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January 24, 2007


Okay. We do not understand why this spam-blocking thing is still a problem for posters, but apparently it is.

If you find yourself blocked from commenting, the technical support staff suggests:

They can visit http://whatismyip.com/ to determine their IP. If the commenters what to report their IP to us directly, they can use the form here:


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Thanks, judi!

And thanks to that fine-looking technical support staff.

Thanks, judi, I tried it but there's no option to say my IP keeps getting blocked. Am I missing something?

Is Walter the technical support staff?

Off topic: OK, was the tech support staff Robin and his Merry Men, or the original black and white Flash Gordon?

Threatening them nicely with the opportunity to be featured in the next Dave Barry column (a la Hotel Schpennslyvania) seems to do the trick.

"Gordon Conquers the Universe."

wasn't that errol flynn? do they make house calls?

Good one CJ!


there was robin hood-ish character (prince something or other) in 'flash gordon'... and since someone mentioned the p*n*saurus from flesh gordon, i can't get my favorite lines from that movie outta my head both from the professor:

*takes deep breath* "good, there's oxygen on this planet"


"I was alone when the s*x-ray hit. It was Hell."

Thanks, Annie. I was able to track it down. Another pic

crossgirl, that was Larry "Buster" Crabbe.

They used to run the serials on the afternoon kids shows. I watched them when I got in from milking the dinosaurs.

Um....all I did was right-click to 'save as' and noted the name of the jpg....please don't make the geezer bus stop for me.

well why are they wearing merry men outfits?

We always need more chicks on the Geezer Bus.
*Closes door and drives on*

Annie, a seat on the bus is reserved for those that 'right click,' when a 'hover' works as well and protects us from evil links.

cj - 8^P

How that tv renovation coming along?

*snork* @ judi's photo of the tech support staff!

Flesh Gordon - wow...saw that EONS ago!!

No, Siouxie, that was FlAsh Gordon.

Layzee - I think I was one of the first to get banned (don't ask me why - I think it's racial profiling). I contacted judi and she gave me those same instructions. This is what I did. I got my IP addresses (home and work) and then went to that link, clicked on log-in problem and wrote them a note explaining what was happening (can't post, etc.) and giving them the IP addresses. This will allow them to put your address on their "white list", which is a heck of a lot better than being on their sh!t list. After I got it resolved, many more bloggers got banned. Good luck!

*texts Annie the remote* Let's just say the leaky roof that was dripping on the old TV isn't leaking anymore, so I can hide my failure back in that corner!

Meanwhile, Judi posted a story about Victorian clown jokes. It and the comments disappeared! Weird....

Yeah, I would imagine they don't wear outfits in Flesh Gordan.

pogo, I know the picture is from Flash Gordon. I was referring to insom's post. He reminded me of this:

Flesh Gordon

CJ are you talking about getting your scones battered?

CJ - maybe judi was threatened with harm. Victorian clowns often lack a sense of humor.

Well, it wasn't my scones, but that was it. We've got your back, SB... bring Walter to fend off the lazy, pie-eating Bobbies!

Thanks for looking out for us!

Spam is delicious.

I agree. We should all blame Siouxie. :)

Those of you with other posting problems should visit http://whydoesithurtwhenip.com

*snorks* @ CH and bb!

"If the commenters what to report their IP to us directly..."

Yep, that was written by a tech support staff type person.

Lovely spam, wonderful spa-am, Lovely spam, wonderful Spam, Spa-aaaaaa-am, Spa-aaaaaa-am, SPA-AAAAAA-AM, SPA-AAAAAA-AM, LOVELY SPAM, ...

The time has come. You may have heard references to it, a passing comment here or there; but unless I missed it, the entire story has not been told.

I’m now ready to tell you. It was difficult for me to speak of this before, but time has passed, I’ve had help and I’m now able to talk about it.

I’m going to tell you the about the Great Blog Banning.

This was long ago, back when haiku’s ran rampant on the Blog, when it was just WTF, not WTFBBQ, before the days of *snork*, when we would just say “LOL” or sometimes *snark*, the olde blogge worde for *snork*. It was nearly two years ago, and at that time, the blog was run by different ThunderTechs.

