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January 22, 2007


Smoking birds.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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Yay, Siouxie! Again! Now go do taxes!

It's not the birds, it's the statues fingering the feathered rats

I know the feeling. I have a slow burn in my attic.

WTG, Siouxie! Though, from the headline, I was kinda expecting something more along the lines of smoked turkey or something, like lunchmeat... I'm hungry.

*pigeon lineup*

Can we throw the Whoreabouts in?


casey, you may wanna see your gyno about that...just sayin'.

Smoking birds? No thanks. It's too difficult to light those suckers!

Never heard it called the attic before, Siouxie. "Basement," maybe, although that could be confusing, too. "Sitting room?" "Living room?" Er, "Dining room?" ;-)

Another thing which should be 'truely' considered is spell-check for the newspaper.

my bad! thought she meant basement. (it's monday and it's tax time damnit!!!)

maybe a shrink then??

No, Siouxie, it's guys who get shrinkage.

"Smoking Birds" WBAGNFA(Trampy, British, All-girl)RB

I knew pigeons were insolent, but arsonists? Here little birdie, want a mentos and diet cola?

Sounds like fowl play to me.

(all together now... *groooooaaaaan*)

Kind of reminds me of a church I read about in a book that had an attic full of bat guano...

I thought I'd scared everyone off.

*checks breath*
It's not me, honest.

Tammy, btw...don't know if you caught my post the other day.

GREAT picture of you and the 'do!!! woo hoo!!!

Thanks. I was nervous about sending in a picture. I sent my sis the same pic, and she was making fun of my lack of "lift and separate" action. I think she's just jealous of my near-Punkin-in-grandeur attributes.

modest, ain't I?

nah...you've got great bazooomage!

I'm jealous ;-)

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