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January 31, 2007


(Thanks to Ken)


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M-m-m-m... window shopping... without the windows...

Good for men, I guess. What do they have for women?

I can't help noticing it is marked with a little mens symbol, is that to keep women from mega-squatting on it?

answer: someplace private.

What is that blue sign next it supposed to mean?

I think that qualifies as a low-flow toilet...

But where ever would you wash your hands afterwards?

Oops...silly question.

Okay, Depends look better and better...

I should certainly hope so.

I think the blue sign is dutch for 'NO NUMBER 2'

you'd think at least they'd turn the thing around so that you could enter from the building side

I think the sign means "you need to be at least this tall to go on this ride"

The kid in the blue sign looks like he's really trying to escape.

*booking flight to Holland*

Its 4 sided.

fivver- I thought the same thing. Also it looks like the adult is trying to trip the kid over, well, whatever that thing is.

....and I hear in the Netherlands the streets are paved with gold!

Don't you wanna drive by and honk at just the right moment?

Golden showers maybe

OMGWTFBBQ!, you mean 4 men could use it at once? I didn't pick that up at all...

Liquid Gold, that is.

i guess people over there don't pee in their alleys.

... and risk that the user turns quickly w/"bird" in hand to see who honked. Spray city!

Sorry, guys, but...buy a better bladder, will ya?

did you all catch the "e-mail this urinal to a friend" button?

more than once I've wished for one of these when I was leaving a bar. Thank god for alleyways.

Hey, at least the men will get SOME privacy if they're not standing next to each other.

*wonders whether objects look larger through that window...*

ec!! how ya doing????

I can see "kids," not mentioning any names, seeing how far back they could stand and still hit it...

Couldn't they at least put up some shrubbery?

mm, I was thinking with those angled sides you could try bank shots.

Clark - I think you're supposed to supply your own.

I have some blackberry bushes I pulled out from around CJ's house....dangerous in this situation, but....

"It's ok, Shaq. Just think of it as a foul shot."


"Let me rephrase that."

yep, lay-ups, slam dunks, nothin' but net...

Hi Siouxie,
First day in this week. Leaving soon. Appt is tomorrow.
Back to your normally scheduled blogging...

It's not necessary to try for 3 points from the middle of the street, okay?!???

ec - you mean like a tripod shot?

not necessary, but the challenge of it, "Because It's There" would be practically irresistable, wouldn't you think?

I'm particularly fond of this one


Oh my! I can just see some little elderly person, turning that corner, as the stream comes in overhead from mid-intersection!!!

mm - until you became roadkill. Then you'd belong to "Sam's Club." (of stuffed squirrels)

A bird in the hand is worth two to the Dutch.

And of course, that would be a... wait for it... a Dutch treat.

The Holland Tunnel.

As tourists walk by, the bot will make them type


Just goes to show there's no place for a woman to have a private Nerd MacToot.

I thought men, or "guys" would pee anywhere....

Cookie, yes, but as you are aware, they like to celebrate every accomplishment. So now they've put a pee-shrine on the corner.

A pee-shrine.

I like it. :)

If you're so drunk you need a street-corner urinal, you're probably too drunk to use it.

HEY! I'm going to be in Leiden on Saturday! I'll be sure to take an exclusive photo with the urinal, if IN can find it. And if I have to 'go'. :)

so.....where are women supposed to go?

Maybe I don't want to know.

I think I would have to throw chocolate pudding all over that.

Just sayin'.

Proof positive that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

In the old days, there were pee troughs along the bottom of the bar so the men did not have to disembark to take a leak. 19th Century, so the women that may have been present at a watering hole would not have been ladies by the standard of the times. ISIANMTU.

If you are ever in Portland,Oregon, there is one still in existance (hopefully not being used) at Jake's Famous Crawfish. Also, Crawfish not being indigenous to the region, they had (until the 70's) a pit in the basement where they bred their own supply.


"I thought men, or 'guys' would pee anywhere...."

You got it, cookie.

We don't need no stinking bathhouse.

*at Dave's house, where there's only the one pair of pants*

"Honey, you didn't wet our pants again, did you?"

"I, well yeah."

They have a 50-50 relationship. They split their pants right down the middle.

I kinda wanted to cover it in clear plastic wrap and watch the hilarity ensue.

Looks kinda like Darth Vader without the head.

I think the blue sign means "Child Molester Crossing".

so, i guess the girls gotta hold it in. hey, people of leiden: we fart in your general direction.

Aww the Netherlands, always ahead of the times. But what bout takin care of # 2. Hey sometimes it just hits!

I grew up half an hour from Leiden. The blue sign merely designates a crosswalk.
But this is a good solution to an existing problem! Men pee in the street in Holland. It's perfectly normal. On a visit back home, my young son had to pee. I asked, in Dutch, a bartender if my son could use the toilet. He looked at me with shock and asked why I didn't just let him go outside. After that, for the rest of the trip, we just let him go in an alley. Suddenly he had to pee a lot more often. Also, it was hard to get him to stop once we got home.
I was out for a walk with the family once at a street festival. I stopped to talk to someone and failed to notice that my son had peed on a cop's shoe. He (the cop) took it pretty well.

I was in Amsterdam a few years back during the World Cup. You should have seen the lines for those things! Being a tourist and all, I made sure to snap several quirky pics of them!

I think there are quite a few people who'd be willing to use that fixture, despite its lack of privacy...

On Thursday night, I was leaving the FIU campus and saw a row of six people who had just come from a party at Gracie's Grill (the campus's supposed Rathskeller) using a hedge and fence in the parking lot as a giant public urinal. It was rather impressive, really.

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