penii, toads
fart with confidence

Dang Mud, when ya put it that way I feel like I should get to work

*Uses best Jeff Goldblum voice*
Nature will find a way.

First, there's the ooohing and awwwing. Then there's the running and screaming.

Gee, they're almost cute when they're that size.

It's all down to Basic Instinct. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

*wonders what part of muds haiku almne is referring to*

If they want to breed the komodo dragons in captivity, why aren't they "exposing" the males to the females?

Squirl, see Mozart thread below. Amputations are expensive.

When asked why the komodo dragon babies bore such a striking resemblance to the one of the zoo's human komodo dragon expert, he and the other experts got real quiet.

*snork* @ Hammie/Jeff Goldblum!!! (I have a cool picture with him in nyc, bte!)

Lairbo - LOL -"got real quiet" I'm thinkin' they got ahold of some of those jello shots from the rat enclosure, and things just got carried away...

-e + w up there

But then they would-

That's physically impo-

Oh, ew.

Major *snork* at Lairbo!! ROFL!

Lairbo, would that mean the babies will have opposable thumbs? Scary thought.

I only wish Bert Parks was still here to commemorate the happy moment. (*sniff*)

Scientists hope the discovery will pave the way to finding other species capable of self fertilization.
Like my sister-in-law who got pregnant after my brother's vasectomy?

how the hell do you teach abstinence to something like that?

"Flora is oblivious to the excitement she has caused ... "

What about the excitement she missed?

While we're talking about komodo dragons, it seems appropriate to remember this:


*Refuses to give Dr. Dexter a ride to Upper Montclair (my town) unless he ditches the dragons.*

Also, I noticed a komodo dragon-shaped grilled cheese sandwhich on e-b@y. Just sayin'.

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