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January 15, 2007



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Sheesh! He's a HS kid ... I think ... so, whut's the big deal?

"she'd be prepared to let a leech suck her eyeballs"

"Eyeball Sucking Leeches" wbagnfarb

What the hell?

I WISH these were the world's biggest problems....

just what tv needs
to cleanse video pallet -
flatulent royal

i am the part prince
no i am the fart prince, man
this is great tv

have you ever seen
fart prince, c-bol in same room?
i'm just askin' (wink)

Is this story completely incoherent or do I need lots more coffee?

Little bit of each, blurk. A medium-intensity example of Engrish.

Thanks, CH.
I won a contest for the driveway park and then they complained about the sink so I'll just run to the laundry room for drink coffee.

whoa...somehow that made sense to me, blurk.

too much coffee.

I am the fart prince.
They are the fart prince.
Who ate the egg salad?

Woo, scary, Stevie w, you read my mind. Goo goo ga joob.

They're saying he went too far for Japanese TV??? I didn't know that was possible?

Okay, it's been a couple of hours, I've had plenty of coffee, and upon re-reading the article, I ask again:

What the hell?

In a recent update, Mr. Nokamura has become tired of his sobriquet and is now referring to himself as "The pitcher formerly known as the Fart Prince." He also signs autographs with a series of incomprehensible hieroglyphs.

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