One day, we began to notice that our numbers were dwindling. Where was Leetie? Where was DJTonyB? Peri! Where are you? WTF? Were people finding things to do in their Real Lives, and choosing that over *sob* US? Verily, we were bewildered.

Slowly, word got back to us through e-mail and other blogs that for some reason, the ThunderTechs were indiscriminately banning bloglits.

Why? For How Long? And Who Would Be Next?

Some found a work-around by using proxy servers. But in those days, there were a number of us who still had dial-up and that the process took too long. One of the Banned Ones, Peri, mentioned that she would press “post”, go cook a pot roast and when she returned her comment MIGHT have posted.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse. It did. We began to notice that past comments posted by The Banned Ones had disappeared! It was as if they had never existed, had never posted their haikus and limericks. When reading old threads, they became nonsensical. Yea, believe it or not, even more nonsensical than they are now. Bloglits were having one-sided conversations; they were smoking post-simulpost cigarettes, and there was no evidence of a simulpost. One bloglit’s most excellent song parody had disappeared, but other bloglits were holding cigarette lighters high in the air for no apparent reason. This was the dark days of The Stripping of the Blog. And not in a good way.

Those of us who remained huddled together for comfort, not sure what would happen the next time we hit “post”. Would we be next?

And then…..

There was a LIGHT in the east. Ok the southeast. It was the Angel, judi. She came to save us. As we huddled in fear and anxiety, scared and shivering, Angel judi stood alone on a windswept hilltop, wind whipping her hair and robes, the skies dark except when it was split by lightning, the air rumbling with thunder.

Angel judi had brought offerings to the ThunderTechs, hoping to appease them. She had gifts of boogers, blue shirts and Dave Barry For President bumper stickers. After laying them on the alter, she raised her arms and held high the Mighty Oosik and boldly demanded


All quieted. The sun peeped out and gradually all clouds disappeared until the sky was a cerulean blue. The birds chirped, deer and rabbits scampered about. One by one, The Banned Ones returned from Obscurity. We were simulposting again and the blog was once more hopping with haikus.

And Dave looked upon us and said,


Sly..........I think I may cry..*sniff*

*thundertechous applause for Slyeyes B. DeMille!*

And then Dave said to Slyeyes. "Verily ['cause he knows we giggle when he says "verily"] I say unto you, write down this tale, so that generations after you may head thy warning."

And thy warning wath headeth by alleth.

*holds up lighter for sly*

no-- HEED thy warning. Damn a perfectly good spoof made completely ridiculous (eyeroll!)

*holds lit lighter to that which is sly, hoping that future generations of bloglits will be able to see sly's post and not think I'm just one more guy of the male gender, trying to light a bottle rocket lodged in my butt*

Thank you all. Remembering all of that took a lot out of me. I'm signing out for the night.

*exits, leaving fire extinguisher by the door in the event those lighters get out of hand*

I pass my crown and sceptor on to you, Sly.

We should make it into a Davumentary, Coming soon to a theater near you.

Those were dark days. Judi saved me from the World of the Banned.

Yay Sly.

I thought I had just dreamed that whole Dave saying "SNAP" episode.

So, we were huddled together for comfort? Geez. I guess I owe several people apologies.

And child support.

I am nay but naught but a humble slave to the bloteth. All hail slyeyes so that we shall persecuted no more. I, for one, shall fall upon my sword.

Oh, but before I fall upon it, I will take the small doglike from hell out one more time to remind me what I live for (besides the blog of life, that is).

Live in peace, bloglits. Go forth and blog, so that I can screw off at work uet again tomorrow.

that would be "yetith"

wow...just wow!

slyeyes, that was most inspiring!!! and we now see that our beloved st. judi has once again saved us from the depth of blogdoom.

I respectfully bow to you and all our afflicted blog brethren. amen!

*snorketh @ C-bol

I have a dream...that one day..the blog banned shall be banned no more. That the Typad-gods should find us all worthy to blog in peace and harmony in a blog world full of snakes, squirrels, untalented skank ho's and boogers.


