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January 23, 2007


When you're talking about appropriate ways to celebrate your city's heritage, you're talking about burying a 1957 Plymouth.

(Thanks to Margaret Mumaw)


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Oh no! I've been outed

wonders if jimmy hoffa is in the trunk.

There's a kind of Rip Van Winkle reaction," Davis says. "Most people had long ago forgotten the buried car, but as the time to dig it up nears, they are waking up and wondering about life in 1957."

I wanna know why they didn't wake up any time between 1957 and now. Were they buried too? (with CG's Jimmy Hoffa)

I had a '57 Plymouth once, and I wished several times I could have buried that thing. Of course, it was nearly 10 years old when I got it and pretty well worn out, but when you are an Airman 2nd Class and barely making $100 per month, you have to take what you can get.

As an Okie myself, I say this with all due love and respect in my voice.

Oh My God, ya'll. Only in Oklahoma. *sighs*

Will Jeff Foxworthy be there for the "unearthing?"

hey! this is the most exciting thing that's happened in tulsa in 50 years. give us a break.

Arrgh! *head slap*

NOW I remember where I left my training bra!

That's just... weird.

Med - where are you from? do you live here now?

LOL Punkin, hope there aren't any fancy undies under the seat...

How funny is that? Like a time carpsule carpool machine! They have a good sense of humor in OK!

Maybe when they dig it up, it will have morphed into a Dalorean.

That would be OK as long as the bodies of Doc Brown and Marty McFly aren't in it....

That would be very upsetting.

LOL Clark! ("Back to the Grisly Future")

wonders if jimmy hoffa is in the trunk.

This is Tulsa, not Jersey.

I wonder if it has a bench seat, the kind where you could sit joined at the hip right next to your boyfriend...at the drive-in...with the windows all steamed up...

OkieDokie - Born in Holdenville, grew up in OKC and Perry, graduated from OSU, then headed North {that's where the bassackwards came into play]. Currently residing in KC.

Everyone except my sis lives in OK, so all of my vacations involve red dirt. ;)

I'm thinking on my next gander your way, we should hook up with bali and wxgirl. We can have a Blogarita at Joe's.

mm-The windows are probably 'steamed' up now. I wouldn't want to have to wash it when they dig it up.

(This reminds me of an old Garrison Keillor story about a car that was buried to be used as a septic tank.)

seems that some days you get on the geezer bus and you just can't get off. the bus. i mean. i mean get off the bus. (wipes sweat off brow) what i wanted to say was that i used to own a '63 belvedere. had a slant six and a pushbutton transmission. my ankles crack when i walk up steps.

the winner gets $100 and the car. Back then, that would've bought a lot of gas for this guzzler

mud - fortunately, none of us hear very well, so no-one knows.

(This reminds me of an old Garrison Keillor story about a car that was buried to be used as a septic tank.)

You too?

And I wasn't even alive when he told the story.

Since the geezer bus is so full, I am pulling over at the next bar restaurant, so we can take advantage of happy hour the early bird special.

Everybody grab your walker, put your dentures in (or on?) and get out your coupons.

s, hears. Grammar evidently goes into the "forgotten" pile...

mm and mud -- Do I need to bring the bull horn or can you up the wattage on your hearing aids?

and the dashing among us have those segway things. Gets us to the bar restroom faster...

lol Med, oh wait, *adjusts hearing aid*, LOL

mm - Sorry, we had to throw the segways over when the bus got so full. I have depends in the luggage compartment with blurk's shotgun, for emergencies.

*takes aim at mm's segway and pops wheelie in his hover round* BUMPER CARS!

Note to self: Double check fivver's little, compartmented, days of the week, pill holder to verify he is taking his medications.

"Note to self: Double check fivver's little, compartmented, days of the week, pill holder to verify he is taking his medications."

I think the problem may be that he's taken all of them.

At one time.

Med- Hobbling works if there's alcohol at the destination. But for fivver, I dunno, lots of medications don't mix with alcohol...

Of course alcohol intensifies the effect of many meds, so, maybe it'll help...

lots of medications don't mix with alcohol

Yeah, they taste terrible together.

Just when I was starting to feel bad about all those "Okie" jokes....

that, too...

If Jimmy 'Bubba' Hoffa ain't in it, then it got stolen long ago. Let's get Geraldo 'Bubba' Rivera to open it. He'll open anything.

