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January 26, 2007


1. Is there anybody in the movie industry who is not annoying?

2. Is is possible to make a movie without, in some way, involving Kevin Bacon?

(Thanks to Ted "Hollywood" Habte-Gabr)


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one more FIRST???

Somebody please tie that kid down and give him a haircut. He looks like that hideously annoying brat from "Eight is Enough." (Geezer alert.)

1. No.

2. It's been tried to no avail.

I bet the movie will be crud anyway.

Yes he does, Guin!! and that kid was annoying as hell!

*starts the geezer bus*

*carbon monoxide fumes from geezer bus making me sleepy*
Time to go, I think. Later, everybody!


Of course there are! Lots of them. I believe they're called "gaffers".

Also, it's possible to make a movie without Kevin Bacon. The more important question is, why would you want to? I mean, granted, it stretched my suspension of reality abilities when he played the hooker with a heart of gold who moved to Iowa and built a little league park for one legged urban leper midgets, but by the end of the film I had finished my popcorn. What more can ya ask?

Adam Rich, druggie.

"One of the most frustrating things was that Ms. Kanter stopped me from showing the film at Sundance for two years in a row," Kay said. "I don't think that's fair."

So he took his film and went home.

ahh...Nice to know he made something of himself, Jeff.

*Starts drafting the screenplay for the movie about the making of this movie.*

Any casting suggestions?

sly, all feexed up with Typepad?

*meanwhile, in a bar*

"Why the long face?"

"I'm a dog."

"Ah. Still, you seem down."

"I should. I was going to be a big star. Made a movie about being a stray some kid saved. Kevin Bacon is in it, for crying out loud."

"That sounds great!"

"Yeah, but stupid Ms. Kanter won't let us show it at Sundance."

"What a bitch."

"Hey, my mother's a bitch. Do you mind?"

"Oh, uh, sorry."

MtB -
Glenn Close, Emmanuel Lewis, Dustin Hoffman and Air Bud. Assign parts at random.

It's a toss-up whether this actor should play Kanter or Bacon.

Siouxie, yup. I'm back in blogland.


The "T" stands for Tiberius.

i promised myself years ago that i would never watch another movie with Kevin Costner, Kevin Bacon or Tomcat Cruise. Sadly, i've not been to the movies in 18 years.

Mornin' again! signing in here from tax hell.

That's good to know, sly! Someone should fire that bot.

Did anyone notice that "feisty" was spelled wrong in the photo caption? c'mon, it's the LA Times, not the Podunk Daily. I'm just sayin'...

q: who is worse, the 10 year-old trying to make it big in the movies on the basis of voicing a cartoon pig, or the pseudo-adult trying to ride the kid's preteen coattails?

a:trick question. the answer is, of course 'kevin bacon'.

cruise, bacon, punk kid
feed'em all to the squirrels
and leave me alone

goddam pretty boys
far worse than britney they are
ain't got no ta-ta's

grumpy already
i'm going to the dog bar
get me some strange pooch

It all started when they named her "Conroy."

1. Yes, the guy that sells popcorn is ok.
2. Yes, but it takes the blood sacrifice of a goat and a case of Budweiser.

How did Mullet-boy beat me in with this story? I emailed it about 5 minutes after it posted. He must save a lot of time shaving or something. Sure is speedy for a Hapte-Gabr. ;)



i before e
in the state of ac.

I feel it is my patriotic duty as a patriotic American from America to point out that:

Dave Barry was in "Dave Barry's Guide to Guys" with
John Cleese, who was in "The Big Picture" with
Kevin Bacon.

Wooo! I need a hobby!!

Actually, in this instance, Cheezewhiz, cherrypie's right.

Gotta love english and all the rules that don't mean anything, huh?

whoa, a duck sighting! Fed, are you suggesting that maybe dave and kev are...close?


Too bad I like to watch tv and movies or I could suggest boycotting tv and movies.

southerngirl, that was actually a setup to divulge the fascinating secret that:

Dave Barry wrote "Dave Barry's Guide to Guys" which included
John Cleese who played a bartender in "The Big Picture" alongside
Kevin Bacon who starred in "Saving Angelo" which was directed by
Feisty 10-yr-old Dominic Scott Kay!!

Don't be shy, Dave! You know you orchestrated the little whelp's career.

