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January 24, 2007


(Thanks to Lisa Bisa Fo Fisa)


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I'm sure their complaint will be dealt with promptly.

Were they wearing platform ski boots, by any chance?

YAY Lisa!!!!

a FIRST triple???

Apparently their sport requires much downhill racing on their heads. Oh, and FIRST!

Don't they have snow machines like we do in the states?

Can Colorado Air Lift some snow over to Romania in a cultural exchange program? We'll send snow in return for erstwhile surgeons' assistance with iguanas.

Everyone wins!

Hey! Yay! *does happy to be posted dance*

*snork* at Queen Med!

YAY Lisa!!!

those romanians, a bunch of brain urologic surgeons.

passed on to a higher authority *snork*

"But the protests may have been heard by that higher authority as forecasters are predicting snow to fall some time later this week."

Just goes to show ya, meaningful political involvement gets results!

"The snowboarders were quickly disbursed by blasting Barry Manilow tunes."

and Yay, Lisa!

Yay, LBFF!

Gracious. There are too many threads to cover during lunch. I can't keep up. Catch you all tonight.

Thanks everyone!

almne-That's what I was wondering. If anything, protest at city hall to buy a snow machine, rather than at the weather institute.

Man, those Romanians have a lot of faith in their weathercasters!

If the weather institute protest doesn't work, the snowboarders have plans to "knock over" the snow cone stand on the corner.

Somehow I think this reflects badly on the intellect of Romania.

*snork* @ Beppie for "downhill racing on their heads."

And a big "Way to Go!" for getting your story posted! :)

Annie-Barry Manilow tunes? That could explain some brain damage.

Yay, Lisa!

the Romanian capital city of Romania...

what country was this again?

could this be a part of a political movement?

"yo, bros. i think we need more snow! our snowboarding vampire bros can't even find enough powder at night to munch on stranded tourists and this is no cool,dude. i think the government needs to stop snow-hoarding so we can go snow-boarding!"

Whoa, dude, where's the snow? I can't 'board on this .... hey, somebody pass me another one and a lighter.

And, like, *SNORK!* at Lisa-dudette.

When we had snow here in SoCal a week ago, some local 'duuudes' strapped skis on their skateboards.

Annie-That must have been fun to watch! (as opposed to participate in...)

...it didn't really work.

*snork* @ insom and vlad

Annie-I would have thought surf boards.

If I were a Romanian I'd rather join the sit-in to protest crazed urologists than the lack of snow. Just sayin'.

Dude, where's my snow? ....Typical snowboarder. Romainian Snowboarders must be on the same wavelength as the ones out here in SoCal. Dude.

Romania... Hey! One of the sites offered at the end of the rabbit-pics was a feature on a Vampire-Hunting Kit...check it out...

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