Edgar-I love that story (and many of his others). I'm not sure when he first told it, but there's a good chance I was alive. ;-/

*hums "Mr. Sandman"* (for which I was not alive)

*gets dragged, kicking and screaming onto the geezer bus*

LBFF - we on the bus were ALL falsely convicted

*pull the STOP cord on the geezer bus*

If Hoffa is in that car, someone would have had to have dug it up in 1975 to stuff him in there. Of course, that would have been a good time to fix the contest and get a shot at that $100!

so CJ- what were you doing on or about the year of 1975?

mm-You got that right! ;-)

*gets home just in time for the geezer excursion to the strip joint tap dancing revue*

*checks pocketboot for dollar bills coupons*

OK geezerssssssss let's goooooooooo!

*flashes Lifetime Geezer Bus Pass and steps on*

I turned 10 a month or so after the '57s came out. (So'd Dave) The annual unveiling of new car models got a lot more hype back then than it does now. '57 was the year Ford brought out the hardtop convertible - push a button and the top lifted up and stored itself in the trunk - on a full-size 50's sedan.

LOL Siouxie!

guess you all must be taking your afternoon naps.

Sioux, you are Much better than Emeril! You always kick it up a notch.

Bam! Did you bring the 2 for 1 lap dance blue hair plate coupon?

And the bot says: 8sexgf: ISIANMTU!

Med - just checked back in. Yes, a blogarita at Joes would be superb. My husband is a graduate of the Orange and Black so we are there quite a bit (especially during what passes for "football season").

actually, I have extra kids here today, plus one who is misbehaving (mine) so I might have a blogarita right now and just pretend to be at Joes.

*throws the keys to Siouxie*

Keep the bus running. I gotta go pick up a wrestler for practice.

My son, the terrorist. Geez. Get your minds out of the '57 Plymouth crater.

Okiedokie - I will be in OK during spring break and would love to have an excuse to escape my parents and kids, family dysFUNction meet you for some adult beverages and conversation.

sure! but hey, we put the FUN in dysfunctional!!!

OOOOOglaucoma, there are geezers ridin' 'cross the plains
And the wavin' wheat just can't compete
With hot flashes and muscular strains . . .

That's the best I can do. Somebody get 'er done for me.

*hobbles back in, after getting half-way through last night's 24 comments*

In 1975, I was a rood bwoy rasta in training, in Jamaica. I saw zero right-hand drive 1957 Plymouth Belevederes. Around that time I did see a car in the swimming pool of a motel; they were making a movie and we weren't allowed to swim. I got my revenge for that when, at 13, I went into the lobby and was towering over this little guy that I recognized as Robert Conrad [Wild Wild West]. Speaking of shrimps, what's on the buffet?

OkieDokie, my sister-in-law gave me a large refrigerator magnet with that saying on it for Christmas. ISIANMTU.

And now, for something completely different, Hairy Balls.

Has anyone seen my nano-particles? I seem to have misplaced them. Their not as hirsute as CJ's.

and that would be THEY'RE (not their) or "THEIR hirsuteness is not as great as CJ's!!

CJ this physics drop out has no idea what they are talking about, but it sounds cool as h3ll!

I also sent a cool physics link into the B and the SB that they'll hopefully post tomorrow. And, I'm guessing Jaxxx can't find his, 'cause he wore them out on vacation!

and, I gotta ask, what do you do with hairy balls?

what! no takers? I was sure you'd jump all over that one...

Jazzzz, you'll probably find your nano-particles with your hidden J

Scratch? Well that will surely be a good answer when mm says, "And the survey says!"

Meanwhile, my comment may have been 'where are my safety glasses and flame-proof suit', but this guy's comment was That shouldn’ta happened.

*snork* mm.... ahem.. please don't use "nano-particle" while refering to my "J".. I'm sensitive about that! *sniff*

Stellacci's group took advantage of what topologists call the "hairy-ball theorem." Basically, the theorem states that if you've got a sphere covered in hair, it's impossible to comb those hairs so they all lie flat. No matter what you do, two hairs at opposite points on the sphere will stand straight up.


Scheawty balls, maybe. Hairy balls, not so much. Dentists talk, at least in my small town.

Ducky, that has been my experience. Of course first you have to iron them, to get them all straight, and that can be painful.

