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January 22, 2007


Condoms can be lifesavers.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Thanks for the (reservoir) tip!

Hey, anyone else here?

Hat trick?

Nobody here but us chickens....

If I had underpants on that were that unflattering, I would not want to be saved!

*opens blog bar, waits for stampede*

Who carries that many condoms around with them???

I'll take a rum and diet coke, hold the lime.....

if you had underpants that unflattering, you would have no other use for condoms.

Go to hell with your rubber gringo dave and the pipps (of gladys knight fame). The meek have inherited the earth.

"Condoms can be lifesavers"
Hah, if I gave a roll of them to my kid to share at kindergarten during recess, I'd get phone calls for weeks.


never mind

Gringo Dave and the pipps. Go to hell!


BTW, in survival swimming they teach this, without the condoms. Just tie off the legs and sweep the pants through the air. The wet pants hold air reasonably well. I sent the Blog a snake-related unflattering underwear link so maybe Mr. Two Bits will have his chance.

Type in the box (not provided) to verify you are not a rabbit.


Side ways thats spelled AasyLqK.

Exactly, Jeanettera!

CJ - thanks, but i am out of here. i'll check the blog from home in an hour or so.

ok..who left the barn door open again???

Busy Monday grinding towards a halt, Suzy, I'll go for a frosty Fuller's London Porter, poured not shaken!

I will not touch the "blow" jokes here. Not Gunna do it.

Still chilly here, Suzy--are there any hot toddies available?

I got nuthin', especially those underpants.

Jazzzz, you got no underpants? ;-)

*blushes* uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I just had this discussion with a co-worker today.... she wears Spanx under her pants, I prefer to go commando (no panty lines).


As I can't be sure the Blog or the S.B will choose to post this, but it fits in this thread, here are some Undies for Jazzzz.

CJ - your link cannot be found....much like my underpants...

Huh. Maybe this is fixed:

Undies for Jazzzz

"Who impregnated these catfish?"

"Dude, sorry! Got tired of treading water and had to use all my condoms to float."

Thanks CJ!! I think I prefer the "Spring Sky" model. I'm just afraid the panty line will show under those tights

Punkin and Jazzzzz, I'm with you in the commando corner. Less material up my @$$.

wow, this must be a really "interesting" topic. I'm blocked from every link...

they're ribbed for your survival!

Isn't this taking McGyver to an extreme?

Whatever floats your boat???

*snork* @ insom

I want to float like a seagull
In the sea
Float like a seagull
Let my trousers carry me
I want to float like a seagull
Till I’m free
Float thanks to my protection

Air keeps on leakin’, leakin’, leakin’
Out of my condoms
Air keeps on leakin’, leakin’, leakin’
Out of my condoms

I prefer cherry flavored lifesavers.

Caution: this won't work with the sponge.

*sweep, sweep*

also protects against sperm whales.

*snork* and a mojito @ Sio!

*snork* @ Siouxie

hehe...thanks ;-)

*sips her mojito*

*sets up drinks on the bar for all who requested, and an extra mojito for Siouxie*

What the hell, right? Only 1.35 'til Jack!

Condoms can be lifesavers.

But with that hole in the middle the reverse is NOT true.

"Condoms can be Lifesavers"

Isn't that a choking hazard? Eeeww.

Next they'll be saying that "Condoms can be M&Ms" because they... well, they don't melt in your hands, at any rate. Or your mouth. So maybe they just make really poor candy.

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