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January 15, 2007


WARNING WARNING WARNING: Do not click on this link for any reason, ever.

(Also thanks to DavCat14)


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1st to say, "OK, I won't."

i did and i'm sorry.

"A Moscow surgeon said the man will be able to have sex in a few months."

I guess the guy's better off than I am, then.

That didn't come out right. Never mind.

too bad it's a left hand 'cause it brings a new meaning to 'pressing the flesh'...

Better be careful when wiping yourself!

My, my, is that guy well-armed, or what?

brain bleach, NOW!

Yay! It's crotch-focus day! Growing male genitalia, pants-less subway riders, 2 vagina-ed cows, fart king, pooping birds ..
what'd I miss?

Ok, the picture PLUS the sound (wailing??) was pretty disturbing.

To protect his privacy??? His privates have been in the national news!

*why didn't I listen to the warning?*

Heh. Had my speakers turned off, so I missed that part, georgia.

The Wailing Arm Penes WBAGNFARG.

and 2 blog-points for that plural CH

"Little Johnny, That better be your thumb your sucking!"

Ow ow ow. Thank you. My brain has scurried away somewhere licking its wounds.

brain bleach!!

and *snork* @ CH's well-armed

"Are you giving me the finger or are you just happy to see me?"

"Both" Annie "both"

"Well....there's your problem right there...."

well talk about wearing your hard on your sleeve

"Oh, my, sir...your thumb is so, so....opposable!"

*snork* @ gadfly!
and (((stevie))), (but that's all)

Women will never know it's artificial???? I think if my husband/boyfriend/significant other was growing that on his arm, I might notice.

Found another use for elbow grease?

and placed silicone testicles in it

Neuticles. Now 2 uses.

Aren't we all just a LITTLE curious as to whether he tried to use it while it was still on his arm?!

BTW - at first, I also thought the mosquito buzzing in the ad on the same page sent with the arm-penis pic. Disturbing. With or without sound.

You know, I spend all day painting super sweet kittens and birdies for greeting cards. My theory is that articles like this balance things out inside my brain.
Or not.

I always thought people wore their heart on their sleeve...

Geeze, artchick, how do you stand it? That sounds like the equivalent of the famous Bill the Cat on Manilow experiment...

Should we be looking for hidden penises on your greeting cards from now on, artchick? Kind of like the old Highlights mag hidden pictures?

*Snork* @ gadfly!

1) I'll be he can't tell his arse from his elbow though....

2) I think there is a "man from Nantucket" joke in there somewhere!

3) and where do I go so I can grow a bigger me on my arm?

"Whoa....do you work out?"

Moscowski Komsomomolets is yellow press. In your place, I would not believe anything (actually everything) what it prints. They made up such stuff on regular basis.

Moscowski Komsomomolets is yellow press. In your place, I would not believe anything (actually everything) what it prints. They made up such stuff on regular basis.

Whereas ananova now... .

Oh dear Lord, you guys are so freaking funny! I'm rocking back and forth with my hand over my mouth and tears leaking from my eyes. Please, please stop, you are all killing me!

casey, sweetie.... "pull my finger."

the guy's a pioneer, a regular Neal Armschlong...

*snork* @ esther! Now I have something to do the next time Mrs. H. drags me in to look at cards for her mother.

I thought "double-fisting" referred to drinking two beers at once....

This guy gives a whole new meaning to that too...

There once was a man with a hanker,
to have a much longer wanker,
So, now "armed" with one bigger,
He now proves his vigor,
And ne'er a lassie's the wiser.

He can probably switch hands and gain a stroke, (I don't know what that means I just heard it somewhere)

So, is that a banana up your sleeve or are you just happy to see me? Thank god that was not on Amazon. I'm still enjoying the dead rabbit carcass.

Big deal - my ex was growing 2 chins and another stomach.

A young Russian man with small britches
Aspired to six-point-five inches
When sewed on his arm
It grew like a charm
But how can he deal with those stitches?

Gives a whole new meaning to a high-5 doesn't it!

Well now when he counts to 11 he won't have to take his pants off.

Seems like there should be a Dick Armey joke in there somewhere...

It also lets his thumb rest when he's hitchhiking.

WHERE does he find gloves?

I give this article three thumbs up!

ewwww! i will not click, i will not click, i will not click on unknown.....links

wonders how many times he's tried to lick his...


That's what I thought. I mean, c'mon! He's a guy! You know he tried it.

3 belated snorks to lance!

*sit on my arm...and tell me that you love me*

See, my favorite part is that we are now doing limericks instead of haiku.

If they had only grown this on his forehead, he could have been a lawyer!

Why didn't you warn us not to click on that link?!? I'm now traumatized for life!!

Yeah, I agree with you, Guy! I innocently clicked on the link, and now am trying to get that image out of my mind. I've heard of doctors growing other body parts on arms and bellies, but those were things like ears, etc. A penis? That's just.....well, my first reaction to that article was eeewwwwwww!

Only a couple of thoughts on this bit of nastiness:

  1. he has had his penis cut off twice and he is still going to be able to perform

  2. He lives in Moscow... where does he buy the shirts and jackets to keep all of his appendages warm?

  3. Why couldn't they grow the thing somewhere more appropriate... like, say, his crotch maybe?

I remember going to family reunions and hearing people say things like "Look at you! You've grown another foot!" But this??

Marriage would've solved his problem without surgery

wellcome to my rock world

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