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January 22, 2007


(Thanks to Tom Downer)


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That's its head? Heads, I mean.

Am I first?

I knew I shouldn't click, I knew there'd be a gross picture, but did that stop me?

What do you think?

Thanks Dave, now I can skip lunch, since I just threw up in my mouth a little.

I would have suspected that the piglet had a bad case of hemorrhoids without the description of what I was actually seeing.

Two-faced, four-eyed pig? mmmmmmmmmmmm can describe quite a few people I know

That's the weirdest thing I've ever seen.

Shouldn't that be: "Mutant Pig of the Day Sow Far?"

just sayin'

that's some pig.

*back to work*

Ew. That has to be one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen on this blog. Except for Ted's mullet, but that is another subject.

Thank you, Dave. I'll credit you with the pound or two I will undoubtedly lose today, being unable to look at food or anything else.

appropriately sent in by tom downer

oh...another thing...

that looks like the pig's butt with a mouth in the middle of it. very disturbing.

now back to work, damnit!

In a pig's eye, er, eyes.

In the barnyard, will the other piglets call it 4 eyes?

which have been hailed by Metro (if, admittedly, not by anybody else) as a sign of the imminent apocalypse

I'm pretty sure that Dave has hailed them as such.
Some of them, anyway.

Will it talk out of both sides of its mouth? Could make a great politician.

"YAAARGH! WTF is that?!?"

"You mean the latest edition of Teen People on the credenza?"

"...oh, whew. I was worried for a min..YAAAGHGHGH!! That's the most...my God...shocking, hideous thing I've ever seen!"

"Donald Trump's hairpiece? I'll turn off The Apprentice if you want."

"Thank you, that was almost...hey, what's that over there?"

"Oh, that's the four-eyed, two-faced radioactive toxic mutant piglet unearthed from the bowels of hades."

"Cute little critter, ain't he?"

"Yeah, we're naming him Duplicitous Oinks."

Just what China needs... another symbol of fertility! I think that that country is more than fertile enough already.

Ooooohhhh..... and Makin' Bacon!!!

I was going to say that if only this pig had been born with extra hind legs, at least then one would have gotten additional hams out of the deal - extra head parts aren't generally a food bonus.

Then I remembered that this was a piglet (and a half) in China, and that I've definitely seen pork snouts and ears in oriental groceries. So, the food bonus is back on!

I didn't see any of its eyes. Maybe I was just too mesmerized by that hole thingy in the middle.

And, I agree, ew.

I am so tired of Rosie getting all this undeserved press!

Snork @ Trump!!!!

*snork* at the donald.
pity it didn't have extra ears to make silk purses from.

that is definately a swine of the times.

LOL Hamm...er...Donald!

stop distracting me!! i'm trying to work here.

Suzy, that thing in the middle that looks like Donald Trump's puckered lips...two eyes. I had to read the 'description'.


I can't tell its a$$ from its eyeballs.

OMGWTFBBQ - that's the best picture I've ever seen of my archnemesis, Dr W...
four eyes, check (No nasty comments - I wear glasses too)
two-faced, check
pig, right
Yep, it's him.

From a pal.

Ted Kennedy with glasses?

Close, fivver; what they've discovered is actually the mutant race that spawns all of our legislative representatives... which explains why there's so much porkbarrel spending. With two snouts apiece, they need all they can get.

There have been times I wished I had two mouths Brains.

Jazzzzie, we all know that two heads don't mean two brains.

Siouxie: THAT was the eyes??!! AAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

*snork* @ Federal Duck

"of the day so far"

you're expecting more than one mutant pig?

One never knows, sct, especially around this place!

sort of reminds me of the joke about the three legged pig

if you hold a piece of paper or something over the picture through the middle of the "eyes very close together" the picture make much more sense. Just sayin'

It would be a better symbol of fertility if it had two schlong's and four in the sack.

*spits out bacon sandwich*

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