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January 31, 2007


Here is a thorough report.


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I have missed Dave's columns.

So I get to be the First to s say "yay"? Woohoo!

Self simul-hattrick?

wow, we should have superbowls more often so we can get more columns.

I loved the femur line. I must find a way to use that one myself. My non-Barry-addicted husband actually laughed when I read it to him. (He was given an Urlacher jersey last year for the holidays, if that tells you anything about his loyalties.)

Do you ladies think Peyton Manning's sexy?

This was a different Mexican TV reporter, a woman wearing high heels and a very short skirt and a top that proclaimed, in no uncertain terms, the message ''Here are my bosoms!''
That's what's wrong with American TV reporters.

I think Peyton's head is WAY too small for his body, Mot.

But other than that, he's a little cute.

You're such a pushover sthnbelle:)

So, Dave, did YOU interview anyone (or did you leave that to the sportswriterette?)

GREAT column, Dave!

YES, Mot, YES!

Stevie, so Katie Couric should have some enhancements???

Siouxie...why not

if you guys can listen online (or anybody in miami wants to) turn to jimdefede.com or 940 AM on your radio dial. hurry :)

listening now, judi!!!

Chaz, maybe it'll help the ratings, huh?

I'm Katie Couric and these are DOUBLE Ds AMERICA!!!

the femur line caught my eye because i read it as lemur. which would also be a good line.

What a depressing series of commercials.

mot, i'd have to see him in a kilt.

OK what are we listening to?

Jom Fede sounds more like Patti and Selma than Larry King.

LOL Stevie

Why are we listening to this guy?

or what did we miss?

Sxi, I misread your message about Ms. Couric. I thought you wrote it would double d ratings.

Seriously? What are we listening for?

I'm assuming Dave will be ON shortly?? judi?


after this break :)


*wonders that too*

I'll be listening in my underwear. (For those of you reading later in the day, this will make no sense at all).

*does cartwheels*
*hurts back*
mm, could you text me some good stuff?

I didn't even know I could make my computer do this..
*listening to the radio*

hurry up! I need to jump in the shower!!

here's a half-n-half hot cocoa w/frangelico, whipped cream, dark chocolate shavings, and biscotti. Is that good?

I've missed your Columns too - thanks!
I understand the players pain - living in a third world country where you have to explain why the players are allowed to touch the ball with their hands it can be frustrating the basics of the game.
Maybe a peace delegation can be sent to a certain senator to explain the game? Do it for peace Dave! Do it for the development of Colorado.

That'll do. I may have to follow up with a hot bath, after checking for/kicking out Hammie and his telephoto lens...

awwww Dave's got a cold...

judi needs to get him some soup.


We should give Dave some of the augmented cocoa. That has to be good for a cold.

The blasted site would not let me do the streaming. What were we listening to?

Castro looks like he's "dead but still taking medicine." Ha ha ha ha.

thanks judi, for clue-ing us in to this broadcast!!

Yay, Dave!!

Mot, it's talk radio, Dave's on the air. *yay*

ISINMTU the bot made me type c8fuvk

yes, thanks judi!

I don't mind being late to work now ;-)

I thought you could only get those break-away pants at stripper supply stores.

My heart goes out to those poor, shivering Hooter's waitresses. No, wait, that's not my heart.

Mot - interview w/Dave ow discussing leisure/track suits, breakaway clothing, bimbos at media day...

LMAO bimbo!

and YAY for Michelle!

ps...did anyone SEE that mexican woman reporter that Dave talks about....

Ey chiuaua...(spelling) she was hot

LOL now he's talking about Tancredo! (Mot)

I've never had problems with audio streaming ever, why now?

...making fun of Tancredo, rep T. giving out tickets,

Put up, chaz.

Hey, Jim - he wrote a book too.

ouch! zinger!!

Mot - they will likely archive it for access at the website later today (or tonight, in your case).

ISIANMTU - shopping in the Reebok store with my Jewban, we saw the breakaway pants. They were even on sale. We snorked heartily at the inherent humor possiblities. As well as the convenience...

we agree about those am drinks

Blogging the bowl? Awesome! I'll be at work, so I can use the blog to catch up.

very cool! now I can get to work ;-)

oh, yeah, go Dave!!

Ty, judi. That was fun. I haven't been part of a "happening" since the sixties.

Meanie, I'm listening to some of yesterday's show as we speak.

Yeah, thanks! Judi, you are awesome. Have an augmented cocoa.

Me, Mot, Stevie, mm, Siouxie! Nice simul, that.

Doing it in groups was always more fun NT

*gives Mot another augmented latte in lieu of a cigarette*

Slow down on the augmented lattes, I've got to drive home in half an hour.

Slow down on the augmented lattes, I've got to drive home in half an hour.

The bot seems to be stalking you, maybe it could be designated driver...

I can just see the Blog, a Tancredo-eating grin on his face, wondering how he can get crap-cam pics of the Everett tackle, and stll take up a collection to help the poor Hootettes....

*surfaces in tub and wipes off telephoto lens*

Thanks, Nurse Tammy!

*wonders who Hammie was spying on*
I haven't taken my bath yet. Been too busy blogging and making waffles.
*makes note to check in tub when it's time for bath*

Mornin' again!

*signing in from work now*

Any coffee left???

*passes Siouxie augmented coffee - it's tax season, self-medicate*

Yessssssssssssssss! thanks Tammy!

*good thing I shut down my computer when showering*

So, who do you think Hammie was spying on?
BTW, I really am making waffles. *drool*

I’m singing in the bathtub

Happy once again

Watching all my troubles

Go swimming down the drain

Singing through the soap suds

Life is full of hope, soap

You can sing with feeling

While feeling for the soap

Oh! A ring around the bathtub

It isn’t so nice to see

But a ring around the bathtub

Is a rainbow to me

Reaching for a towel

Ready for a rub

Everybody’s happy

While singing in the tub

Dave, some of us ladies appreciate your comment on the fashions observed at Media Day. (That was for our benefit, right? Uh, huh!)

But next time, it's OK to drop in a few designer names as well. just sayin' =)

PS-funny column!

Hammie?? got yer rubber ducky too?? ;-)

Mornin', Siouxie! Come on in, the water's fine!

You did. not mention me. You are a coward.

Lisa Dave mentioned fashion? I guess I must just tune unimportant garbage like fashion out.

Hmm...tempting offer, Hammie...

Perhaps when you get a hot tub...too cold here.

Edgar, yes I believe he mentioned hemlines and plunging necklines.

It's only 18 degrees here in MD, this morning. Brisk, it is.

NIPPY!!! brrrrrrrrrrrrr ok..INDOOR hot tub!

Cute song Ham!

I want to be the 2038th bloglit to say "Bring back the weekly Dave columns! There's no cure for Dave withdrawal. But curious minds want to know: who -is- this Mexican TV reporter Dave is talking about, the one with the short skirt and high heels, who was showing all the bazoomage? Purely an academic interest, mind you... :-P

But what no one has asked...would Self-Proclaiming Bosoms BAGNFARB?

*zips in*


I hate living on the Left Coast. I miss all the good stuff.

I need chocolate.

**zips* Cookie some augmented cocoa*

Ok, that's settles it. I'm petitioning Goodell to have the NFL play the Super Bowl in Miami every year. Who's with me?

*crickets chirping*

Ok, I gotta stop getting to the party late like this...

Another Dave Barry column! This is great! I'm getting spoiled with all the new stuff. I love it.

It's terrific, Kristina, isn't it? :)

We'll probably go into withdrawal next week.

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