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January 26, 2007



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Visiting loved ones? That would imply McD's uses real beef. I'm confused.

Yeah, if cats were caught visiting McD's Or Booger King, it would make sense.

I love the caption. A cow.

masters of understatement, those brits...

are we having blog troubles again? I'm getting interminable refreshes...

I guess they didn't realize we'd recognize a cow when we saw it, huh?

Maybe they think we're really citified.

The Adventurous Bovines WBAGNFA Kiddie Show.

"Oh no! Call the cops! The cow is back at McDonald's!"

"Thank you. I'm not that fat."

"Oh. Sorry ma'am."

If any story deserves an Op Ed from the Hindu community, this is it.

what the hell

"McDonald's restaurant, near Serpentine Green shopping centre"


Did the cops issue her a mooooving violation?

"Welcome to McDonald's, may I take your order?"


"Oh crap! Elsie is back! She creeps me out."


"Just give her a burger and shake and she'll leave."


"Frikken cannibal."

Mad cow disease perhaps?

Snork at C-bol!

If only more people were concerned about 'those dangerous trips to Mac Donalds' we might not have as many fat people.

*hides her bacon, egg & cheese bagel*

damn right FAW!!

Maybe the Chick-Fil-A commercials are becoming reality?

Maybe she's protesting.

Maybe she's looking for Kevin Bacon.


The gal in the photo looks more like a Holstein to me. ;-)

*posted by a different kind of Jersey Girl*

Geez... need coffee...


Maybe she's looking for K-Fed.

Runaway cow - Maybe she's looking for Richard Gere.

Is that a loose cow in the road, wearing too much eye makeup, too much rouge, a bleached blonde updo, a short red skirt, and four high "do me" heels? I didn't realize that British McD's were now a hangout for bovine hookers. Call the vice squad! BTW, "The Bovine Hookers" WBAGNFA punk band, IMO.

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