And for Cheryl…

*angels singing, golden rays of light from the sky, the curtains part and…*


From Lisa's link:

"Gifts under $5"

From the spam site.

When you really, really, really need to say, "I just couldn't give a f$%^ about you."


LOL Lisa & Cbol

*zips in*


And every word (mostly) is true, certainly the facts are. I was there during the great drought of '04, and it was a dark, dark BlogWorld.

Our fodder, Which farts in heaven
Manilow be thy flame.
Thy dingdong come
Thy will be dumb
On mirth as it is in heaven.
Give us this place our daily thread
And kick @ss on tech tardiness
As we forgive those
Who pypetard against us.
Buttlead the bot into prostration
And deliver us from weasels.
For thigh is the target,
For Jack Bauer, anaconda,
For heifer and heifer.

*waves to Cookie!!*

I'm sure it was the best of times...it was the worst of times...

wow...someone should write about that.

whoa...literary simul with Siouxie.

AMEN...uh...Ah..Men Sistah Annie!

For the blogdom, the Bauer and the gory are yours!

Annie, we're gonna need a bigger handbasket...is all I'm sayin'!

*snork @ "Give us this place our daily thread"*

You know what they say about guys with bigger handbaskets...

...I don't know what they say either.

Thanks, Annie. I needed that prayer.

*snork* @ LBFF, C-bol, Annie, & Siouxie!

And for Cheryl, Austin's annual tribute to spam

Sly... This is a tad belated, but that was most excellent! Also very accurate. We lost a LOT of good stuff.


I know I've blogged this before but it's worth repeating:

REV. SIOUXIE TO BLOG CONGREGATION: Brothers and Sisters...the word of the day is legs...go forth and spread the word.

Awww Just Ducky. Were it not for the sorry "no dogs" I'd be there. I'll just hang here and order breakfast.

*Well, there's egg and bacon; egg sausage and bacon; egg and spam; egg bacon and spam; egg bacon sausage and spam; spam bacon sausage and spam; spam egg spam spam bacon and spam; spam sausage spam spam bacon spam tomato and spam...*

*snork* Cheryl, did you click at the bottom of the page to view the day's activities? It's quite the occasion!

Unfortunately, all that Spam is just too much temptation for canines of the 4-legged variety.

Wow. Just wow.

I was at home helping Mrs. H. with the kids while she recovers from a bout of a particularly nasty 24-hour stomach flu.

Pipetard, having been told most firmly to let me post from work, took its revenge by blocking me at my home computer for much of the day.

As awful is it is to be silenced, I am heartened by the fact that I did not live to see the dark days sly described, and yet can bear witness to the world of the brilliance that is The Bloglit's Prayer.

A happy good night to those of you in the 1:00 a.m. parts of the world, and a good evening to my brethren and sisthren in this time zone. And a cheery good morning to Mot and Ameri, and to all the ships at sea.

psst....after about a week of flailing about, trying to follow their directions but still hopelessly blocked from posting, this is what I wrote to the techy-mucks, and it seemed to work...

Dear Support-
I have tried several times to access typepad as you instructed. It keeps wanting me to sign up for a blog and charge me. I already have a blog and don't want another. My life is barely exciting enough to fill one blog, never mind two. I just want the ability to comment sarcastically on Dave Barry's blog. Please. I can dial in from home with no issues, but you seem to have blocked my daytime server. Again.

P.S. As I'm sure you're aware, Dave Barry is a wonderfully gifted humorist who is quite adroit at taking painful situations, such as tech support purgatory, and turning them into artfully crafted bits of humor that the entire world reads. A New York hotel he was less than pleased with was featured in one of his columns. It is now being demolished. Coincidence? Perhaps. But he is one funny guy I wouldn't want to cross. :)

I had a lucid reply in about an hour.

Oh, I dunno ... I really like ...headeth by alleth ...

Great prayer, Annie ... ranks up there with Twain's commentary on prayer, and Siouxie's exhortations fit rite in with his charaterization ...

Have I ever told y'all that I love this place? ... 'cept, the brilliance and thunder(ous farts) and lightin' flashes (and other flashes) are gonna make me go deaf and blind ...

