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January 23, 2007


When you're talking about appropriate ways to celebrate your city's heritage, you're talking about burying a 1957 Plymouth.

(Thanks to Margaret Mumaw)


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Well, Texas is pretty much NRA country, too, and it seems that I've only seen gun racks on "pick-em-ups." But maybe I just haven't been paying attention.

that car, in any condition, will be on e-bay shortly after being dug up. i wonder how much Golden Palace will win it for?

Ducky - I grew up in a 2-light, one watering hole kinda town. I know of 2 idiots goatropers (NTTAWTT) who have a gun rack in a sedan.

Probably packing a pistol in the glove compartment too.

Now that I think about it, how would a gun rack look in a Rav4. Of course, it would be a Daisy Red Rider BB gun, but a good preventative for the road ragers.

I have a Ford truck already complete with gun rack for the shotgun, but I still want the car.

A fine idea, Med! blurk, are you flying or driving to OK?

Fly down, drive back...in my '57 Plymouth.
The drive part that is. Plymouths didn't fly until '59, I think.

Blurk; don't say that line from that movie.


Med, ya got me. What line from what movie?

Fly there, drive back. Million Dollar Baby

Hillary Swank is a veggie when she drives back. Not Good.

OH!! I 'member now.

Good evening people!!

LOL that blog was sure stuffy!!! I just had to post my ...Booger!!!

Hooo boy. The Kansasbloggers said we'd rather drink than care about the country and they are not involved in a "are to, am not" type argument over there.

I need a drink.

*makes sly a mojito*

hola blurk! daughter let you use the computer tonight???

I'm fairly certain I care about our great country. Now, I'll take a drink please, Siouxie.

Funny you should ask that, Siouxie. She just finished her homework and is now "Dad-it's-my-turn"ing me.

oh well! that's why I have TWO computers! ;-P

Thanks, Siouxie. And I meant "they are NOW involved in a "are to, am not" type argument over there."

blurk; in your opinion, is the Military Times a reliable news source?

*pours blurk a JB on the rocks*

As reliable as any other, I suppose, sly. The stories are written with whatever slant the author has. I really don't a "just the facts" reporter exists anymore.

Add a "think" up there...wherever you want is fine.

One more JB and I'll type coherently...or pass out on the keyboard.

Either way is fine.

I only posted that one Booger ;-)

they did "welcome" the Barrytes LOL

*was definitely in the minority anyways*

THAT's why I love it here. No politics. Just snakes, squirrels, boogers...etc. The stuff we really should be concerned with.

Yeah, they got down to a 6th grade level pretty quickly...

Did not!

Oops. Sorry. That's an easy habit to slip into.

There's no place like home; there's no place like home.

again I say...Booger!!!

now now children!

Annie, when you check in here; excellent job in Kansas!!

Yes, Annie, ditto what sly said.

well hello dave barry, hello dave barry, It's good to be back home where we belong

*zips out* :)

Time for bed here on the east coast.

*sets the coffee maker ready for us morning slugs*

Nite all! At least we all agree on one thing. Humor.

Hey, guys....thanks. I'll check back in a little while. I'm so glad we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto. After that debacle, I need a shower.

OK, i've read annie's comment twice, and all i see still is:

toto...i need a shower

so, does toto get to watch?

Blech. I just read that other blog. Now I need a second shower. My answer when someone asks me if I'm a Republican or Democrat is "NO". I try to vote for the lesser of two (or three) weasels.

*notices TCK in Toto costume*

I never thought I'd say this,toto, but while I was in Kansas, I missed you. Not to say everyone on that blog was wack, but the ones who were - hoooyeee! Que susto me dio!

There, there, Annie. Have a blogarita and let it all go. Politics is the one subject you can have three people in a room and 5 different opinions. And each person is convinced EVERYONE ELSE is WRONG!

ah, but there you're wrong nursey

i've discussed politics with Annie, and so far she's never been wrong

Well, we here may be the exceptions to the rules. Must be the blogaritas. Here, have one! They're delicious.

Thanks, NT. And toto is right, for once.
It wasn't so much the politics as the severe 'open mouth, closed mind' policy a few bloggers have other there. Thank goodness we gave Kansas back to the Indians.

Poor tc - he's having an ice house 'cuz of the white house.


there is an icey cold icehouse sittin right next to my puter

but i think i'd drink it either way

Give your ice house a hug for me - I'm off to bed.

