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January 29, 2007


(Thanks to Laura Mooney)


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Why would a hermit crab want bling? It's not like anyone's gonna see him.

Oh, yeah, and FIRST! Take THAT, Senor Tancredoo-doo!

It only got a one-paw review. The Apocalypse might be delayed be a week or two.

Mrs. WriterDude will buy the kit simply because it's on sale. Then she'll send me out into the snow in search of hermit crabs.

This is almost as bad as the Doberman "Bad Dawg" Bling Grill.

Pimp Your Crab

What a waste, hermit crabs tend to outgrow their shells on a regular basis. This is just good marketing for the gullible public.

Being the owner of 2 hermit crabs (shudder), the critters do have a preference in shells.

Flash prefers the soccer ball shell to the plain one. This is a good idea for the impending birthday.

*snork* @ "pimp your crabs"

Bling for crabs? I thought you used permethrin....

thats an awesome example of marketing 101

...plus if you read the review, the bling falls off and gets into the water-dish, IF you can imagine...

Shoddy merchandise. I bet the Japanese crab-bling lasts forever.

*snork* @ om

med, you celebrate your crab's birthday? does he get a crab cake!??!

*cover's companion reptile's eyes*

Don't give my turtle any ideas! He'll want to be the first on his block to be blinged.

As for me, I'm shell-shocked...

my daughter wednesday has three or four of these and they are decorated.

I'm thinking about setting up a crabitat, and I thought I might take a shell and completely cover it in tiny rhinestones. I usually like natural looking stuff in aquaria and terraria, but just for novelty's sake...

If they're willing to hole up in shotgun shells (it has happened), then I suppose they will take what they can get.

I wonder if Paris Hilton put bling on her "crabs"?

Thos would have to be teeny-tiny tweezers and a pretty powerful magnifying glass, unless you think they've mutated into giants or something.

Did you see the part that said "0 of 1 (0%) of customers said they would recommend this product to a friend."

Actually, 0/1 is undefined, not 0, but whatever.

I guess only 1 customer commented and said he/she wouldn't recommend it. Doesn't say much about the product.

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