Unless there's some other cause for my optical capabilities deterioratin' ...


Question: does the honorable Reverend Siouxie have altarboys?

Yay Annie! I bet that gave them something to think about. I was banned for having five firsts, two self-hat tricks, and several simuls in one morning. And then BLOCKED for 2 DAYS!!! (*dirty rat bastards*)

*pays homage to the Blog Gospel as told by Sly*

Speaking of segways....yesterday at work, I discovered I wasn't receiving all my email. A vendor called me about a question he had sent me - never got it or another email he sent. The server seemed to be randomly dropping email messages, with no rhyme or reason. So I emailed our tech-support dept, explaining the matter. Their response:
"Please submit a formal service request detailing which emails you are missing and when this started happening."

Annie, please tell me you didn't let them live after that excruciating bit of rampant stupidity...!

NT - if you call that living. These people drive and somehow manage to function, perhaps even procreate. I wrote back - "I am missing all the emails I didn't receive. This started a while ago."
Apparently that was enough for them to start 'researching the issue.'

on that node, I'm worn out from my battles with the tech-stupor bots. Off to bed!

I feel sorry for the ER nurses (and our own beloved DDD) for having to deal with all the stupid people who have their actions come back and bite them in the @ss.
Looooooove your answer. *contemplates mandatory sterilization of nincompoops to combat the outlawing of natural selection*

Sly, that was just beautiful, it gives me some idea of how the blog has evolved, and thanks to CH for the greetings.

I don't know who is going to read this, this being a pretty exhausted thread, but being new to blogdom I'm trying to figure out some of the acronyms. I kinda worked out most of them but I'm still a bit flummoxed by the BBQ part of WTFBBQ and ISIANMTU has me totally confused.

BBQ is barbecue (or barbeque if you prefer). It doesn't really mean anything.

ISIANMTU - I Swear I Am Not Making This Up - one of Dave's signature lines.

I swear I'm gonna reblurk soon.

"Bar-be-que," Mot; just a sort of intensifier on the WTF.

ISIANMTU is covered in the Acronyms link, up there:

Now I'm really off to bed - I do believe that the youngest Hands is going to let me sleep now. :-)

ISIANMTU - I swear I am not making this up
BBQ - barbecue. Don't ask me how it came to be hooked up to "WTF"

*makes note to refresh before posting*

Who'da thunk a simul at this time of night???

Nice to meet you, Kaffy, even with the disguise on. :-D

Good lord, a three-way?? Meant to be, meant to be.

Ch, you simul-ed with me two times in a row, I had no idea you were so fond of me!


What a nice way to head off to sleep... :-)

Coffee maker's prepped and on auto, and I've started the breadmaker with a batch of nice sweet whole wheat for the morning shift.

Good night, all! And an extra little grin for NT ;-)

Hey! I've been around for a few years now. I just don't post so much any more. Time, or lack of it can kick your arse somedays.

A three-way-simul with someone in disguise? See, I told ya'll my kink was intact.

Just so I know, are the glasses sort of a Clark Kent/Superman thing?

Cool it with the menage a trois over there, I'm getting jealous.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. The juxtaposition of BBQ with WTF is weird indeed but par for the course for this blog. Obviously BBQ is internationally recognized The Aussies call it a barbie, we call it a braai (Afrikaans "braaivleis" meaning grilled meat)

Not really. I'm just hiding from the goats.

However, the glasses seem to have the same effect for me that they have for Clark Kent, because I haven't been caught yet.

No need to be jealous, Mot, I sure you'll get your chance. :)

Goats? Was that three-way-simul even kinkier than I thought?

It may just have been. :)

*repeat blush*

*wonders if CH knew about this*

Ah, I think he can handle it.. or maybe he already did..

*zips lips before she gets in trouble.. again.*

I cannot remember the group but they had a hit with "Judy in disguise" and at the end of the chorus line they sang "with glasses" like it was an afterthought.

John Fred & His Playboy Band

I googled for that one. The song's pretty much where the name came from.. it's only there for as long as I'm in disguise. One day I'll go back to being just regular old me.

I'm in disguise with glasses too... makes it more entertaining when I show up without them.

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