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January 25, 2007


I naturally thought of the blog when I read this item today in TV Guide's Ask Ausiello column:

Question: I'm lovin' 24 so far this season. What's the latest on Kim Raver
returning?- Barry
Ausiello: It's looking iffy at best. My CTU mole tells me there's a tragic twist involving Audrey coming up around the midday point that would appear to make a Raver reprisal highly unlikely.

We can only speculate, but I sense another impending death. Even Audrey getting married, or flown to some other part of the country, wouldn't mean she and ol' Jack wouldn't run into each other again. And with Jack's brother's wife's apparent lingering interest and the son who looks more like Jack than the brother, I wonder if they're shifting the spotlight to a new love interest?




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Hmm? Barry asked the question huh. Oh and first.

Heh heh...go away Audrey...with a thigh wound...please!

Poor Chloe. Another person she knows will be dead.

As the plot generator turns...

Mornin' Leets.

Who is the Audrey of which you speak?

I don't want to be a downer, but I just found Audrey on a cast list for Season Six episode 13. Of course, it could be that she's only there to take part in her own tragic death scene. Here's the link, but it also lists other people who will be joining the cast, so if you don't like spoilers I wouldn't recommend this.


And for the record, I LIKE Audrey. Poor Adurey.

A bit of a follow up: IMDB posts that Audrey will appear in 11 episodes this season. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Suckas.

Perhaps it will only be her bloated corpse.

I'd like to think that Audrey saw that nuclear cloud and thought "OOOO! Pretty!", and went running for it, or that she'll be killed by enraged mimes.

By "tragic twist" does she mean she'll burst into tears before she bursts into flames? DIE, AUDREY, DIE!!! Hmm, did I type that out loud?

Big snorks for Steve and Kali!

Am I the only one hearing Angels sing?




Barry, Dave

Audrey. Jar-Jar. Talk amongst yourselves, no big whoop.

24 Production Designer also talks about many of the characters in this season's mix as we talk to him in a vital post-hour 4 discussion on our show. Give it a sniff at the link below - Enjoy!

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Maybe Audrey will die from fluid loss from all that crying. WAAAAAAAAH!


You know what? I bet the tragic turn is that the writers of "24" read Steve's off-season "24" summaries, and Audrey will be ambushed and killed by squirrels. Her father will then cheer, and drive off the 405 freeway in excitement.

We put up another great "24 in 60!" reviewing the last episode on Monday in 60 seconds+, and some really great feedback from right here at the Dave Barry Blog! That you all for your input! Your ideas and input are vital to having a show like ours!

Well, I don't really have a problem with Audrey. Just please don't bring back Kim!

I wouldn't necessarily believe everything you see on the IMDB website, regarding future episodes. For example, earlier this TV season, they showed Sean Bean as being the actor who was going to play Sylar on the show "Heroes". Sometimes they like to have fun with fans, so I'll believe Audrey is actually in an episode when I see it, and not before.

IMBD is not God.

Nevermind Audrey, does her Dad come back? I want him to kick Lennox's a$$.

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