Schweaty, maybe? The bot just got me and I have to take off my geezer glasses and hover over the screen to read what he demands of me, the BARSTARD!

CJ, that gal in the experiment gone wrong sounded like it was really good for her.


If I had a dime for every time I've heard a guy say, "THAT shouldn't have happened"...

iron(ed) balls?

Ducky!!! "this won 't hurt, did it?

*snork* @ Jazzzz! BTW, my b-i-l is home and seems to be doing very well!

Anyone watching the State of the Union address?

Last year, Dave urged us to join his friends at the Wichita Eagle Weblog.

They are fearful wondering if we'll show up this year.

LIVE BLOGGING TUESDAY NIGHT: We’re hosting another live blogging during the State of the Union address, which begins at 8 p.m. Hope you will participate. No word yet on whether we’ll be invaded by Dave Barry bloggers, as happened during last year’s address.

As to be joined by Dave’s group of bloggers, I think the main difference between us and them. We tend to take what happens in this country with a serious eye. They tend to see it as a excuse for another drink!
Sorry, after this country is back to being out of danger from without and within. I too will feel like having a good drunk!

Posted by: writerdog | January 22, 2007 at 08:58 PM

I think Dave's folks found us to be a little uptight and boring.

Kansans? Say it isnt so......

Posted by: ksfarmgrrl | January 23, 2007 at 09:05 AM

On a completely unrelated note, I have seen people post and discuss rail guns, but had not previously seen something practical or in use. Not humorous, but interesting, the US Navy's Rail Gun. 200 plus miles helps keep sailors safer.

Oops. That first italicized paragraph was not by writer dog. It was by one of the bloggers and Wichita Eagle staffers, Phillip Brownlee.

Hey, I am a Kansan, and I'm not uptight OR boring.


I cant think of a single reason to NOT have another drink. Healthy? Have a drink. Dead? Toast to the afterlife. Arguing? Have a nip to calm the nerves. etc, etc, etc.


They're still talking about us - too funny.

They are serious people.

DB bloggers are not.

Well, we could be if we wanted to, right? But we don't.

*wonders if that blog asked Dave not to send us this year*

Med, you're an Oklahansan.

sly, I'll be watching and I'll check your link, but if the comments turn into a bunch of 'Chimpy' comments, I can't see sticking around.

I say full attack a la 24 thread.

I fired the first round.

Great news Ducky. Let him know he has people across the country wishing him well and saying a prayer.

Thanks so much, Jazzzz! I'll tell him--we'll take all the prayers and well-wishes we can get!

Ooo, Ducky... just caught that. Good news.

*runs in for a second*

*posted Booger!! on that blog*


It is, CJ! Thanks!

Siouxie, I saw that! :-)

Yikes! The non-funny people are out in force, over there.

CJ, I noticed that, too. They obviously have no blog bar over there!

CJ - You're right, but that almost sounds dirty. I am an Okie at heart. We's sum gooooood peeps.

I continually fight the urge to be serious. Life's no fun if you aren't. Fun, that is. ;)

*zips in*

I posted over there. I signed my name Visitor from Dave BarryLand, and I tried to sound like a grownup.
Now I'm going to start drinking.
Anyone have a gumball? ;)

Well, that's enough politics for me. I leave you with a point of reference; not a one of those clappers ever thought there was a reason to clap. The easiest example was the bio-fuels. It takes @ 7-plus gallons of petroleum input to bring a gallon of ethanol to a consumer's tank. Either the clappers or their handlers know that; these are well-documented numbers. They clap because of farm subsidies to their donors. That DC stuff is poor melodrama. It's up to us private enterprise folks and I read today about an amazing new energy storage system that folks in Texas should be able to produce in the near future; well beyond Lithium ion. [I]on that pleasant note, nite all.

I am not a bit ashamed to say I think the '57 Plymouth thing is cool as heck.
I want it.

Wait, CJ! Is this the energy storage system of which you speak?

blurk, good to see you! Will you be takin' a little trip to Tulsa?

Blurk - In Oklahoma, there is likely a shotgun on the rack hanging in the rear window. Bonus!

Really, Med? Even though it's not a pickup truck?

A '57 Plymouth and a shotgun??!! I might just have to move to Tulsa.

Ducky - Don't matter, ibid. That is NRA country.

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