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January 25, 2007



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'children are divine and so are cows'

Now they tell me!

How the H does he get all that on his calling card?

*Looks at hamburger in fridge, decides not to say anything*

This is what happens he you drink and write. You begin to just make the names up. Let this be a lesson to all you kids out there. Friends dont let friends write drunk - find a ghost writer.

From another world - where are you from? Last night Mot from SA and Kaffy from Australia were discussing our far flung correspondents. I thought of you...

I am an American living in Papua Indonesia. It is 10:45 pm.

World Festival of Cows?

*packs LOTS of charcoal*

I also see that the upcoming World Festival of Cows is going to involve nearly 25 people. I guess this means it IS a small world, after all!

So Kaffy in New Zealand is the first on the blog to greet a new day, followed by FAW, then myself, folowed closely by Ameri (only during European wiinter, in summer we are on the same time) Then would be anybody in the UK, then East coast of Canada, finally the 4 US Zones. (ignoring Hawaii for the moment).

Tosses a belated "l" up there.

Internet is real 'iffy' here. So I foot post as much as I would like. I do enjoy the snorks when reading though.

As a show of solidarity, we should start the first annual, Talk Like a Cow Day.

FAW, Isn't it scary being right on the "rim of fire"?

Darn T9 on this phone. Change foot with Dont. I guess you could say I put my foot in my mouth.

The earthquakes dont bother me. I used to live in Ca. A volcano on the other hand could ruin your whole day.

"He also pleaded with the State Government to support enterprises to produce gomutra and gomaya without resorting to any cumbersome legislation."

Hey, that's what we need here, more gomutra and gomaya. Anybody got any extra?

Hey, isn't gomutra and gomaya what Laverne and Shirley sang while skipping down the sidewalk?

"Gomutra and Gomaya"
I saw that movie. Godzilla kicked their butts.

casey I thought they were cities in the bible destroyed by fire and brimstone.

*turns History Channel off*

Casey you may be on to something. I think Squigy wrote this article.

FAW sorry about the delay - had to commute to wrok. Thanks, now I have a frame of reference. And also sorry for mis-assigning Kaffy...

Catch you later. Off to bed.

I thought Gomutra and Gomaya was that city that was destroyed in the Bible, no?

whoops, my apologies, fivver...didn't see your post.

*note to self*


a world festival of cows will be held at Sri Ramachandrapura Mutt from Apr. 21 in which nearly 25 lakh people are expected to take part

serious question: what is lakh? is it a multiple number or a group of people?

mm, I believe that is a multiple number of groups of people.

According to Wikipedia, One lakh is equal to a hundred thousand

*apologies to Reference Wench*

Ty, that's a lot of people...

*packs more charcoal*

Would it be wrong to suggest we observe the World Festival of Cows with a barbeque?

*groann-snork* @ fivver. I went out with a guy like you once...Narrowly escaped marriage...but we laughed a lot.

BBQ!! I'll bring the potato salad & beer!!

mm - he was obviously a gentleman, scholar and prince among men...

A volcano on the other hand could ruin your whole day.

True words of wisdom, FAW.
*tucks blankie under FAW's chin, tiptoes out*

*zips in*

I didn't understand one word of the article, but I was happy anyway. We haven't had news from Mysore for quite a while. It's good to know they're still around...:)

usually, i want to buy a vowel. i think i need more consonants, and a couple hyphens. and all you guys who can do anagrams..., try that one. [dont look at me.]

Did anybody see this other story on mysore

I was actually in Mysore last April. It's a beautiful city. Relatively small by Indian standards, and the traffic isn't half as insane as Bangalore.

And I couldn't help giggling like a schoolboy when we got on the "Mysore Ooty Road". It didn't help matters that it was riddled with potholes. Boy, was my Ooty sore after that ride! (But Ooty is even more beautiful than Mysore!)


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