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January 30, 2007


I'll have a column tomorrow providing a detailed report on Super Bowl Media Day. But here are some CrapCam&trade photos I took today.

I drove up to the stadium with my sportswriterette wife, Michelle, and we expected it would take forever on Interstate 95, but we got behind the Chicago Bears buses, which were being escorted by motorcycle police, so we zipped on up there. Michelle took this exclusive photo out the window:
Inside the stadium we could interview the players. I generally do not do this, because they scare me. This is as close as I wanted to get to Brian Urlacher.

By federal law, whenever you get large numbers of sports media persons together, you have to have food.


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*just back from letting out the dogs*
*freshens own coffee and put on another pot*

Mot - we can manage a latte, even if you haven't proposed to anyone yet.

cg, tell you what, since you weren't here during the decision making process, you get to pick the breakfast for tomorrow.

Mot, I think you'd better get proposing already, or face a mob of angry blogchicks. We/they have more means of enforcement than you do of avoidance, you know.

here's an idle question- I was thinking of Mot's dry mouth there, and the latte, so is it wet your whistle, or whet your whistle?

thanks, tammy! thanks, mm! i pick anything sugar coated.

i really hope dave works "Nerd MacToot" into his next column.

I'll have minew augmented for sure, trying to blog and talk to the UK at the same time so if the postings degenerate to gibberish you'll know why. Not that they're anything better than gibberish anyway.

As for proposing, this can be done in a grope group session or individually, but the mood has to be right and it has to still be appropriate for wherever the thread happens to be going at that point.

*wonders how augmented cocoa/coffee will affect mud if Percocet is involved*

Here, Mud! Try this, I'm sure you'll mlike it!
*sits back to watch events that follow*

I do too, mud. That's my favorite of the anagrams.
Did I misattribute Hammie as the Spam&trade lover, or is it you?

hmm... may have augmented my cocoa a bit too much, perhaps...

morning, mud!

I think it's Chris (DPC) who loves his Spam™, mm.

You know, I have to smile every time I see Chris' name. I have a more personal take on those initials. I work at DPC, you see - Delaware Psychiatric Center.

Actually, mm, that could go a long way to explaining our dear Chris. What do you think?

mm, as far as I know, to whet my whistle would be to sharpen it.

yes, or more precisely, your tongue.

I swear I'm beginning to detect the stirrings of sentience in the spam bot. We'd better stamp it out before it spreads to Colorado.

I don't know that I've ever seen the phrase in print. I'm inclined to think it's wet vs. whet..

We've been suspecting that for awhile. Some of those things we have to type are...almost...apropos.

*grabs her coffee and slides over to the next thread*

*Picks up his breakfast, with severe gratitude, at the drive-thru window. Turns on car-PC radio to the Dave Channel*

*chases after Meanie's car*
You forgot your augmented coffee!

My understanding is that the best way to navigate around Miami is to tailgate a police car that is going in your direction.

The folks at the car rental counter indicated that being really, really close to police cars was the safest way to get around in general. They suggested carrying assorted pastries as a gratuity.

NT - stop chasing, that's the wrong car, I'm not in the red Mitsubishi with the Cheetos and the bald tires.

*Zips back around, opens cupholders.*

Two, please?

Cookie's probably gonna start to charge people who use her zipper, you know.
*hands over two extra large, augmented, full-fat blog coffees that are miraculously calorie-free*

I'm beginning to like Nerd MacToot too. I guess more usable as a name than tater condom.

PirateBoy - I SO agree with your thinking on who should be in bowl games! Now, if the cowboys (my hubbys favorite team) would just stop stealing the 49ers coaches, maybe things would look up!

Who was the portly guy standing in front of the football player? Was he security? Or did he just come from the brunch?

Patchy--I'm fond of "Mo' rotten cad," myself; it strikes me as the perfect poetically just description of Rep.(rehensible Tancredo.)... Just sayin'. Oh, and Herb Caen, the famous three-dot-item columnist for the S.F. Chronicle, would have loved your prolific anagrammatic efforts

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