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January 26, 2007


We'll give you perky!

(Thanks to everyone in the known universe)


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Percolated doughnuts....yummmm

No goughnuts for you!

HA! I didn't send this in. I thought about it but figured everyone else in the known universe did too.

Java Jelly Donut, please!!!

I'm definitely adding thess to my AM meal,
and PM meal.
& probably in between...

Just what you need after the dubious pizza.

Mot, and don't forget the recipe for the 'dead dog vomit' mixed drink in the previous posts. might need it after the 'special' pizza and hi-test doughnuts.

Toooo Perky!

I heard about this on the morning radio show coming into work today. Caffein in the coffee & the breakfast food - when this starts up, won't the 826 be a ton of fun then (like it's so civilized now...)

a sugar high AND a caffeine high...we'll need to smoke that pizza to chill.

So what happens if you wash one of these donuts down with a cup of coffee? My guess is you fly to work!

Now if they could only invent a doughnut that could roll along to my coffee cup and dunk itself, that would really make my mornings

In the AM, not only will folks be talking on their cell while driving, but reading the newspaper, putting on make up/shaving, doing a hand wash... all at once So much multi-tasking, so little time.

Hey Mot - No worries about the bus.

I got us a double wide since it's the weekend. I also had the seats taken out and couches, papasans, and recliners installed. A flat screen tv (Dave gets the remote - it's his blog)is installed on the back of the driver's seat and opposite the bar.

Everyone on the bus! It's time for happy, er, the early bird special.

Finally, a worthy companion for my 4-shot latte! I might actually wake up for that first morning class!

What's with the perky woman in the middle, wearing the red? It looks like her front middle tooth groweth a bit too much...maybe she should get that filed down...

Andy, it's a leftover piece of cuppa-donut.

Sssssshhhhhh! Med, we don't want non-geezers, greying their hair and faking aches 'n pains just to get on the bus. As it is, the geeks are looking jealous and want to stay around after they wired up the TV.

Mot- some of us fit into both camps....

great, now i'm not even in the known universe.

i think if they can get coffee into a bacon cheeseburger, we'd have nature's perfect food.

or buses, as it were. We'll need the high-test donuts for tomorrow morning. But for tonight...

Point taken mm, point taken

for tonight, pizza definitely, (Plus that'll give us more gumball ingredients) and beer (both kinds if we invite the pets.) Which wine is correct with pizza, white, or red? Guess it depends on the toppings. What did I miss?

C-bol, I was probably the last to send in this news item, I don't have the benefit of picking up this kind of item during my morning commute. It was likely a case of the last straw on the camel's back for judi.

Woke up this mornin, feeling wired
Two hours of sleep but I'm no longer tired
This morn I ate a doughnut with a piece of toast
Whoa, yeah
Someone filled my doughnut with dark French roast

I think we should wait and get Homer Simpson's input on this before we go into mass production.

He IS the expert.....

go Stevie!

I take it everybody's busy packing up to go home over there. Here in SA we are approaching the witching hour and thanks to the coffee, doughnuts and pizza I'm all Argus-eyed and my wife is trying to scrape me off the ceiling, the dogs think it's fun and feel the need to wake the neighborhood. Just a normal friday evening in the Hoople household

Did someone mention the Early Bird Special? I sure hope it's the meatlof again, because that meatloaf sure is good, with the mashed potatoes and the peas, and oh my goodness, it's just so much food, I can hardly eat my jello, but those young waitresses are so nice they give me a carry-out box so that I can have the rest of it for my lunch the next day, although it's never quite as good as it is on the first day, I wonder why that is, I have the microwave oven and everything which works for so many other things, and where are my glasses?

I've seen their show, I can attest they must eat them.

... and the world just got more dangerous for Card carrying Mormons...

Eb (send me a jelly one)

... and the world just got more dangerous for Card carrying Mormons...

Eb (send me a jelly one)

Gosh! Even the thought of Caffienated donuts sends me into a posting frenzy!


I'm wondering if I'm on the same planet as Beppie and BP. I'm pretty sure Mot's on the same one as I.

I can't believe noone commented on the naked jogger in TX. Are all the blogsters in Texas accounted for??

Hey, no need to worry about the calories-with each donut worth two cups of coffee you'll just jitter them away!

they've approached the heavyweight donut companies? I thought all donut shops were heavyweight.

This is no breakthrough. Anyone can take this substance which, at room temperature, is a white crystalline solid, and add it to either the dough or the icing -- this is not dramatic, just a new marketing for caffeine.

ka-boing, kaboing off the walls. now we need a cardiologist with us just for the fat in the donuts, and we'll have to bring along a blood pressure monitor and eat a pile of lipitor too. yum. can't wait. will they have to card kids who are buying donuts??? how well did Jolt cola do??? get some sleep, people!

I soooooo want these doughnuts right now. It's just not even fair.

I finally figured out why I got a guest pass to the geezer bus. No, it wasn't me and dad singing along to Ray Stevens, it's just you guys need someone who does CPR. And is skilled in dispensing gumball ingredients. I think I shall pout now. *sniff*

I'm waiting for someone to come up with clear coffee. I love the stuff, but hate staining my teeth. Come on, bloggers, Starbucks is waiting.

I'm pretty sure IV coffee wouldn't stain your teeth. Come on over to my place, Annie, and I'll hook you up.

Right after I murder the evil muchkins making noise outside my bedroom window.

Thanks, Nurse Tammy, but I'm allergic to needles. I'd take rabid dogs, screaming children and a python before I'd let anyone jab me. It's my main manic frailty. But thanks for the offer!

Annie, all is not yet lost! There's a caffeine gum I keep for emergencies. It can be found at most truck stops and (I think) at GNC. You get your quick buzz (sublingual route, anyone?) and no coffee stains. Minty fresh, even. I really used it a lot when I was first adjusting to nights. Amazing stuff.

*Wipes munchkin blood off hands*

Wow, cool - thanks. Maybe some Barry Manilow tunes would frighten the munchkins away?

Hey, I was not jogging naked, that was just a misunderstanding. I never jog.

Sorry Annie, my earplugs aren't capable of blocking that out enough for me to sleep. And can you imagine the dreams? *shudder* Enjoy your gum!

Anyone for a little Coffee Stout to help wash down that caffeinated doughnut?

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