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January 10, 2007


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Aaaaah....what a mutha!

It's so important for parents to support their child's interests......

"I just wanted to make sure my daughter stayed out of trouble," Santiago said.

Shortly thereafter, she was named to head the President's new foreign policy team.

That would never happen in Beverly Hills. The moms would have the chauffeurs duke it out. That way they don't ruin their manicures.

I don't know what the article is about, but I'm moving to Woonsocket. Just 'cause I like to say "Woonsocket."

"Mom, I REALLY wanna go over to the school to kick that beyotch's ass!"

"You are NOT walking all the way over there, young lady!! Let me drive you...."

The most shocking part of this story is that it didn't happen in Florida.

my mom made me walk to a$$ kicking contests. no wonder i'm scarred for life.

Was Jerry Monaco Jr. involved, or is he still nursing his wounds?

My mother never drove me to fight. She did, however, drive me to drink.

two snorks for annie!

*shoves a tub of butter under AWBH, 'cause she's on a roll*

Tiggers in training?

Be honest: You only posted that because the school was called Woonsocket, didn't you?

How come one child's mom is always a maniac?

"The offspring doesn't fall too far from the nut tree." Squirrel proverb

How come one child's mom is always a maniac?

"The offspring doesn't fall too far from the nut tree." Squirrel proverb

Now that takes talent.

Annie, when I first started reading, I was looking for where in Floriduh did this happen.

We are so proud of our local moms here.

YAY for Jeff!!!

*waits for the video "Moms gone Mad!" to come out*

Plot line: In an effort to further the bonding experience Mommy Ventura selects a school row to show her daughter the "hair twist" and "body slam" methods of street fighting. Unfortunately for her, the teacher's got her number! Charges follow...

There are some tough gals in Woonsocket...
Help, insom, this could be a limerick, but I have to get back to school.

Here's one while you're waiting for insom to post

There once was a girl in Woonsocket
Suspended for starting a rocket
Her mom drove her to school
Where she broke every rule
And they're all four on the court's docket.


Yay, Chris!

Good one, Chris. We're done with school here now. I am free to compose my own limerick whilst emptying the trash cans.

There was a tough gal from Woonsocket
She carried her teeth in her pocket
Don't tease her today
Or she'll make you pay
'Cause she has a left jab like a rocket!

A fighting young lass from Woonsocket
Said "shut yer yap or I'll sock it!
"I'm such a tough hard thing
"I could stomp Tonya Harding
"But I won't because Dave's blog would mock it"

I grew up in L.A. and let me tell you, when two Mexican chicks square off, you do not want to be too close. They use Judo.
As in, "Ju don' know if I got a knife, ju don' know if I got a gun, ju don' know what I got so keep outta my way!"

When I first moved to Missouri, I rented in what I thought was a quiet suburban area. The kids ran in packs, preferring to hang in the middle of the street, until a fight erupted between kids from competing packs. Then, their parents came out and began fighting with each other. The police were on my street several times a week.

I sooo wish I was poetic!! Those are great!

And eat_b_l---Missouri? NO WAY!! LOL!

And yes...Woonsocket IS funny!

And yes...Woonsocket IS funny!

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