That connection is valid, Fed, but I wonder why you didn't point out that Dave and Kevin meet every Friday night to play poke her?

By the way, this is where Dave chimes in, "Oh yeah, Christobol, tell your wife it's her turn to bring beer."

But I beat him to it, so that makes it sting less.

Or it should have.

we are not starting that game here are we?

I'm home today dealing with sinuses. Right now I'm watching a Will and Grace rerun.....


Seriously, what are the odds?

(*waves at Fed, an American duck)

slyeyes - and that is what is wrong with America today. K-Bacon and K-Fed.

It all started when they named her "Conroy."
My thought exactly, c-whiz. She was doomed to be a pain in the a$$ from the get-go. Even worse if she adopted that name herself. (Did you know Sigourney Weaver's real first name is Susan?)

Stevie (all growed up now) what, pray tell, is wrong with Susan???

according to imdb (geezers can remember when that was banned), dominic scott kay was in 'minority report' with you know who... it's all a plot, i tells ya!

conspiracy theory

sly, I remember that W & G episode!

One of my favorite new shows is "The Closer". It stars Kyra Sedgwick, who is, of course married to...Kevin Bacon.

Can't get away from him...

Nothing is wrong with Susan, sxi. I was referring to how some people change their names to something unusual to attract attention. You obviously attract enough attention without resorting to such foolishness. (I mean that in a good way. Snicker, snicker).


course you do!

The child actor was in Charlotte's Web. Hopefully Bacon stays away from that movie.

AWBH, there's lots of bacon in Charlotte's web. well, there would have been, if not for charlotte. ;)

I been working so hard
Ms. Kanter's a 'tard
Keep filmin', for what?
Oh, tell me what I got
I get this feeling
That bitch is holding me down
I'll leave her reelin'
She'll never work in this town
The court has gotta cut

Loose, me loose
Put on my Sundance shoes
Please, pretty please
Set my creation free
Jack, call me back
Got a movie 'bout a dog on crack
Lose my blues
If the court'll just cut me loose

I play it so cool
I believe, I rule
Deep way down in my heart
You know I'm hopin' for some
Some judge to tell me
That life ain't passing me by
Kevin Bacon told me
Go sue that bitch for your rights!
I could fly if she'd only cut

Loose, me loose
Slip on my Sundance shoes
The girls, I'll see
Will shake it, shake it for me
Whoa, I know
C'mon, c'mon let go
Lose my blues
Everybody cut me loose
FIRST - we got to turn her around
SECOND - we tie her up on the ground
THIRD - Now take a hold of my film
FOUR - Whooooooooa, I'm turning it

*SNORKS* @ C-bol while dancin'!!!

awesome job!

Woo-hoo C-bol! Kevin would be so proud!

OT Alert:


Wish I could have a chance to meet him!

*does ecstatic happy dance*

/End OT

YAY Ducky!!!

Take crapcam pics!!!

Siouxie, I don't think I'm gonna be close enough. I'd need a zoom lens!

Kevin Bacon is in a lot of movies! Now *there's* a fresh insight.

JD - hang out afterwards - bring a sign that says something like - "will blog for boogers" or something.

Good idea, Annie, but I don't think Mr. Ducky would go for that.

maybe if you let him hold it. Dave is really nice about meeting bloggers. He knows he'd be nothing without us. Ok, I'm lying about the nothing part, but he often hangs out afterward, hoping for cookie donations.

So, Annie, where should I hang out afterwards? Near the stage? Should I take brownies? I really don't think I'll be able to cart along a sign!

Or you can lure him out holding a box of Cheez-Its®

Annie's right, Dave loves to meet all his stalkers bloggers.

Kind of OT but,...


I think this kitty is going to need a nice relaxing visit to yesterdays spa

Yeah, near the stage. If you can show proof that you've had all your vaccinations, he'll even take a picture with you. (I was kidding about the cookies/brownies - sometimes I joke around.)

Gadfly's linky thing

Poor kitty!

LOL well at least the kitty freed itself.

Annie--sometimes you joke around? Really?? ;-)

Gotta go for a little while--see y'all later!

Even more off topic, check out this singing cowboy!

Well,...that's disturbing

I agree, Gadfly... I mean, what is with that hat?
It it totally not his color!

I stopped watching. Not particularly funny to me...sorry jon ;-)

Bye Ducky!!!

I was more concerned with the way the guitarist is leering after his horse

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