*makes mental note to use "open mouth, closed mind" when debating/yelling with my mother* She has a mind like a steel trap - shut, that is.

"It wasn't so much the politics as the severe 'open mouth, closed mind' policy a few bloggers have other there."

An equal opportunity ailment. occurs on both side of the aisle.

Annie's never wrong. Dave really was in Goa.

Annie, someday you'll have to tell me how it feels to never be wrong. Sounds like it must be fun.

You know, on a re-read, that came out snarkier than intended. Apologies.

Did mine?

Nah, yours was just snarky enough. Mine was possibly approaching b****y. *sigh*

GOOD MORNING!!! coffee's ready!!!

Thanks! Decaf for me, bed in a couple hours.

Mornin' Tammy! and you were up late last night too!

Annie! JM left this message on an open thread in Kansas:

Good bye all,

I'm leaving this blog as I'm spending entirely too much time on it. (Getting cabin fever and all that.)

I will probably head to Mississippi to help out an old friend on his re-construction of his business after Katrina got a hold of it. I'll still keep my legal residence here.


Posted by: JM | January 24, 2007 at 01:27 AM

42% of the people say the heat got to be too much for him last night.

*pours Tammy a cup of decaf*

Upon reading the rest of last night's posts...

LOL stevie...right ON!

Tammy, I didn't think what you said sounded bitchy at all.

Could be, sly. I didn't really stay on that long after my own post. I checked a couple of times after that but regardless of my own political views (which as you all know was a minority there), I won't participate in those kinds of discussions. Very childish. Lots of hate. Non-constructive. At least Annie was talking about issues not name calling.

Like I said last night...I'll stick with THIS blog ;-)

grumblegrumblegrumble. morning all. i've been humor impaired the last few days. anyone got a transfusion for me?

Yeah, me too. I like this blog much better. We are some seriously warped people. *sips decaf*

I got your humor, crossgirl. First you have to sign this release form in case I make you too funny.... (no, it doesn't give me ownership of your soul, silly...)
*readies IV equipment*

*hooks crossgirl up to the coffee iv line*

maybe something to perk you up!

thanks guys. may have something to do with punkin mowing me down with the geezer bus yesterday....i might need chocolate..

*hooks crossgirl up with mocha and brownies*

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. feeling better. can i borrow a pen to sign that release?

Well, I could, but now that I gave you those prescription strength brownies, I'm not sure of the ethics of the situation...

We interrupt this Chick Fest to bring you caffeine and theobromines and also humor.

thanks chris! just in time.

Good morning my fair blog friends! Cross, wanted to tell you I have not forgotten about you, I have been EXTREMELY busy the past few weeks, but this weekend looks more relaxing so far, and I might be able to get to the post office!

Politics, schmolitics. Give me some laughs! And coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

I haven't had time to read all the posts, so I apologize if THIS was already linked/posted.

Oh, and good morning, you apolitical drunkards.

Drunkard? I get tipsy on one glass, thankyouverymuch. I'm pretty sure it's the cold medicine this time. Unless I poured a rum and coke in my sleep? Nah. *hic*

Apolitical? Who are you calling apolitical?

Good morning again!

Time to hit the tax tables...but first...a few mins relaxing with my fav. funny people whilst I have my cafe!

Sips her French Roast and still can't quite figure out why they buried the dang car in the first place. Dread P. - great link - passing around Java Crisp cookies with chocolate covered coffee bean on top - Enjoy.

Meanie-Great video of the big event. Hopefully they'll film the "big dig."

G'morning Siouxie-Did you have fun at the strip club tap dance last night?

(BTW-Great job to the DB Bloggers who participated in the political blog. You guys made us proud.)

Mornin' Lisa!! YES...the uh...dance was very uplifting ;-)

I only posted a "Booger!" on there and got the heck out LOL

Siouxie-I know, I saw your "booger" over there. I watched the address, but logged on to the blog too late to comment. Looked like fun though, I thought there was gonna be a fist fight between some of those political bloggers!

Hey, y'all - I just have a moment before I get going here. A few key points-
*Nurse Tammy, you're probably sleeping by now, but no way did I think you were b1tchy.
*This is the best blog in the universe. My tinfoil hat told my so.
*There is no 3.

See ya!

*waves to Annie* come back soon!

sly - oh, my -just saw your note. Did we run JM out on a rail last night? Too funny.

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