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January 25, 2007


Key Quote: Don't eat too much squirrel from the woods near Ford's toxic waste dumps in Upper Ringwood.


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"Lead-tainted squirrel"

I have a feeling they're going to make a movie about this on the SciFi Channel.

Never eat the paint that falls off of squirrels..first thing I remember every day!

Those big words hurt my head this early.

Uh uh - wrong thread.

mm - how much lead can we safely ingest? Z.E.R.O.
that explains the dropping IQs in the area..

i'm going to run out and have a black leather jacket made with "tainted squirrels" emblazoned on the back. or maybe i should wait until my prescription runs out.

This is really plumbing the depths.

Tainted Squirrels WBAGNFARB

I'm totally changing my name to Myrtle Van Dunk.

Don't lead-tainted squirrels find it hard to leap from tree to tree? It would be hell on flying squirrels.

"We were brought up on meat we hunted ourselves," Van Dunk said. "It tastes better to us than the stuff you buy in the store, with all the chemicals put into it and all the processing it goes through."

So, I guess lead must taste good.

"Testing also has detected high lead levels in wild carrots, mice, frogs and plants."

*Trying to picture what the wild carrots look like, since they evidently aren't plants. Anybody got a picture?*

... she said as she scratched her hump.

(oops! that was supposed to come after Blue's comment)

Isn't lead contamination what happens when you shoot them?

I always thought wild carrots were the same as or very close to Queen Anne's Lace, those tall, white, well.. lacy weeds wildflowers that grow on the side of the road...

Ford was responsible for the toxic dumping. Lucky for him, he is not here to answer for his dumping, but I'm sure there will soon be a lawsuit against his estate filed by lesd-tainted rodents and PETA.

Is there a statute of limitations on toxic waste dumping? And does it apply to flatulence?

what's a little lead in your squirrel, people???

Leetie, I mean "Myrtle", weren't you a character in a book by Dr. Seuss?

And Dave, I totally saw Lead-Tainted Squirrels opening for Blood Sweat & Tears back in '69.

I think.

"Staff writer Jan Barry contributed to this article."

Coincidence? I think not.

LOL @ Leetie's name change

It's not a problem, with skill you can spot the ones with lead in them; they hit the ground harder after you shoot them- they're heavier!

I don't see cause for alarm here. The kind of people eating squirrels probably don't have much to lose to lead poisoning.

I've always thought that when you get the -hot- lead poisoning, that's the worst, fastest-acting kind! ;-P Am I wrong here, people?

Matt, I see you've already met Mr. Kettle.

"The advisory was sent this week to neighborhood residents, who maintain a hunting culture."

Whats up with that line, it has all the clunkyness of a poor translation.

Joben - it's a lame attempt at being PC. Don't call them 'hicks'and use some two-syllable words to be impressive.

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