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January 24, 2007


But we're the ones who are laughing.

(Thanks to MOTW)


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So THAT'S what airport security is hoping to find...

also, we've got the munchies

2ndish...I'll have to print this out the next time I get scolded for coming home with 5 new pairs of shoes.

High heels!

To find the perp, they should just hang around the airport listening for anyone asking, "Dude, where's my shoes?"

Having platform shoes and not being a Bee-Gee was the factor that sold them out.

lol, Meanie!

those shoes are sssssssssssmokin'!!!

Well..not so much laughing as giggling incessantly with chocolate at the ready and half consumed.

Man this pot smells like dirty feet!

Maybe that's what they meant on a previous topic involving Cuban heels?!?


Just dube it.

These boots were made for smokin'.

*zips in*

So that's where they wound up - sheesh!

Why'd they have to hollow them out? You can buy them that way.

DPC, those shoes look quite uncomfortable.

Edgar - depends that you are having done to you doing with them.

To deface shoes in such a manner is sacrilege! Men would be plenty alarmed if it were remote controls stuffed with herb.

I think shoes like that are worn for kneeling, IYKWIM...

Now, if the leaves had been stored in a one-quart zippy lock type baggie, that would be a different story.
*waves Hi (not high) to Cookie*

LOL meanie!! i want my high heel sneakers, and my wighat on my head, i want myy... sorry. got carried away.

New meaning to "catching the red-eye"

I wondered why that last batch had so many sticks and seeds and toenail clippings in it...

LOL @ Nurse Tammy. We called them "do me" shoes

mm - yep, that's one of the names for them. I think they ought to come with free kneepads or something, just to prevent rugburn.

*waves high to MOTW*

How could you tell? ;)

laughing and eating uncontrollably.

if anyone needs me i'll be busy checking all my platform heels for secret compartments...

Maybe the shoe bomber wasn't lighting a shoe at all.

*geezer alert*
This was something Agent 99 never talked about.

I hope all you bloggers realise that the shoes originated in Addis Ababa, the capitol of Ethiopa, where the rasta religion started. The chinese may be inscrutable but us Africans are downright sly.

*snork* @ Nurse Tammy

Everytime I hear of Addis Ababa I think of that line in the Superman movie.

Holy cow! If I wore those shoes (in DPC's link) everyone would probably think I was a female impersonator.

Mot - so does that make them Addidas High Tops?

Glix - No, but I'm sure they would make you prove it...

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